Fusebox builds software that harnesses podcasting capabilities into powerful web experiences that drive business results

A brief overview of Fusebox

Fusebox Podcast Player is a no-code podcasting hosting platform. It has been designed by podcasters and is meant for the podcasters. Fusebox was previously given the name Smart Podcast Player. It is a leading WordPress plugin that allows you to showcase the podcast episodes on the website or blog. The platform has been developed by Pat Flynn. The entire platform is easily customizable and can be utilized in different modes -including Sticky Player, Smart Track Player, and Full Player.

Fusebox also features a built-in email capturing tool for allowing your listeners to download and share podcast episodes. Fusebox is an effective tool for drawing the attention of the target audience towards new and interesting podcast episodes.

Reasons to consider Fusebox in your no-code stack

  • Email Capture Tool: If you wish to boost the email list, you can make use of this feature by Fusebox. It encourages the target audience to sign up effectively for the newsletter. It is available as an embeddable button that will be directing podcast listeners directly to the subscription sign-up form. 
  • Sticky Player: With the latest grade, this feature was included. It is a single track player that can be stuck either to the bottom or top of the webpage. When anyone will visit your blog, the player remains in the same position -even as they continue scrolling the website. 
  • Fusebox Podcast Player: Another important feature to look out for is Full Player. It offers you the ability to display all the podcast episodes at a single place on the blog’s single page. As a member of the target audience will click on the page, the feature of full player will showcase episode title & description.

What can you accomplish with Fusebox?

  • Ease of Customization: Another great benefit of Fusebox is that you can easily customize the front end. This implies that you can easily edit the overall appearance of the respective podcast player for matching with your brand. You can also customize the font, color scheme, and text. 
  • Social Sharing: You can include a series of buttons that can be easily embedded into the podcast player of the site. The social sharing button allows users to share the episodes across different social networks. 
  • Podcast Transcription: With this plugin, you can provide access to downloadable transcripts of the podcast.

Top features of Fusebox

  • Sticky player
  • Archive player
  • Track player
  • Transcripts
  • Integrations

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro: $19 per month

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