The all-in-one spreadsheet. One familiar tool that brings people, projects, and data together.

A brief overview of Spreadsheet.com

"Spreadsheet.com has what I was missing from Excel: Easy creation of drop-down lists with automatic colouring, Kanban boards, form views for collecting data from users, and Gantt views for project management.” Says Thomas Auer, Teamleader SAP Projects, Kistler.

Spreadsheet.com is a platform that helps you to create spreadsheets that are as powerful as an app. It helps you in converting your traditional proprietary financial models into secure web applications. Also, it can come in handy while building a mobile application from your spreadsheets and also helps you to visualize the data in dashboards and provide you with more insights about it.

Reasons to consider Spreadsheet.com in your no-code stack

  • You can build tables of rich data connected across any number of spreadsheets. Post that, you can create forms to capture data from users directly into your spreadsheet tables.
  • It helps you to automate your work using a workflow editor that's built into your spreadsheets.
  • You can create and update rows, send custom notifications, and integrate with other popular tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and Mailchimp.

What can you accomplish with Spreadsheet.com?

  • Get the Sales section of your online marketplace sorted. Spreadsheet.com lets you build your own CRM, manage the compensation plans and track the products and inventory.
  • If you want to recruit the best people, it helps you to build your ATS, manage onboarding and reviews and create hiring plans.
  • To get a hold of the finances, it provides you with a platform to create project budgets, build connected models and share financial statements.

Top features of Spreadsheet.com

  • Drag and Drop interface to build your application
  • Rich library for your application to enrich your user experience
  • 450+ Excel functions to increase performance
  • Online databases to save and share your data
  • Responsive web pages

Pricing plans

  • Free: $0
  • Standard: $11 per month
  • Premium: $22 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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