Saltcorn is a platform for building database web applications without writing a single line of code.

A brief overview of Saltcorn

Saltcorn is a database web applications development tool. Its intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop user interface can be used to build the whole application. Saltcorn focuses on database-backed applications built for mobile and desktop web browsers, for yourself, internally for your team or company, or for the public. You can build applications like address book, blog, issue tracker, project management, etc. The tool also supports a large number of themes, different database tables, the development of forms, and reports. Furthermore, you can also export the code of the app in various coding languages.

Reasons to consider Saltcorn in your no-code stack

  • With Saltcown, a single program can handle the front end data display for end-users, the admin interface for building sites, back-end data management, and server for pages and files.
  • It supports a lot of customization in the projects due to the availability of a variety of themes, layouts etc.
  • With the support of plugins, you can make fully customized apps using different available themes and kinds of views.

What can you accomplish with Saltcorn?

  • You get pre-built tables, views and pages you can install for instant functionality like address book, blogs, file transfer service and a lot more.
  • You can build a To-Do list using the templates which will help you to stay on track with your schedule.
  • You can increase your team's efficiency by monitoring their progress using templates like project management and project-employee assignment.

Top features of Saltcorn

  • Build a database web application without coding
  • Point and click, drag and drop user interface to build an application
  • Provide complete end to end solution for the front end, back end and database of application
  • Availability of open-source library and packages for better development
  • Supports different themes, database tables, and forms

Pricing plans

  • Saltcorn is a free, open-source database development platform

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