March 7, 2024
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Startup Ideas

25 Web App Ideas That Will Make You $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month

We've spent several hours researching, ideating, and compiling this list of 25 web app ideas. We've paid special attention to ensuring that these could be built without coding in just a few weeks, and have a very high probability of generating $5,000 to $50,000 per month if executed properly.

Table of contents

Tech entrepreneurs and software developers have been minting money off of Web Apps, Mobile Apps, SaaS Applications, and Membership Sites for more than a decade now.

Now, with the advent of no-code tools, anyone - literally anyone - could build stuff online and make a decent amount of internet money.

Many non-tech folks are already making a killing online.

You could too!

You can also be one among the new breed of successful solopreneurs, indie hackers, makers, no-coders, and small startups.

In this article, we have curated a list of 30 high-profit web app ideas that you can build using only no-code tools, that too in just a couple of weeks and start generating at least $5,000 per month.  

Excited much?

But let's not dive right into the list of web app ideas. Let’s first understand a few basics.

What's a Web App?

According to Wikipedia, a web application (or web app) is application software that runs in a web browser, unlike software programs that run locally and natively on the operating system (OS) of the device.

In simple words - 

You can access a web app on your browser like chrome, without needing to install any software and can interact with its features just like any mobile app. 

Some examples of widely used web apps are Gmail, Netflix, Canva, Facebook, etc.

Now let's understand what are the different types of web apps.

Types of Web Applications

Web App Ideas - Types of Web Applications

Static Web App

It contains read-only information and the user cannot interact with its elements.

This type of web app is developed using HTML and CSS. 

For modifying any content on the static web app, you’ll need to download the HTML code, alter the content and again upload it to the server.

Dynamic Web App

A dynamic web app delivers data in real-time. 

Depending on the request, a response is triggered at the server’s end and gets delivered at the client’s end.

Take Instagram for example. When a user clicks on the “follow” button, it turns to “following”. This is the result of the response generated from the server’s side.

eCommerce Web App

We all know Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. All these are eCommerce web applications.

eCommerce web apps exist in the form of an online store that allows users to buy and sell goods or services.

Portal Web App

Portal web apps present users with the most relevant information for their context by combining information from multiple sources into a single user interface.

Government portals, student portals, patient portals, etc... are the most commonly used ones.

Now, let's summarise pros and cons of these web applications.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Web Applications


  • Web apps are platform agnostic. They function just fine on any device or OS.
  • All users have access to the same version of the web app, unlike mobile apps.
  • Users don’t need to install any app or software and can access it from their browser making it easily accessible.
  • Lower cost of development, support & maintenance as there is just one version of the app.


  • Because web apps run on the browser, an internet connection drop may result in loss of data, work, or even the ability to use the app.
  • Increased risk due to a single point of failure.
  • Web apps are slower than the apps or software hosted on a local server.

Despite all the shortcomings, web apps are best suited for many many use cases; cost-wise, distribution-wise, ease-of-use-wise, and most importantly, profitability-wise.

So, ready to find your next web app idea?

Let's go.

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25 Brilliant Web App Ideas - Well Researched, Highly Specific, Validated

1. Virtual Event Hosting Web App For Startups

Web App Ideas - Virtual Event Hosting App


COVID happened. Many businesses have already adopted (and many more are still adopting) remote work. 

As a result, of course, their meetings, presentations, events have gone virtual. 

There are 1000s of types of businesses with varying needs and requirements for their online meetings and events.

Though there are dozens of event hosting solutions already out there, there is still enough space for dozens more - catering to speciliased needs.

The Idea

Build a virtual event hosting web app for startups for any particular niche you are familiar with.


  • Industry/Category: Virtual Events
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-based, Freemium, and transactional
  • MVP Build Time: 7 to 15 weeks
  • Successful Examples: Hopin, Airmeet, Hubilo

2. Remote Team Management Web App For Creators

Web App Ideas - Remote Team Management App


Remote work is budding more than ever and management tools is one of the essentials to have. It helps in keeping the team on the same page and monitoring progress.

Using tools like drive, excel, dropbox, etc is old school. 

Solopreneurs and creators are becoming mainstream. And, they also need a remote team. While they manage their work, you can help manage their freelancers.

The Idea

Build a remote freelance team management web app for solopreneurs and creators. 


  • Industry/Category: Team Management
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-based
  • MVP Build Time: 6 to 12 weeks
  • Successful Examples: Nimbus, ClickUp, ProofHub

3. Luxury Real Estate Listing Portal

Web App Ideas - Luxury Real Estate Listing Portal


Real estate is always in demand and so are local services. Therefore, mix and match localised real estate listing services for a niche category of high-end properties to carve out a profitable, serviceable segment for yourself.

The Idea

Build a directory web app to list localised, high-end real estate properties.


  • Industry/Category: Real Estate
  • Possible Business Model/s: Affiliate/commission. Listing Fee 
  • MVP Build Time: 1 to 2 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Sotheby, JamesEdition, BellesDemeures

4. Personalized Recipe App For Vegans

Web App Ideas - Personalized Recipe App For Vegans


As we are getting conscious about our health and the environment, more and more people are leaping to follow a vegan diet.

But how often does it happens that you only have a few items at your disposal and don't know what to make of them?

There is lot that could be done in this niche to make cooking (and life) easier for vegans.

The Idea

Build a web app that recommends personalized recipe ideas considering the available ingredients and the user's taste palette.


  • Industry/Category: Health & Wellness
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-based, Transactional, Marketplace
  • MVP Build Time: 2-4 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: FoodMonster, Veganized

5. Dating App For The Separated

Web App Ideas - Dating App For The Separated


Everyone deserves and desires for a second chance or more. With the fast changing worldview, choices, preferences and perspectives, the separation rates are are on the rise across the world. And these people sure do need a place to look for their lobster.

Your app could be that next place.

The Idea

Build a dating web app for the separated. Profile deets could also include life goals, expectations, behavioural preferences & aspects besides all the basic info like age, profession, location, etc...


6. Used Cars Marketplace

Web App Ideas - Used Cars Marketplace


You may be wondering there are already so many used car stores and marketplaces. What's the need for another one?

But remember that we are evangelising the case for micro niche businesses. The online world (and people) are re-organizing themselves in communities - causes, aficionados, social movement, similar interests in general.

There are so many car enthusiasts, and so many variety of them; interests and preferences vary widely. And there is enough value to be captured in these niche pockets of interests and preferences.

The Idea

Build a niche used cars marketplace catering to very specific needs.


  • Industry/Category: Automobile
  • Possible Business Model/s: Affiliate/Commission
  • MVP Build Time: 4 - 8 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: AutoTrader, Cars24, Carmax

7. Wedding Event Vendors Listing

Web App Ideas - Wedding Event Vendors App


A wedding is one of the most important occasions of one's life and one surely wants it to be perfect. People want to make sure they have the best event and everything is in place.

There’s when wedding vendors come in. there are several to-dos for a wedding and vendors can make your task easier by taking the case into their hands.

The Idea

Build a wedding vendor web app where all the categories of vendors necessary for a wedding event would be listed for booking and coordination.


  • Industry/Category: Weddings & Events
  • Possible Business Model/s: Affiliate/Commission, Access Fee
  • MVP Build Time: 4 - 6 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: WedMeGood, TheKnot, WeddingWire

8. Stock Market Research Tool

Web App Ideas - Stock Market Research Tool


Did you know that individual analysts, brokers and small broking firms are running small communities of stock market investors? On Whatsapp, Telegram, and in some cases, more robust and organised online community on dedicated platforms.

Investors choose to be part of such niche communities for a reason. They even pay access fees to be a part of the inner circle and many times become clients of these analysts and brokers.

The Idea

Pick a decent sized niche and build them a stock market research tool that offers research & analysis+tips+community.


  • Industry/Category: Stocks & Investing
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based, Transactional
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 10 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: TickerTape, SeekingAlpha

9. Event Planner for Social Events

Web App Ideas - Event Planner App


We all have been to some or the other social event conducted on a large scale. But who did all the planning? 

The hosts might have hired some event planning agency for it, but now when everything’s shifting online, you don’t want to lose your chance.

If we can have project planning, business planning and wedding planning online tools then why not a web app for planning social events?

The Idea

Create an event planner web app for social events. 

Now social events include categories like - concerts, comedy shows, meet and greet, large-scale weddings, or high-end weddings and the list continues.

Pick your favorite niche and go for it.


  • Industry/Category: Event Management
  • Possible Business Model/s: Transactional, Subscription-Based
  • MVP Build Time: 4 - 8 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: SocialTables, Bizzabo, PegasusEvents

10. Digital Arts Marketplace

Web App Ideas -  Digital Arts Marketplace


NFTs are a hot sensation that has given a kick to the digital art trend. But you don’t have to necessarily sell digital art only as an NFT.

You can still sell your digital art to people like - collection enthusiasts, resellers, and companies through a systematic marketplace. 

The Idea

Your work is to build a marketplace to buy and sell digital art.


  • Industry/Category: Digital Arts
  • Possible Business Model/s: Transactional, Affiliate/Commission
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 8 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: V-Art, KnownOrigin
Micro SaaS npiration Box
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11. Portfolio Maker For Graphic Designers

Web App Ideas - Portfolio Maker For Graphic Designers


Designing a portfolio is a hell of a task! And don’t even get us started on creative work portfolios.

Portfolios for industries like - graphic design, website design, or photography demand creativity. And you can provide this creativity by building a portfolio designing app for graphic designers while they handle their projects.

The Idea

Build a portfolio maker to assist graphic designers in crafting their portfolios in the best way possible.


  • Industry/Category: Design
  • Possible Business Model/s: Freemium
  • MVP Build Time: 8 - 12 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Fueler, Flipsnack, Jimdo

12. Docket Management Web App For Law Firms

Web App Ideas - Docket Management App for Law Firms


Managing several documents can be hectic. And more while, for law firms it's even more challenging to keep a track of records when most of their work is based on papers & documents.

You can solve this problem by offering a specialised docket management web app for law firms and lawyers.

The Idea

Help law firms better organise their documents, files and case-tracks in one place - The Docket Management App.


13. No-Code Talent Marketplace

Web App Ideas - No-Code Talent Marketplace


No-code is a bursting industry, with over 50% of medium to large enterprises adopting low-code or no-code as one of their strategic application platforms by 2023 - as stated by Gartner.

With this rise, no-code talent will also be in high demand in near future. 

This is your chance to join the race early.

The Idea

Build a no-code talent marketplace where talent seekers can list their requirements and no-code experts (talents) can showcase their skills, work & portfolio.


  • Industry/Category: Jobs & Freelancers
  • Possible Business Model/s: Affiliate/Commission
  • MVP Build Time: 6 -10 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Codemap, WeLoveNoCode, Heep

14. Resume Builder For Developers

Web App Ideas - Resume Builder


Who doesn’t need a resume? Most of us need to craft our resumes at some point in our life.

But writing a good resume can be backbreaking. Seriously.

Headings, subheadings, indentation, text editing, bullets, blah blah. There's so much to do.

You can make it easier for a niche user base to craft their resume elegantly.

The Idea

Create a resume builder specially for full-stack developers.


  • Industry/Category: Careers & Education
  • Possible Business Model/s: Transactional 
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 15 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Arc, NovoResume

15. Inspiration Curator Tool For LinkedIn

Web App Ideas - Inspiration Curator Tool for LinkedIn


There are many tech giants today with billions of users - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc...

Many curator tools are finding a way to piggyback on this user base and tap into their micro niches eventually.

The Idea

This is something very new - an inspiration curator tool integration for LinkedIn. For example, inspiration to create better campaigns, ads, posts, and profiles.


  • Industry/Category: Social Media
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based
  • MVP Build Time: 4 - 12 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Insply

16. Personalized Interview Prep Platform

Web App Ideas - Personalised Interview Prep Platform


Jobs are getting highly competitive day by day, making a large impact on the hiring process and interviews are getting harder to crack.

While the tech niche makes up a large part of jobs, they still need assistance in the process. So how do you prepare them for the interview? By making them practice the most asked questions. 

Make this process easier for the users by building a personalized interview questions platform.

The Idea

Build a web app to provide personalized questions tailored for a specific set of job roles.


  • Industry/Category: Careers & Education
  • Possible Business Model/s: Transactional
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 12 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: InterviewBit, Pramp, Interviewing

17. Used Gadgets Marketplace

Web App Ideas - Used Gadgets Marketplace


How many times does it happen that an electronic item is of no use for us while it might be still working fine?

And it may also happen you need an item for a short period of usage, and that’s when you can opt for second-hand products. This is an ever growing niche within niche within niches. Pick your favorite category, fan group, and their special needs to build your next web app.

The Idea

Build a second-hand electronic products marketplace where people can buy and sell electronics gadgets like mobile phones, tv, laptop, refrigerators, etc. 


  • Industry/Category: E-commerce
  • Possible Business Model/s: Transactional, Affiliate/Commission
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 8 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: GadgetSalvation, Decluttr

18. No-Code Learning Platform

Web App Ideas - No-Code Learning Platform


Gartner estimates by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use no-code or low-code technologies.

But who’ll develop these apps? No-code experts.

And who’ll train them? Your web app.

The Idea

Build a web app to facilitate learning no-code development.


  • Industry/Category: Education
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based, Transactional
  • MVP Build Time: 4 - 12 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Zeroqode, NocodeMBA, NocodeTech

19. Pet Care Provider Platform

Web App Ideas- Pet Care Platforms


Dogs are one of the best & cutest creatures on the planet, yes we said it :)

While people love their pets, it can get pretty hectic and messy for the pet parents to train and care for them.

Pet caregiving platforms are carving their way out and you too can build one for dogs.

The Idea

Build a super niche pet care web app for dogs, listing various service providers, tips & tricks, knowledge repository.


  • Industry/Category: Pets
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 15 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Wag, DogHero, Rover

20. Customer Support Chatbot For SaaS SEO Providers

Web App Ideas - Customer Support Chatbot


Conversational sales is the way forward. More relevant the (automated) conversation, the better.

Usage of web interactive tools (esp. chatbots) is trending northwards; to give better customer experience and capture leads.

It only makes sense to have very very specialised chatbot with respect to the niche audience the service providers are catering to.

The Idea

Build a chatbot tailored for the specific needs of SEO providers for SaaS companies.


  • Industry/Category: SaaS
  • Possible Business Model/s: Freemium, Tiered Subscription Pricing
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 10 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: BotStar, Chatfuel, ChatBot

21. Niche Video Editor

Web App Ideas - Niche Video Editor


The internet is exploding with video content & video content creators. Every other platform support video content.

The point is, that video content creators face a lot of problems in their journey so how about solving at least one of them via your web app?

The Idea

Video editing is a broad category. Dig deeper into problems and find out the one you want to solve.

One of the ideas is to build a video editing tool for content creators which will allow users to read the script on their phone screen while recording so they don’t need to cut and jump back to their script again and again.


  • Industry/Category: Video
  • Possible Business Model/s: Freemium, Transactional
  • MVP Build Time: 12 - 24 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Wistia, BIGVU, Loom

22. Newsletter Referral Program Management Software

Web App Ideas - Newsletter Referral Program Management Tool


Social media and search engine algorithms are drowning the voices of millions of creators, writers, and journalists. As a result, these people turned back to good ol’ email to grow and keep in touch with their audience.
Email newsletters are booming, and every day more and more creators ride the wave. They all need a reliable, inexpensive tool to build, run, and improve their newsletter referral program.

The Idea

Build a super simple tool to get a newsletter referral program up and running within minutes.


  • Industry/Category: Referral Marketing
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based, Freemium
  • MVP Build Time: 6 - 12 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Sparkloop, EarlyParrot, GrowSurf

23. SEO Tool For Shopify Stores

Web App Ideas - SEO Tool For Shopify Stores


The SEO industry is super competitive, super cluttered, and worth over $80Bn! But does that mean there’s no room for you? Nah huh.

There exists several SEO apps but many of them cater to a very wide audience which increases competition.

With increasing Shopify stores, you can make an early bet with this idea.

The Idea

Create an SEO tool for a niche user base like an SEO tool for Shopify store owners and incorporate every SEO feature they might need to rank higher and monitor their profile.


  • Industry/Category: SEO
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based, Freemium
  • MVP Build Time: 12 - 30 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: ReloadSEO, TinyIMG, SchemaPlus

24. Sales Funnel Tool For LinkedIn Creators

Web App Ideas - Sales Funnel Tool for LinkedIn Creators


Sales is what drives a business which automatically makes the sales funnel a lot more essential. Sales funnel refers to steps a customer takes or stages they go through before finally making a purchase.

With the rise in LinkedIn content creators, most of them focus on lead generation via LinkedIn. That’s where you can help them!

The Idea

Build a sales funnel tool for LinkedIn content creators. You can also go more specific and focus your web app on a particular stage of the sales funnel like lead generation or follow-up.


  • Industry/Category: Sales Analytics
  • Possible Business Model/s: Subscription-Based
  • MVP Build Time: 8 - 15 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: Lusha

25. Job Boards For Micro Niche Content Writers

Web App Ideas - Content Writer Job Board


We’re witnessing an unprecedented levels of growth of websites and apps in every niche, every direction.

Such a rapid growth is also necessitating specialized content writers.

It's a pain to find micro-niche specific content specialists.

The Idea

Build a super specialised job board for hiring content writers. For example, Job board for content writers on Ayurveda. Or similarly for content specialists on niches like Yoga, Diabetes, Dog Care, Elderly Care - pick any micro niche that you can closely relate with. You only need to ensure there is enough value to be captured in that niche.


  • Industry/Category: Jobs & Hiring
  • Possible Business Model/s: Affiliate/Commission, Subscription-Based, Tiered Pricing
  • MVP Build Time: 2 - 4 Weeks
  • Successful Examples: PeakFreelance, Superpath

Closing Thoughts

This is a very good place to start if you’re looking for web app ideas to find your online business inspiration. Besides giving you a headstart, this roundup will help you gain a perspective on web apps, trending web app ideas, and micro-niches.

You may also browse through sites like Indie Hackers, ProductHunt, and Betalist to find out what others are building and how much money are they making. Also, you may consider going through our Micro SaaS Inspiration Box to get distilled information:

Micro SaaS Inspiration Box
Click to go to Micro SaaS Inspiration Box and unlock 100s of Web App Ideas

According to Siteefy, there are ~2 billion websites and web apps today. And 3 new websites are added to the world wide web every single second.

We'll be honest here. With soooo much of competition and clutter, it's important to get the execution right.

So, here's the typical winning formula:

  1. Find your micro-niche: Identify the intersection of your skillset and areas of interest.
  2. Find your web app idea: Identify the real problem you are qualified for and genuinely interested to solve.
  3. Soft validate your web app idea: Build a waitlist of at least 100 interested customers.
  4. Build your MVP fast and minimal (consider one of these no-code app builders).
  5. Build out your GTM strategy to get the first 100 paying customers.
  6. Launch your web app.
  7. Hustle, iterate & earn: Get your first 100 paying customers.

If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code.

Also, check this massive listicle on No Code Startups.

Now, time to answer some of your most common questions on Web App Ideas:

How is a web app different from a website and a mobile app?

Here is a comparison of a web app, website, and mobile app:

Web App Ideas - Types of Apps Comparison

How do I come up with a web app idea?

Though we have curated this whole list for you to take inspiration, finding an idea that works best for you can still be tricky. 

Follow these steps to uncover the most suitable idea for you:

  1. Find a problem OR under-met or unmet customer need (There are plenty)
  2. Research on the problem and the users
  3. Niche down to a specific target audience
  4. Solve the problem for the target audience (Idea)

What are some good web app examples?

Check out these web application examples and bubble app examples. There are 16 and 24 of them respectively. The best part - all of these are profitable and built without writing a single line of code.

How do I start a web app business?

Starting a web app business is not the problem but the development process is (kinda). 

Here are some steps to start developing your web app:

  1. Define: Uncover the problem users are facing that you want to solve through your web app.
  2. Blueprint: Make a draft of what your web app should look like and what features it should incorporate. 
    Define how you’ll meet the requirements and set a budget. Set goals and time frames.
  3. Build MVP: Once you’ve defined the features your web app will contain, build an MVP to test your product and understand what’s missing.
  4. Feedback: Set out to test your MVP. Present it to potential users and gather their feedback to see how you can improve it.
  5. Launch: Create your final app by using various frameworks and technologies that fulfill the requirements of your web app.

Want a closer look at a typical web app design process? Check out this video:

Who can build my app idea?

Old way: You might require a small team of developers, or an agency to bring web app idea to life. 

New (Smarter) Way: Do it yourself using one of the no-code platforms or get a no-code agency to build it for you. Either way, you will still save a lot of time and money.

What are the 5 web application features?

  1. Responsive Design: The majority of people prefer to use mobile for internet access than desktop so it becomes a must-have feature to optimize your web app for mobile. 
  2. Social Login: Besides email signup, it's good to have an option to sign up with social media or Gmail accounts to make the process friction-free.
  3. Search Tool: Search bar is a must, especially if the web app has lots of information and features.
  4. Analytics & Reporting: It's imperative that you keep track of user behavior patterns and the overall performance of your web app to optimize for higher engagement and better conversion.
  5. Security: Needless to say, one of the most critical priorities for your web app business.

What makes a web application successful?

Get the following 3 things right:

  1. Real customer pain point or problem that actually needs solving.
  2. Enough people out there with this problem who can be serviced profitably.
  3. Solving the problem to really delight the customers by taking away their pain.

Point 3 of course involves how's your UI, what's your tech stack (or no-code tool stack), how's the customer experience, etc...

Is Netflix a web app?

Yes, Netflix site or the browser version you use is a web app.

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