Postcastpage makes it easy to create powerful podcast websites in minutes, without coding

A brief overview of Postcastpage

Podcastpage is a website builder that helps in designing and developing interactive Podcast websites. Without any requirement of coding or technical expertise, it is possible to design interesting Podcast websites on the go with Podcastpage. The tool takes care of multiple tasks associated with the development of a podcast website –content management, RSS feed, growth of online presence, monetization, page design, listeners engagement, and so more.

Reasons to consider Postcastpage in your no-code stack

  • Website Code Customization: If you require custom coding, Podcastpage is the right solution for you. It comes forth with the Tailwind CSS framework for speeding up edits on the respective codes of your podcast website.
  • Unlimited Content: With Podcastpage, it is possible to host unlimited content in the form of blog posts and unlimited pages for growing the online presence of your podcast. It also helps in driving conversions. Moreover, you can use custom subscribe buttons of the tool for boosting downloads and subscriptions.
  • Secure Hosting: When you are designing the podcast website using Podcastpage, there is no requirement of dealing with server technicalities. This is because the interactive tool takes care of web hosting tasks –right from performance, maintenance, and security.
  • Creation of Custom Domains: Podcastpage enables you to set up your podcast website on a new, custom domain. You can also host your website on the sub-domain.

What can you accomplish with Postcastpage?

  • Customizations with Visual Customizer: Podcastpage is a drag-and-drop website building tool. It allows you to create the entire podcast website from the beginning. With its visual customizer, you can customize each & every component of the website –right from its colour to font and size.
  • Page Speed Optimization and SEO: As you create a podcast website with Podcastpage, you can be worry-free with respect to SEO and web page performance. Global CDN ensures effective content distribution and relevant SEO practices for top search engine rankings.
  • RSS Feed Synchronization: Podcastpage derives content from the RSS feed of the podcast while displaying the same on the website. With this tool, you can look forward to continuously synchronizing the feed with your podcast such that your audience gets access to the latest episodes.
  • Third-party Tool Integration: Right from lead generation to email marketing, analytics, social media automation, and other tasks, Podcastpage allows you achieve it all with relevant third-party integrations.

Top features of Postcastpage

  • Compatibility with all podcast hosting providers
  • Podcast monetization
  • Fully-customized audio player
  • Interactive dashboard

Pricing plans

  • Podcaster: $15 per month
  • Business: $22 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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