Buzzsprout is the easiest podcasting software for hosting, promoting, and tracking your podcast

A brief overview of Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a no-code podcast hosting solution provider that offers businesses access to dedicated tools for creating, publishing, and promoting podcast episodes across different platforms. On the platform, there is the presence of dedicated podcast supervisors. They are responsible for monitoring and gaining an overall overview of the respective episode downloads, locations of the listeners, and other vital metrics with the help of actionable analytics.

In addition to hosting podcasts, the users or podcasters at Buzzsprout can also make use of its innovative set of features for improving monetization and marketing efforts. The best part is that you can get access to all of these features at highly affordable monthly or annual payment plans.

Reasons to consider Buzzsprout in your no-code stack

  • Inclusion of free website: Buzzsprout offers you access to an entirely free website. Using the same, you can showcase all the podcast episodes effectively. As you send the listeners to a dedicated website, you can increase the overall credibility of the podcasts. Moreover, you can also use the website for directly redirecting users to directories that they will be using most frequently. 
  • Auto-transcription: It is important to ensure that your podcasts are found easily online. One of the best ways of ensuring the same is through transcribing all the episodes. It will help in boosting the chance of being discovered by the respective search engines. 
  • Relevant Statistics on the Dashboard: Buzzsprout dashboard is renowned amongst its users for the overall clean, easy, and functional interface. The dashboard of the tool is the central location from where you are capable of accessing all information on vital metrics like listener statistics, download volume, audience segmentation, and so more.

What can you accomplish with Buzzsprout?

  • Monetization Capabilities: Buzzsprout comes forth with an affiliate marketplace that allows you to connect to the desired affiliate programs. Once you sign up for the same, you can look forward to associating with brands like Allswell, Instacart, and so more. Once you have received the approvals, Buzzsprout will include the affiliate link right on to the notes of the episode.
  • File Auto-modification: Automatic file modification is an important feature of Buzzsprout that will help in immediately converting audio files into mono MP3 file formats. Once you have upgraded the platform, you can upload up to 192kpbs of audio files.

Top features of Buzzsprout

  • Audience analytics
  • Live streaming
  • Automatic transcription
  • Multi-channel distribution

Pricing plans

  • Free: upload 2 hrs per month
  • 3 hrs: $12 per month
  • 6 hrs: $18 per month
  • 12 hrs: $24 per month

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