FullStory offers digital experience intelligence, on-the-fly conversion funnels, advanced search capabilities, video-like replay of real user sessions, and robust debugging and developer tools

A brief overview of FullStory

FullStory is a web-based DXI or Digital Intelligence system that helps in optimizing the entire client experience. It allows users to track as well as monitor different types of customer activities. Right from page transitions to clicks, everything on the platform is indexed automatically. The indexed information remains accessible to the entire team. Valuable information can be used towards driving business-centric decisions.

FullStory is a comprehensive DXI or Digital Experience Intelligence system that combines the properties of robust sessions, product analytics, and high-end collaboration tools to offer access to real-time insights for uncovering opportunities on mobile and web experiences.

Reasons to consider FullStory in your no-code stack

  • Session Playbacks: These sessions in the platform are much more than merely a recording. They are a detailed view on the journey of the customers.
  • Omnisearch capability: This capability of the platform offers an intuitive experience by enabling users to investigate customer activity, inspect rage clicks, develop funnels, and review page analytics from the dashboard.
  • Dead & Rage Clicks: Highlighting dead & rage clicks can help in identifying prospective improvements to the entire user interface. FullStory features a dedicated ‘click maps’ option offering in-depth page insights -like the most visited pages. With this data, you are effectively able to understand different interactions made by both potential and current customers.

What can you accomplish with FullStory?

  • Ease of monitoring digital experiences: You can make use of the proprietary auto-capture technology of FullStory to observe why and where users are struggling with your website, software platform, or mobile application.
  • Revealing Every Issue & Opportunity: With FullStory, it is possible to instantly identify root causes and opportunities for rapid improvement. Then, you can prioritize changes by quantifying the overall impact.
  • Offering Users Exactly What They Want: When you are able to observe how users are navigating, you can go ahead with continually optimizing the overall experience to help them succeed.
  • Rapid Optimizations: You can ensure privacy protections for faster optimizations. With FullStory, you get access to high-end technologies like industry-leading security mechanisms, automatic PII detection, private-by-default settings offer the ultimate peace of mind to build faster.

Top features of FullStory

  • Sessions -Digital Analytics
  • Click tracking
  • Performance & reliability
  • Custom event tracking
  • User identification
  • Error & bug tracking

Pricing plans

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