Castos is the only podcast hosting platform that automates every aspect of building a successful podcast

A brief overview of Castos

Castos is a no-code podcast hosting and analytics software solution allowing you to manage the audio or video files. The services offered by the platform will depend on the payment plan. Castos can also be utilized as a WordPress plugin to serve as the direct add-on on the existing website, or in the form of an independent software.

Castos offers access to Premium Podcasting for monetizing the podcast with the help of a subscription. With Castos, it becomes easier to create, expand, and monetize the podcasts. The hosting platform has been designed for individuals who are podcasting with WordPress for uploading the podcast blogs.

Reasons to consider Castos in your no-code stack

  • Best for Podcasters of All Levels: Castos ensures that management of podcasting shows becomes seamless. For beginners, the software is simple and fast. There is the presence of audience insights for allowing podcasters to grow the audience and business.
  • Podcast Transcripts: A podcast transcript by Castos helps in providing a word-by-word account for the respective podcast episodes. It is capable of measuring every word written and spoken down for the podcast. Transcripts help in broadening the audience.
  • Access to Media Files: The platform will not be modifying the content of the files, metadata, file format, or bitrate of the respective podcast files.

What can you accomplish with Castos?

  • Monetization and Private Podcasting: With Castos, you can easily share the podcasts privately. It is achieved with the help of a subscription system. Castos helps in the creation of a unique RSS feed for every premium subscriber -only for premium content.
  • WordPress Integration: WordPress Plugin by Castos -Seriously Simple Podcasting, offers aid to the podcast producers to drive maximum traffic to the in-built player of the website. The plugin features modules that help podcasters in embedding data like guest information or transcripts without any additional cost.
  • Advanced Analytics: Castos reveals all the statistics that you would want -including geographical data, Spotify analytics, listening by device app, type, browser, or OS.
  • YouTube Republishing: With this feature, you can repurpose the audio content for the target audience. It also helps in auto-publishing every episode to the YouTube playlist or channel for the overall ease of navigation. You can now monetize and grow your audience by interacting with the watchers to develop the podcasting community.

Top features of Castos

  • Custom website
  • YouTube republishing
  • Automatic podcast transcriptions
  • Podcast analytics

Pricing plans

  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Growth: $49 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month

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