KgBase, or Knowledge Graph Base, is a collaborative, robust database with versioning, analytics & visualizations.

A brief overview of KgBase

KgBase, or more often known as Knowledge Graph Base is a collaborative, robust database with versioning, analytics and visualizations. With KgBase, any community or individual can create knowledge graphs to build insights about their data. It allows you to import your CSVs and spreadsheets, or use its API to work on data together. The Knowledge Graph database is now used by major corporations and institutions. With its one of the most popular features, you can access the tearsheet to learn how you can organize data and derive unique insights with relationship-based data and visualizations.

Reasons to consider KgBase in your no-code stack

  • You can set up access rules for each team member. Ensure that you don't lose your data by accident!
  • Just like Cypher or Gremlin, KgBase allows you to write query code. The only difference being, it is much easier to use and gets you faster results.
  • In the cloud, or self-hosted, it provides you with wide database support by neo4j, Azure Cosmos DB, Orient DB, Janus Graph, Amazon Neptune, etc.

What can you accomplish with KgBase?

  • KgBase can be applied to innumerable fields like Data Lineage, Science-Research, Knowledge Discovery, Data Governance and a lot more.
  • You get to learn to build the ultimate enterprise knowledge system: a federated mesh of independently maintained no-code knowledge graphs.

Top features of KgBase

  • Introduce graphs into your organization by seeding graphs from a template
  • Set up access rules for each team member. Don't lose your data by accident!
  • Results of any query can be easily turned into a chart visualization
  • You can import/export your data to over 20 standard graph data formats

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Pro: $19 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

Learning resources

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