November 30, 2023
No-Code Inspiration

The Most Comprehensive List of No Code Startups

In order to help you in your quest to find profitable niches and use-cases, we have put together a comprehensive, very carefully hand-curated list of no code startups. So take a look below for all the inspiration, ideas, examples, and answers you could ever want when it comes to no code startups.

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What are no-code startups?

The startups or products that are built using no-code tools - we call these “no-code startups” for they are built without a single line of code. Significantly higher speed-to-market and lower cost-to-build are the key characteristics of no-code startups. [If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code]

No-code tools aren’t meant only for non-technical founders. Even technical founders should almost always consider a no-code build approach if planning on starting up, whenever possible/suitable because this approach enables you to launch your startup really quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

Best No-Code App Builder - Bubble

Now, let’s have a look at some of the exciting startups built entirely on no-code:

1. Swipe Files

No-code startups - Swipe Files
Swipe Files

Swipe Files is helping founders, agencies and marketers with top-notch SaaS marketing training. There are over 500 marketers and founders utilizing this platform to efficiently grow their SaaS business. Swipe Files will help you build a clear path to a marketing plan that will bring you consistent revenue. With the Swipe Files community, you can get feedback from fellow marketers, interact and network, while building your perfect marketing plan. You can choose from the many marketing courses that are available. Members can also avail a master swipe file. A swipe file is a curated list of headlines, copies, landing pages etc. that can act as inspiration to your next marketing content. There are more than 100 examples and these are decimated strategically to know what makes them great. 7000+ marketers are already reading the Swipe Files newsletter, which covers some great marketing content and ideas across various industries. 

  • Founder/s: Corey Haines 
  • Official website:
  • Category: SaaS marketing, Community
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Jetboost, Memberstack, Shoutout, Circle, Fathom, ConvertKit, RightMessage, Rewardful, Beamer, Transistor, Podia, Mailbrew, SparkLoop, Riverside, Integromat
  • Revenue: $10,000+ per month

2. Roastd


Roastd is a service that offers brutally honest feedback on landing pages, products, and ideas. Customers pay for a roast, and within 48 hours, they receive detailed feedback in the form of Figma comments, Notion summaries, and video audits. The service is intended to help customers improve their pages and increase conversions. Roastd offers different packages depending on the level of feedback desired, and customers can purchase roasts for multiple pages.

  • Founder/s: Ollie Efesopoulos
  • Official website:
  • Category: Design, UI/UX
  • No-code tools used: Framer, Stripe
  • Revenue: $2500 MRR
  • Build Time: 2 days

3. Newsletter OS

No-code startups - Newsletter OS
Newsletter OS

Newsletter Operating System is a platform built to make the process of creating a newsletter a breeze for creators. It has all the features that you need to build a thriving newsletter all in one place. It has all the paraphernalia to help you write, curate, launch, monetize and grow your newsletter. 

The major features include:

  • Planning section to help you organize
  • Curation and writing session
  • Weekly to-do lists
  • Tips for growth and distribution
  • Features to enable monetization
  • More than 130 resources that include designing tools, analytics tools, deliverability tools etc.

Lifetime access to Newsletter OS is available at $49. $119 if you throw in an additional 30min consultation call with the founder.

  • Founder/s: Janel Loi
  • Official website:
  • Category: Info product
  • No-code tools used: Notion, Carrd
  • Revenue: $40,000+ till date

4. Ungated Media

No-code startups - Ungated Media
Ungated Media

In 2018, Wired magazine’s editor Kevin Kelly wrote an essay called 1,000 True Fans. It largely spoke about the impact of the internet on the future and how it would allow a chunk of people to turn their art or idea into their career. The founder of Ungated Media, Rob Hardy, built this platform with the purpose to bring this idea to life. Its publication and community space for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists and creatives. It aims to help such individuals and connect them to their fans. In this way, the platform’s goal is to help build a sustainable business. It's a platform for those trying to earn an independent living. The front end of MVP membership publication is built using Webflow. Ungated Media gives its members access to products that include learning tools to devise a  successful business with their idea. The platform also provides one-on-one coaching for creators. 

  • Founder/s: Rob Hardy 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Publication, Community
  • No-code tools used: Webflow
  • Revenue: $1.3K/month

5. Psychedelic Grad

No-code startups - Psychedelic Grad
Psychedelic Grad

Psychedelic grad is a community built to connect those who are building their career in the psychedelic space. It helps the users to learn and provides resources to ease the process of getting into a career in this fairly new field. The space is presented in an organized manner to effectively cull out different aspects and content. You can also easily connect with other community members either through direct messaging. The community members can also avail a podcast that has interviews of professionals and students who are from the psychedelic space. The landing page of this platform is built using Webflow. The tool was chosen due to the great amount of flexibility it provided.

  • Founder/s: Mitchell Wilson
  • Official website:
  • Category: Community
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Convertkit, Airtable, Circle

6. Makerpad

No-code startups - Makerpad

Makerpad is one of the world’s largest hubs for no-code education and community building. They are a network of makers, startups, entrepreneurs, businesses and learners. There are individuals who are building with no-code, businesses operating, learners learning etc. Here, you can learn the basics of no-code with their various courses. You can also leverage automation for your business and boost your efficiency. Makerpad currently has more than 17,000 members. It's also ranked as the number one no-code community in the world. There are over 350 tutorials specially designed for beginners as well as people with predisposing no-code knowledge. Their flagship 5-week, cohort-based foundation course will make you a no-code master in no less than five weeks. Founded in 2019, Makerpad was acquired by Zapier in 2021. They have a tool directory that lets you choose from many no-code tools, according to your or your company’s need.  Makerpad is empowering businesses everyday with no-code. 

  • Founder/s: Ben Tossell
  • Official website:
  • Category: E-learning
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Airtable and MemberStack
  • Revenue: ARR of $400,000 as of March 2021

7. Bloom Institute of Technology

No-code startups - Bloom institute of Technology
Bloom Institute of Technology

Bloom Institute of Technology is a great place online for you to learn coding. You can learn remotely while being guided in real-time. Many hands-on coding projects are available for you to learn. Consistent feedback will be given on these projects. You can interact with your peers and learn from each other. Every time you face a challenge, instructors are ready to help you out. At BloomTech Labs, you can work with a team of people, build products and launch them, to prepare you for the job market. You build a real product by collaborating with your peers. 

You also get to work with career coaches that will help you train for job interviews and to enhance your portfolio. There is already a wide set of employers hiring from people graduating from Bloom Institute of Technology! This includes names such as Google, Microsoft, HubSpot etc. 

No-code has made work more efficient at Bloom Institute. They use no-code tools everyday at all levels from the admission process to teaching to job hunting.  

  • Founder/s: Austen Allred
  • Official website:
  • Category: E-learning
  • No-code tools used: Zapier, Airtable, Webflow
Best No-Code App Builder - Bubble

8. Roast My Landing Page

No-code startups - Roast My Landing Page
Roast My Landing Page

Roast my Landing Page, as the name suggests, is a personalised landing page roast service. The platform provides its users with a personalized video of 20 mins with recommendations to increase the conversion rate. The company, founded by landing page optimisation expert, Oliver Meakings has completed more than 500 roasts till now. All these roasts have received 5 stars. All these startups have converted their page visitors to customers. The platform is developed to facilitate customer growth of SaaS companies. Their services include a customized audit in the form of a roast which will include correction tips. As a part of the service, they also highlight some particular fixes for website improvement. They can be in various areas such as images, forms, illustrations etc. Customers get their videos roasted within a span of 48 hours. If the platform does not benefit you, say your conversion rate does not increase because of the roast, then a refund is guaranteed. One roast is priced at £249.

  • Founder/s:  Oliver Meakings
  • Official website:
  • Category: Marketing and Advertising
  • No-code tools used: Webflow
  • Revenue: $4,000+ per month

9. Scrapbook

No-code startups - Scrapbook

Scrapbook is built by Kacper Staniul, a growth marketer and maker. This is a platform where you can find eCommerce and SaaS tactics that are unique and actually work. There are about 280 tactics for SaaS businesses to attain immediate and high-level growth. The platform also has more than 80 eCommerce tactics. These tactics are born out of the maker’s years of experience as a Growth marketer. This is a beneficial resource for all founders, product makers and marketers trying to grow their business. Every month, 2-3 new tactics keep getting added to the list of tactics. Acquisition tactics help you to add more leads to your funnel. Revenue tactics help you get more full-time customers. Referral tactics give you ideas as to how to make sure that your product is recommended to more people. Three types of pricing to get access are Scrapbook SaaS for $147, Scrapbook Bundle for $197 and Scrapbook + Teardown for $797.

  • Founder/s: Kacper Staniul
  • Official website:
  • Category: Info product
  • No-code tools used: Carrd, Airtable
  • Revenue: $3,000+ per month


No-code startups - WXLLSPACE

WXLLSPACE is a platform bringing together street artists and muralists and real estate developers. They have a large collection of wallspace as well as mural artists. You can go on their website and search for a wall to paint or an artist to paint the wall you want! Request quotes from artists from your local area or you can also connect with foreignn artists. If you are an artist, you can let them know of your idea and they will connect you with a property owner. It is easy to bring your imagination into life with WXLLSPACE. This is a completely safe platform and there is no space for any scams. The agreement between the property owners and artists are all made in the form of smart contracts on blockchain. All the legalities are taken care of by the platform.

  • Founder/s: Jordan Giha
  • Official website:
  • Category: Real Estate
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Zapier, Airtable
  • Revenue: $2,500+ per month

11. The Pickling Club

No-code startups - The Pickling Club
The Pickling Club

The Pickling club is a community built for small business owners. The founder, Giulia Cian Seren is a digital marketing consultant who has been self-employed since 2013. The platform is dedicated to providing small business owners with digital marketing devices and techniques specific to them. They also educated entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses in this regard. Overall, this platform acts as a workshop for small biz owners who are working to get their first 100k in online sales, to get it much faster and easier.  The platform provides all the logistics and technical support that your business needs. It is led by a digital nomad expert who has helped hundreds of businesses across the world get their first 100k in online sales. Around thirty owners from 10 nations have already registered for this platform. Customers can also get their money back if the first 30 days does not impress them.

 The givens for community members include: Weekly virtual calls, a close-knit network of fellow small biz owners, videos that are always available.

  • Founder/s: Giulia Cian Seren 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Info product, Community
  • Revenue: $4,300+ per month

12. Weekend Club

No-code startups - Weekend Club
Weekend Club

Weekend Club is a coworking club exclusively for bootstrappers. It's a known online networking space for founders. If you are a startup founder, solopreneur or an entrepreneur building your business, then this is a great place to make some rewarding connections. They have an active community of more than 60 startup founders. Members of the community get to attend both virtual and IRL co-working sessions. This happens thrice a week and every Saturday. A membership at the weekend club also means you get expert advice whenever needed. Vetted advisors in the field of marketing, finance and research are readily available to help you out. Either you can use Slack to reach out to them or avail their help during monthly office hour sessions. Along with all these benefits, members also get discounts worth upto $500k from their partner platforms. Some of the resources that are included in this discount are Hubspot, Indeed, WordPress, Stripe, Typeform, etc. 

If you are looking to meet founders who are at the same stage as you or trying to get some feedback on your project from people on similar journeys, then this is the best place to be!

  • Founder/s: Charlie Ward 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Networking Community
  • Revenue: $3,000+ per month

13. Quikstaff

No-code startups - Quickstaff

Quickstaff is a web-based app. As its name suggests, the app helps event planners to plan better. It works for managing plans and handling staff. It helps to manage all the freelancers, on-demand staff and contractors based on third parties effectively to assure that your organization is never short-staffed. Customers can create various events with all their descriptions such as what, when and where. Along can be notes or instructions for the team in various formats. Such events can also be duplicated in the upcoming weeks. To manage staff scheduling, the app can be used to check the availability of staff, access waitlists etc. With the automated scheduling of staff and events, a lot of clarity and efficiency can be brought into the workplace. The app works two ways; one for managers and another for the staff. The employees can check the app to figure out the events they are scheduled for, block the dates when they are busy, find reminders and instructions etc. The app is easy to use with a simple UI and also has an option to access a free trial period. This is the go-to app for staffing managers.

  • Founder/s:  Batsirai Chada 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Computer Software
  • Revenue: $1,500+ per month

14. Chive

No-code startups - Chive

Chive is a platform that lets people find different charities online in Aotearoa New Zealand. There are around 28,000 charities found on this platform. $1.4 billion gets raised every year. The platform was founded by Stephen Johnson and Alice Marsh, two individuals highly passionate about charitable causes and wanted to integrate such causes with digital tools. There are multiple categories you can donate to such as health and wellbeing, youth, arts, children, support in tough times, disability, criminal justice etc. If you want to donate, you can find a cause that you relate to and subscribe to or donate to them. The charities can register on the website. There will be a dashboard for charities to manage their content and they can curate content as per their need.

  • Founder/s:  Stephen Johnson, Alice Marsh
  • Official website:
  • Category: Non-profit
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Parabola, Zapier, Jetboost, Airtable

15. Medley

No-code startups - Medley

Medley is a membership-based programme/ community that's acting as a stage for people with similar interests and ambitions to interact, socialize and network. Each person joining the membership will be aligned with seven others and made into a group. Each group has a personal coach who is certified. Along with these Medley offers valuable content and a community of people that you can interact with and learn from. To join Medley, the first step is to apply for a track of your desire. You will get matched with 6-8 individuals with a similar focus. This is followed by group coaching sessions for four months. The track you choose for yourself will also be completely tailormade for your growth. Medley will enable you to start or fastrack your journey with a curated group of people, personalized tracks, events, programmes, forums, workshops with industry leaders and experts etc. Medley was built by web designer Alena Pankratova in two weeks.

  • Founder/s: Jordan Taylor, Edith Cooper
  • Official website:
  • Category: Networking
  • No-code tools used: Webflow, Figma
  • Build Time: 3 weeks

16. Banter

No-code startups - Banter

Banter is an integration that's aimed to break the ice between groups that are working together remotely. It's a Slackbot that helps increase the bond between teams. It ignites informal conversations. The questions can be selected and scheduled beforehand. These icebreakers are built to increase banter between the team. The questions are fun-going and are not on sensitive topics. The integration is approved by slack and is present in the Slack directory. The organizations just have to add Banter on their slack. The next step is to pick a channel, add topics or questions for banter and schedule them. This app is built by a solo founder Raymond Sam. With Zapier, these apps can be integrated with multiple apps, to help build a dream team. The app can be used starting with a 30 day free trial and no credit card is required.

  • Founder/s:  Raymond Sam
  • Official website:
  • Category: Integration & Automation
  • No-code tools used: Zapier
  • Revenue: $756/month

No-Code Startups Built with

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17. Codemap

18. GoodGigs

19. Incomee

20. Beelango

21. Strabo

22. Nocodify

23. Reachr

24. Project ANT

25. FiveTeams

26. Switchboard

27. BetterLegal

28. byword_

29. NuCode

30. Treepoints

31. Cuure

32. Martechbase

33. Announcefly

34. Messly

35. Pflegetiger

36. TravelTrunk

37. CircleHome

38. Dividend Finance

39. Plato

40. Comet

No-Code Startups Built with Adalo

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41. Scholarcash

42. Counselora

43. Lloyd

44. Mnemonics

45. Peculiar Yogi

46. Preps Recruiting

47. Chara

48. Stew

49. Mindbase

No-Code Startups Built with

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50. 100 Days Of No Code

51. LetterHunt

52. Listr

53. SelfSchool

54. Canny

55. Nanny Network

56. DreamMe

No-Code Startups Built with Glide

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57. GigLaw

58. Consience Cart

59. Africa Ever After

60. Napps

61. My Shoots

62. Surgery Sam

63. Cibo Groups

64. Podz

65. Telesomm

66. Emotional Resilience

67. Detail Secure

68. Intro CRM

No-Code Startups Built with

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69. Prodmgmt.World

70. Growpay

71. Startup.Cartooli

72. Canva Keywords

73. Infosite

74. Actors De Barcelona

No-Code Startups Built with Bravo Studio

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75. Kickoff

76. Cardboard Nerd

77. Manilla

78. Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival

79. Empower Fitness

80. Cellarkalt

81. nextLIVE

Wrapping Up

From this list of 80+ no-code startups, by now, it should be evident that the no-code platforms offer immense opportunities and competitive advantage for both technical and non-technical founders. Most common no-code tools used are Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, Glide, Zapier, and Airtable.

Instead of weeks and months into development, or breaking your bank just to build an MVP, you should now focus on introducing your product to the market quickly and iterate to perfection based on customer feedback.

So, what are you building next?

Best No-Code App Builder - Bubble

Now, let’s answer some of your most common questions on no-code startups:

Can you build a startup without code?

No-code allows founders with zero technical knowledge to build profitable products. So, yes, it is possible to build a startup without having to rely on traditional coding. However, it’s imperative that you have in-depth knowledge of the nuts and bolts of building a successful business - domain expertise, niche expertise, marketing/sales/finance/operations 101, etc.

You may consider no-code startup bootcamps like the one from Babson to get started quickly.

Why is no-code so popular?

You are right to question what is really the hype about. No-code has become a movement for it has allowed many businesses to flourish without having to rely on traditional, time-consuming coding processes. Many solopreneurs, designers, creators and makers are using no-code to build a portfolio or startup. It gives immense flexibility in terms of duration and pricing. The modern digital world is a fast one and customers want everything to be done instantly. No-code allows makers to ship and iterate products really quickly. Moreover, any no-code tool can be self-learnt in just a matter of a few days through knowledge resources on the internet. All of these factors combined make no-code extremely popular.

How much faster is no-code?

No-code reduces the duration of your product launch significantly. Welp, some studies say that the no-code is 40-60 percent faster. Keeping the numbers aside for a minute, there are many testimonials from around the world to prove that no-code does drastically reduce the time required to build a product from scratch.

How much cheaper is no-code?

With no-code, an expensive team of developers can be bypassed. This helps to cut costs to a great extent. Legacy systems and apps are much harder to maintain. They need end-to-end care 24*7. Now, we all can agree that this is a costly affair. It can drain a lot of funds, especially for early stage startups that are yet to make a mark in the market. No-code tools let you reduce these build and maintenance costs significantly.

Are no-code apps good?

No-code allows founders to build successful products with zero knowledge of coding. These products are as efficient as the ones that you build with code. They function as intended to, scale easily, and even bring in the monies as their coded counterparts do!

Who uses no-code?

No-code is leveraged by:

  • Business owners
  • Startups
  • Independent creators
  • Makers
  • Non-technical founders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Soloprenuers
  • Designers

What can you build with no-code?

  • Websites
  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Online stores
  • Internal tools
  • Newsletters
  • Online communities
  • Portfolios
  • Portals
  • Scheduling apps
  • Marketplaces
  • Directories, Data Products
  • Dashboards

Is no-code the future?

No-code provides more room for creativity and the obvious time & cost advantages. It accelerates outputs of businesses and entrepreneurship. There are a plethora of no-code tools available out there that are getting better by the day. And, new ones are mushrooming everyday. There are online courses, experts and communities that teach you how to use these tools. No-code adoption is increasing day-by-day by creators, startups and enterprises alike. It has brought what is known as the no-code revolution. No-code is seeing rapid growth year after year. All this coupled with more VC money being fuelled into the space, it can be said that the future is really bright for the no-code ecosystem.

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