Glow is the simplest and easiest way to build a podcast membership program and offer exclusive content to your podcast audience

A brief overview of Glow

Glow is a no-code tool for allowing the development of a flexible and simple subscription model for the podcast. Through the subscription model for your podcast by Glow, listeners will be paying you and listening to exclusive audio on the favorite podcasting app. With Glow, it is possible to grow membership revenue with podcasts. The platform makes it easier to monetize directly from the biggest fans with exclusive podcasts. Glow is a podcasting technology startup that aims at helping independent podcasters monetize as well as build media businesses around the shows.

Reasons to consider Glow in your no-code stack

  • Setting a Direct Connection with the Listeners: Do not allow your listeners to head to another app. With Glow, you can now put your brand on the forefront while allowing you to establish a direct connection with the listeners.
  • Member Experience Designed for Podcasts: With Glow, it is possible to pay seamlessly with Google Pay or Apple Pay. Moreover, listeners can also look forward to accessing the podcasts seamlessly in the player of their choice.
  • Ad-free Episodes: You can become a supporter at competitive prices. Thus, you can get access to more than 20,000 Hertz catalog along with ad-free future episodes.
  • Customizable Offers and Pricing: Glow comes forth with functionalities and features for building solutions with the help of one-time payments, monthly payments, free trials, and so more.

What can you accomplish with Glow?

  • Effective Podcast Hosting: For maximizing privacy, you can leverage hosting solutions by Glow. It is designed specifically for memberships. You can also connect the membership with the current host.
  • Seamless Integrations with Membership Stack: You can easily automate your workflow while delivering more benefits and connecting with the existing membership software solution.
  • Access to Secure Payments: The money of your customers is in good hands. The platform works seamlessly towards ensuring secure payments. It is also ensured that all credit card declines are recovered.

Top features of Glow

  • Listener support
  • Access to bonus episodes
  • Access to extended episodes
  • Integration with the existing membership program

Pricing plans

  • Exclusive content to listeners: 55 cents per user per month + card processing fees ($0.30 plus 2.9%)
  • Listeners support your podcast: Card processing fee (supporters will not be charged)

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