As powerful as a BI tool, Actiondesk lets you access, explore and analyze all of your data in a spreadsheet interface

A brief overview of Actiondesk

Do you often feel the handling and managing of data is a cumbersome process?

Actiondesk is an ideal tool for creating dashboard applications to analyse your data and generate a report. While eliminating the need for third-party connectors with Actiondesk, it integrates data from multiple sources into a single spreadsheet. Adding to it, any data you import to Actiondesk from an external data source will be refreshed automatically for you to not miss out on any business event. The most fascinating part is that it does not require any coding knowledge. So, why not switch to an easy to learn and visually appealing platform?

Reasons to consider Actiondesk in your no-code stack

  • It enables you to create real-time dashboards from multiple sources.
  • It provides a free and low-cost version of unmatchable visualization features.
  • There is hardly any learning curve involved.
  • Your teammates can collaborate in real-time and edit the same file. The application refreshes your data automatically.

What can you accomplish with Actiondesk?

  • It enables you to list your customers and key metrics.
  • Understand how fast you are solving user-reported bugs.
  • Easy to understand charts are generated with your live data.
  • Create a fully automated sales rep dashboard.
  • You can elevate your productivity and maximize the impact of your data with Actiondesk.

Top features of Actiondesk

  • Support from multiple data sources
  • Automatic data refreshing from source
  • Powerful spreadsheet and visualization features
  • Integrations with Stripe, Hubspot, SQL etc

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Premium: $169 per month
  • Business: $499 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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