Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics gives you the analytics you need without invading your users' privacy

A brief overview of Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is a web analytics solution for organizations that are concerned with privacy. Simple Analytics is a GDPR-compliant platform offering access to website performance insights without the use of cookies or personally identifiable information. Simple Analytics offers you access to relevant analytics required without giving into the privacy of the users. The platform features a simple integration process and clean interface.

Simple Analytics offers the assurance of delivering user-friendly and clean analytics for developers, businesses, and marketers. The platform vows to never sell your data. Therefore, they have attractive features and plans.

Reasons to consider Simple Analytics in your no-code stack

  • Email Reports: Simple Analytics features information on traffic spikes, top referrers, and comparisons with previous periods in the email report. The best part is that the platform also allows you to send customized email reports directly to the clients.
  • Interactive Dashboard: Simple Analytics has come up with a dashboard that is intuitive and features visual representation of all core data collected by the platform. This allows you to understand the status of the most important metrics of the platform at the first glance.
  • Data Import and Export: Through its terms of service, Simple Analytics has made it clear that customers will be owning data analytics of the platform. Therefore, the platform has made it simpler for you to export data in the form of aggregated data -right from the dashboard. It is also possible to export raw data with the help of its user interface.

What can you accomplish with Simple Analytics?

  • User-friendly Mobile App: Simple Analytics has understood the needs of its customers. Therefore, it has come up with a dedicated mobile app that features attractive widgets and interactive dark mode support for being used at night. The app is currently available only on iOS.
  • Marketing Through Tweeter: If you have Twitter as your marketing strategy or tool, Simple Analytics reveals the actual tweet that is generating the overall traffic. This allows you to interact with others through the social media platform.
  • Privacy and Data Collection: Simple Analytics does not make use of any cookies. At the same time, it also does not collect any form of personal data. Therefore, you can be assured of maximum privacy with the help of this platform.

Top features of Simple Analytics

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Data management
  • Reports & analytics
  • Privacy-first analytics

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