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A brief overview of SendPulse

SendPulse is an advanced marketing tool for individuals who are in search for more than only an email newsletter. With SendPulse, it is possible to send text messages, push notifications, and emails on the same platform. SendPulse is a no-code multi-channel marketing automation system featuring advanced email marketing capabilities. SendPulse allows both seasoned marketers and business users to create personalized and relevant campaigns easily and quickly.

The no-code platform helps in customizing the entire user interface as well as setup processes as per the experience of the marketer. It also offers suggestions on the basis of available information to guide the professionals.

Reasons to consider SendPulse in your no-code stack

  • Sending Email Campaigns Seamlessly: SendPulse is committed to ensuring personalization while delivering access to tailoring elements of the messaging capability. All of the email campaigns can be customized as per the behavior and information out of the customers. It is possible to add variables and criteria to your subject line.
  • Speeding Up Email Creation: With SendPulse, you can speed up the process of email creation as well. You can easily build templates -not just for emails. You can also build templates for specific content blocks within emails as well. The blocks will feature a wide range of elements -including video and image.
  • Smooth A/B testing: The A/B testing process of SendPulse is also quite smooth and seamless. There are several options available for you to ensure that you receive the best, in-depth insights into what will work. You can easily measure clicks or opens, how long the test should be run, and which list should be sent for tests.

What can you accomplish with SendPulse?

  • Contact management: With SendPulse, you can easily copy & paste, add the contacts one by one, update contacts, and create your customized mailing list. SendPulse comes up with innovative functionalities to help you effectively manage the respective contacts.
  • Categorization of Emails: SendPulse allows you to categorize specific emails -like product updates or newsletters. Moreover, you can also allow customers to unsubscribe from only a particular category instead of all the emails.
  • Interactive workflow builder: The intuitive workflow builder of SendPulse will help you in sending the most relevant emails or taking the next best action. You can perform it all at the right time automatically by sending campaigns on specific user events and behaviors.

Top features of SendPulse

  • Performance and reliability
  • Optimization
  • Data import & export tools
  • High-volume sending
  • Sending outbound emails

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Standard: $8 per month
  • Pro: $9.60 per month
  • Enterprise: $13.44 per month

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