Simplecast is a podcast management platform for creators to publish and distribute podcasts and subsequently analyze how they are consumed

A brief overview of Simplecast

Simplecast is a no-code podcast hosting, analytics, and management platform that helps in powering podcasts from some of the world-famous brands and creators. Some of these include Facebook, Shopify, Dax Shepard, Twitter, Harvard, and so more. Therefore, Simplecast is capable of delivering around a billion audio streams almost every year. 

The management and analytics studio of Simplecast allows creators of all scales and sizes to share the respective podcasts anywhere people can listen. The interactive toolset by Simplecast makes it seamless for developers to grow, understand, and effectively connect with the target audience. Simplecast offers podcast hosts the same set of tools for empowering episode shows from the largest media companies of the world.

Reasons to consider Simplecast in your no-code stack

  • Great for Independent Podcasters: With Simplecast, it is possible to publish more than a single podcast by managing individual library from a single account. Independent podcasters can consider using audio recording for the respective shows or with the help of collaborators. The modern interface of the platform is great and easy to use for podcasters with the help of elegant features.
  • Embed Player Customization: Simplecast offers access to embed player customization on the detail page of episodes. You will also come across show player. The best part is that you are only required to embed the feature once. 
  • Ease of Creating New Shows: Simplecast walks you through a series of steps by following only simple processes. Once you get to the dashboard, everything is made available by the platform. There is also the provision of a helpful screen to carry out important tasks.

What can you accomplish with Simplecast?

  • Unlimited Storage: Simplecast offers access to unlimited storage across all plans. You are allowed to host multiple podcasts with the help of your single account. There is no bandwidth limit for ensuring optimal listening traffic for target audiences.
  • No time limit: Simplecasts offers its podcasters a highly flexible platform for recording and uploading. There is no time limit as Simplecast allows you to make use of all tools for distributing and optimizing your content seamlessly. Simplecast is committed to delivering top-quality audio to the audience. 
  • Advanced Statistics: Simplecast offers access to advanced statistics and analytics for effectively tracking the performance of the podcast online. Simplecast is an innovative audio analytics platform.

Top features of Simplecast

  • Independent podcaster
  • Location analytics
  • Secure HTTP sites and RSS feeds
  • Network analytics
  • Unlimited storage and uploads

Pricing plans

  • Basic: $15 per month
  • Essential: $35 per month
  • Growth: $85 per month

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