Professional audio and video editing services for Podcasts starting at just 40¢ per published minute

A brief overview of Castup

Castup is the world's first podcast editing service powered by artificial intelligence. It takes your raw audio, transcribes it, and then edits out the mistakes in under a minute. With Castup, you can finally publish professional-sounding podcasts without having to learn how to edit yourself! Podcast audio editing is a manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Castup is an AI-powered podcast audio editor that listens to your raw audio, flags the mistakes you don't hear, but its algorithms do and deliver a perfect final product. It automates all of the repetitive tasks associated with editing podcasts so you can focus on what matters most – creating a great show!

Reasons to consider Castup in your no-code stack

  • Get your podcast edited without knowing how to edit.
  • It edits out all the mistakes in your podcast like ummmms, ahs and uhs and too in your voice.
  • It edits the mistakes in your podcast in under a minute.
  • Castup provides you with the best editing service for your podcast. Its transcript feature within 24 hours makes it one of the best options for podcasters who can record audio and video format.

What can you accomplish with Castup?

  • You can create audio and video content on Castup and publish it to a larger audience. You can upload raw videos to the tool and can publish new episodes.
  • You get an error-free podcast that is up to the mark. It helps you sound like a professional that in turn helps you to get more audience.
  • If you are a storyteller, you can forget about the pauses you took while narrating and let Castup handle that.

Top features of Castup

  • 100% focus on content
  • Attract advertisers
  • Enable user to reach a wider audience
  • Save money by reducing the cost associated with pro editing tools
  • Provide transcript to users of their delivered material
  • Provide advanced editing features

Pricing plans

  • Hobbyist: Pay as you go
  • Podcaster: $120 per month
  • Vodcaster: $160 per month

Learning resources

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