The open platform to create scalable databases and applications - without coding.

A brief overview of Baserow

Baserow is an open source no-code database platform that helps you manage data, people, and workflows. Use it to create custom databases and applications without any coding skills. It supports real-time collaboration, workflow automation, streamlined data management, and ultimate flexibility and extensibility.

Reasons to consider Baserow in your no-code stack

Freedom to create

Baserow empowers you to shape your business future on your terms, without the need for technical expertise. Baserow’s open-source platform liberates you from vendor lock-in. Take control of your work and your data by self-hosting. Experience the freedom to build and create without compromise.

  • Using open source is a risk mitigation strategy, since you’re not locked into a single vendor, as you are with proprietary SaaS tools/platforms. This removes the concern over what happens to your data. Specific feature requirements can be added and created without waiting for the vendor.
  • Self-hosted: Run on your servers, so that you’re always in control of your data.
  • MIT software license is the most permissive open source license there is.
  • Collaborative data platform unleashes data from silos.

Flexibility to scale

Tailor your setup to your needs: whether it’s cloud or self-hosted options, starting with easy-to-adapt templates or freestyling gives you limitless creativity. Build and scale your tech stack with deep integrations powered by Baserow’s API-first approach. Baserow trusts you to experiment boldly with your data's potential and scale at your own pace. Break boundaries, explore possibilities, embrace true flexibility.

  • Create from scratch, or use templates out-of-the-box. Structure your tech stack however it suits you.
  • Baserow supports huge volumes of data for growth. There’s no barrier to your innovation.
  • API-first: Create deep integrations. Flex with the future. There’s no need to rip out legacy systems—instead, integrate with and build around them. Or, develop a fully composable stack if you prefer.
  • Experiment with your data.
  • Integrations with n8n, Make, and Zapier as well as native automations in Baserow.
  • Adapt to any use case / size of business.

Fearless ownership

Take control of your work with confidence. With Baserow’s user-friendly experience, rigorous security and intuitive UI, you get all the tools you need to be completely self-sufficient. No technical expertise or onboarding investment required.

If you do need support or to test a proof of concept, the Baserow team is only a message away. With Baserow’s commitment to security, customer support, and ease-of-use, you can nurture and own your best work—fearlessly.

  • Great user experience and customer-centric approach.
  • Familiar, spreadsheet-like UI
  • Templates help to get started quickly, clear tutorials, and step-by-step guides
  • Start for free and pay only when you have experienced the value and need more features
  • Collaborative developer community, which the CEO and founder is very active on. Test your proof-of-concept with Baserow.

What can you accomplish with Baserow?

Databases are at the core of any application. With Baserow, you can build virtually anything. Here are some popular use cases:

  • Create a flexible project tracking and task management system
  • Keep track of email marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Create a content management system (CMS)
  • Build a product roadmap
  • Prepare for a product launch
  • Store and manage your brand assets
  • Create a repository of blog posts
  • Create a content scheduling manager
  • Plan a business conference or other event
  • Track business expenses
  • Stay updated on investment-related finances
  • Create a budget for yourself, team, or business
  • Use it as a store catalogue
  • Create a full-scale inventory management system
  • Manage real estate property showings, leases, tenants, vendors, and maintenance requests
  • Build an employee directory
  • Prepare for job interviews, job applications, and applications
  • Create a new-hire onboarding plan
  • Manage freelancers and vendors
  • Designate and analyze performance reviews
  • Build a booking/scheduling system
  • Create a customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • Manage an entire restaurant business
  • Gather UX and customer experience feedback/research

And much, much more. Your imagination is the limit.

Top features of Baserow

  • Open source: Self-hosted and on-premise to meet even the strictest of data and legal compliance needs.
  • Customizable: The database application can be made to fit unique business needs.
  • Real-time collaboration: To share database applications with a team.
  • Data management: Streamlined data management processes with data stored securely in one central location.
  • Automation: Automated workflows and reduced manual data entry.
  • Better decision-making: Data-driven decisions supported by holding data in one place for analysis.
  • Scalable: Baserow can handle large amounts of data and can be scaled to meet the needs of the growing business.
  • Integrations: Baserow integrates with popular tools such as Zapier, Make, n8n, and others, to connect it with other business apps.
  • Time-saving: Reduces manual data entry and streamlines the data management process.

Pricing plans

Baserow Cloud

  • Free plan
  • Premium: $5 per month, per user
  • Advanced: $20 per month, per user

Baserow Self-Hosted

  • Free plan
  • Premium: $5 per month, per user
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

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