Sidemail enables you to easily create, integrate, send, automate, and analyze your emails.

A brief overview of Sidemail

Sidemail is a platform for sending, automating and analysing emails. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the solution allows you to easily send customised emails to your customers. You can also create custom templates with our drag-and-drop editor, making creating and sending email campaigns a breeze. It is built for the ultimate workflow; the Sidemail editor lets you create reusable email templates. It has hundreds of emails and crafted a well-spelt email for every occasion to give you the best starting point. Thus, get a comprehensive overview of every email you send.

Reasons to consider Sidemail in your no-code stack

  • Start sending emails like password reset or welcome emails from your application in just a few minutes. Sidemail makes it incredibly easy to create, deliver, maintain, and analyse beautiful transactional emails.
  • Analyze charts and get a broad understanding of your email delivery or visit sending history to gain in-depth insights into a specific email.
  • You can set automatic emails for certain types of mails, reducing a lot of effort.

What can you accomplish with Sidemail?

  • Sidemail has templates for any scenario and functionality to let you hit the ground running in minutes.
  • You get a beautiful email design that you can fully customise according to your requirements. If your email list consists of college students, you can embed some latest memes to grab their attention, etc.
  • You can send the details of an event along with the option to pay or register all in one go.

Top features of Sidemail

  • Simple analytics
  • Email Sending API
  • Automated Email Sequeces
  • No code email editor
  • Stripe integration

Pricing plans

Email volume based pricing

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Standard Plan: $19 per month for upto 1000 emails/month

Learning resources

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