Flodesk is a new email marketing service provider that's built for creators, by creators

A brief overview of Flodesk

Flodesk was introduced as a leading email marketing platform that was designed for the creators. The platform allows both beginners as well as experts to make use of Flodesk for growing the business with the help of an intuitive email builder. The platform also offers access to designer templates that users would like to share and customize. With Flodesk, it is possible to expand the email list even when there is no access to a dedicated website. It helps in sending the right emails at the right time for turning subscribers into sales.

Reasons to consider Flodesk in your no-code stack

  • Built-in email templates: In the current scenario, Flodesk is offering access to over 30 email templates for the end subscribers. In addition to being modern and simple, these templates are also sleek. These rely on block formatting and pictures for giving the feel of flowing down the page. 
  • Form Builder: Email marketing is known to rely on eye-catching landing pages. While Flodesk does not offer access to designated landing pages, you can still use the platform for its attractive form builder. It helps in creating call-to-action buttons, forms packed with all colors, fonts, links, and pictures, embeddable forms, and website pop-ups. 
  • Clean, Code-free User Interface: You can easily use Flodesk whether or not you are an email marketing expert. There is no requirement of learning CSS, HTML, or other technologies for getting started with the tool. It is a leading no-code email marketing platform. Moreover, Flodesk is also capable of producing a clean product for the readers. Whether you aim at email creation or workflow design, form building, Flodesk helps in offering a clean interface with multiple automations.

What can you accomplish with Flodesk?

  • Automated Workflows: In the fast-pacing world that we live in, software that is capable of executing repetitive tasks can help in saving tons of time. The drag-and-drop editor of Flodesk can help you in designing workflows within seconds while reducing several hours off the week. Moreover, with the help of customizable templates, it is possible to advertise, nurture, and convert quite easily.
  • Simple and Robust Analytics: Flodesk is available with an analytics dashboard for combining the entire platform together. From here, it is possible to look into the deliverability, bounce rate, click-through-rates, and opens of the email campaign.

Top features of Flodesk

  • Image library
  • Template management
  • Mobile-optimized emails
  • Event-triggered actions
  • Reporting and analytics

Pricing plans

  • Unlimited: $38 per month

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