FormBeaver lets you build and host custom database apps to power your business and website without writing code

A brief overview of FormBeaver

FormBeaver is a no-code platform for building a reliable database software solution easily. It serves to be a self-hosted visual software builder and allows its users to build as well as host custom databases without the need of writing codes. The platform offers access to a dedicated dashboard with the easy-to-use drag and drop feature and multiple specifications. The no-code app builder can be easily embedded into the browser of the users for building powerful web-based applications.

Reasons to consider FormBeaver in your no-code stack

  • Ease of managing complex processes: With FormBeaver, it is possible to manage as well as automate multi-step business processes and workflows. It could involve different individuals through the creation of dedicated forms perfectly and well-adapted to the specific needs of the users.
  • Setting it seamlessly: You can easily export the app project from the platform’s App Builder feature. It also allows you to instantly host the app such that other individuals can use the same over a private network or the Internet. FormBeaver helps in automatically hosting the apps.
  • Controlling user access to data: FormBeaver allows you to easily create different types of forms for different users –including contractors, employees, suppliers, and managers. As such, you can easily create workflows on the basis of specific user roles within the organization.

What can you accomplish with FormBeaver?

  • Reliable and Mature Storage for Data: With FormBeaver, your data gets stored in the PostgreSQL database. It is a type of relational database software solution having a strong reputation for top-class performance and reliability.
  • Automated Data Entry: You can now easily create forms for collecting, storing, and displaying different forms of data. Forms also allow you to automate the process of data validation while controlling user access to the information.
  • Self-hosted database: With FormBeaver, you can be convinced that everything is running on your system. Therefore, you can exercise full control over the same. On the other hand, you can also choose running the apps on the fully managed hosting platform.

Top features of FormBeaver

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Access to different templates
  • Custom-build software access
  • Hosting powerful database applications

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Lite: $79 per month
  • Pro: $199 per month
  • Unlimited: $329 per month

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