Apteo helps measure churn by assisting teams in connecting, analyzing, and predicting their data with no coding skills required


A brief overview of Apteo

Apteo is a no-code A.I. platform that helps analyze your customer data to show you which segments of your customers are likely to buy which products next, making it easy for you to send them targeted campaigns. It can use data from your database and predominantly focus on the predictive insights where you will be provided with a variety of different segments and conditions that can lead to an improved KPI. These predictive insights can help to identify key patterns and unique cases. With the premise "your best customers are your existing customers", Apteo is built to help you identify which of your existing customers will bring in the most money.

Reasons to consider Apteo in your no-code stack

  • Apteo lets you spend less time on complicated analysis tasks so you can make more money without needing a PhD in data\
  • Get a data scientist in a box: Apteo finds products that are frequently bought together and recommends new cross-sale opportunities based on previous purchase behavior.
  • Apteo's in-depth analytics with advanced A.I. fetches the information you need without having to spend time crunching numbers so that you can focus more on the campaigns.

What can you accomplish with Apteo?

  • Automatically segment buyers based on their buying behavior. You'll see your customers broken down by segments related to what they’ll buy next and sync this segment data with your email marketing tools.
  • Use Apteo's neural networks and deep learning to increase customer lifetime value and create predictive models to accurately identify what drives your highest-value customers
  • Automatically find trends: Once integrated with your customer data, Apteo's A.I. self learns about your their behavior and gleans out insights to help you increase sales, and repeat buyers.

Top features of Apteo

  • Predictive Insights to find the hidden pattern and drivers of your KPIs
  • Data Visualization for the easy understanding of data
  • A dashboard that lists the attributes of the dataset
  • Data Management by creating data sets

Pricing plans

  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $57 per month
  • Growth: $157 per month
  • Premium: Custom

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