An email marketing tool to design custom email templates & landing pages, and automate email marketing without ever having to write any code

A brief overview of AWeber

Aweber is the email marketing platform trusted by more than 10 million businesses. With Aweber, you can send professional-looking emails and manage contacts better. Using AWeber is easy. Start your free trial today and see how simple it is to create a subscriber list, send awesome emails, and measure results. It provides a platform for email marketing to see what type of users are opening an email and how it can be better in the future and target that set of customers. The system also boasts advanced options for integration, including leading business tools and techniques. Furthermore, the company deploys a team of highly knowledgeable, responsive, and effective email marketing professionals.

Reasons to consider AWeber in your no-code stack

  • It is a system branded by professionals as one of the best platforms for email marketing that continues to impress with its superior autoresponders and rich feature set.
  • It provides businesses with the means to automate delivering professionally designed and personalised emails and targeted messages to their customers. Also, send follow up emails based on a schedule.

What can you accomplish with AWeber?

  • You can design emails based on templates or create them from scratch. You can store a vast amount of data for each contact and send emails in a very measured way to optimise the same.
  • You can keep your customers up to date with your latest releases.
  • If you are a health and wellness website, you can send daily emails based on tips to stay fit, quotes on health, etc.

Top features of AWeber

  • Wide range of email content and template generation
  • Ability to import and host a mailing list
  • Automated landing pages
  • Drag and drop email creation
  • It has responsive email designs and provides split testing and line segmentation options.

Pricing plans

  • AWeber Free: For up to 500 email subscribers
  • AWeber Pro: Starts at $19.99 per month for up to 500 email subscribers (variable pricing afterwards)

Learning resources

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