Drip is a marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce - utilizing email, SMS and tight 3rd-party integrations to help businesses drive revenue.

A brief overview of Drip

Drip is a SMS and email marketing automation platform for budding ecommerce platforms who wish to take email marketing campaigns to the next level. The platform is uniquely designed for marketeers and specific small businesses. There is the presence of pre-built playbooks like abandoned cart, welcome series, and post-purchase emails. It is capable of quickly engaging your customers wherever they might be in the journey with the brand. With Drip, it is easier to target the right audience with the help of custom or pre-built segments that get updated in real time.

Reasons to consider Drip in your no-code stack

  • SMS and Email Marketing for E-commerce Brands: With Drip, it is possible to run sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns that are proven to drive more sales. To top it all, there is no coding required.
  • Creation of Multi-Channel Campaigns with Ease: You can start engagement with customers with the help of automated campaigns across SMS, email, on-site pop ups, and social platforms –all with the help of a single platform.
  • Lead Scoring: You can make use of this methodology for identifying the most valuable leads depending on their engagement with the content.
  • Simpler Workflows with Automation: The workflows in Drip are simpler, easier, and faster to understand. Workflows allow you to customize actions as you wish.

What can you accomplish with Drip?

  • Targeting with Perfect Precision: Wish to email people in the group of target audience? You can make use of the segmentation for automatically targeting customers with the help of content that is relevant and totally personalized.
  • Unleashing the Power of Customer Data: Drip works seamlessly towards integrating your customer-centric data from leading ecommerce stores like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify. You can make use of this data fir powering marketing strategies that work efficiently.
  • Running Proven E-commerce Playbooks: With the help of pre-built playbooks including abandoned carts, welcome series, and post purchase campaigns, you will be able to drive more sales within a few clicks. You can also build something customized right from scratch with the help of visual, powerful workflow builder.

Top features of Drip

  • Analytics and ROI tracking
  • List management
  • Drip campaigns
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Segmentation
  • Search marketing

Pricing plans

  • Email: $19 per month (for 500 contacts)
  • Email + SMS: $22 per month (for 500 contacts)

Learning resources

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