Awesome Table

Import data in Google Sheets from sources like Hubspot, Zendesk, Stripe, etc. and visualise it on a website in just a few clicks, without coding.

A brief overview of Awesome Table

Awesome Table brings MS Excel or spreadsheet data to life and makes it understandable, actionable, and shareable. Spreadsheets are great for storing data but they aren't intuitive enough. Awesome Table is the easiest way to build web-apps and data reporting tools for non-coders. Wondering what sort of app you can make? Interactive catalogs, Google Maps, FAQs, project management tools, news feed carousels, and org charts are just a few of the use cases among the many. Awesome Table even works great with images, videos, hyperlinks, and almost anything from the web.

Reasons to consider Awesome Table in your no-code stack

  • No coding skills required: if you can create a spreadsheet, you can create an Awesome Table.
  • Embed anywhere: embed your Awesome Table on any site, including Google Sites, Wordpress, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Lumapps, Happeo, Wix, Confluence, Weebly, and Squarespace. It is web-friendly too and works well with images, hyperlinks, and videos.
  • Ready-to-use templates: make your app in minutes by starting from a pre-made template from our template gallery.
  • Fully customizable: know how to code or work with developers? Fully customize your Awesome Table with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Safe and secure: Awesome Table never uploads your data to our servers. They are fetched at display time from your browser.

What can you accomplish with Awesome Table?

  • Catalogs and organisation charts: create sales assets portals, product catalogs, document libraries, training catalogs, people directories, projects portfolios, and simple org charts or hierarchies.
  • Knowledge bases & FAQs: quickly create a knowledge base, an FAQ, or an issue resolution matrix.
  • Gantt charts: turn your action tracking spreadsheets into visual Gantt charts.
  • Data summaries: quickly create some pie charts, bar charts, top-10 tables and word clouds to summarize your data from surveys, requests, and tickets.
  • Newsfeed: create carousels full of the latest news, testimonials, accolades, and more.

Top features of Awesome Table

  • Interactive search and filters
  • Seamless embedding options, anywhere
  • Easy data and permissions management
  • Read-to-use templates
  • Fully customizable

Pricing plans

  • Free: Limited freemium plan (Create unlimited apps but limited to 500 views)
  • Plus: $31 per month per app
  • Pro: $99 per month per app 
  • Premium: $249 per month per app

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