August 30, 2023
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No-Code Inspiration

Bubble App Examples: Inspirational No-Code Startups Built with

Discover inspirational Bubble app examples. Learn what other entrepreneurs, hustlers, and makers are building on Bubble. If they can do it, you can too!

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Bubble is arguably the most powerful no-code platform that founders, creators and startups are extremely fond of. No wonder it's the top choice when it comes to building production-ready web apps. [If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code]

Curious to find out what kind of web apps are being built on Bubble, what the platform is capable of, and if it's the right no-code tool for your use case?  

Read on if your answer is yes and if want to learn about:

  • Should you consider Bubble for your web app idea?
  • What other no-coders are building on Bubble?
  • Are these Bubble apps bringing in revenue and customers?
  • How easy or difficult is it to build a web app on Bubble?
  • Some of the amazing startup stories, their revenues, number of paid subscribers, etc...

We have scoured the internet to come up with this inspirational list of Bubble app examples.

1. Codemap

Bubble App Examples - is the world's first no-code talent platform that matches no-code experts, SaaS experts, and teams with founders, startups, and SMEs. A first-of-its kind platform that streamlines the learning, automation, and development processes with no-code expertise, on demand., so far, has delivered more than 5,000 project matches and currently has over 2,000 clients from the US, Europe, and all across the world. There are 1000s of vetted no-code experts & teams registered on this platform. Their services include:

  • No-code & low code development
  • Automation & integration
  • UI/UX and system design
  • Tool setups and process implementation
  • Mentoring, training & coaching
  • Consulting across various expertise & service domains

After building a request using Codemap's smart brief, businesses can start connecting with qualified experts within minutes, and hire talent in under 48 hours. Codemap's talent pool boasts of variety of no-code experts. To name a few: Bubble developers, Webflow developers & designers, Zapier experts, Hubspot experts, Slack experts, Airtable experts, etc. The founder, Sasa Janicijevic used code in his first startup prior to Codemap, which turned out to be very expensive and lengthy. After discovering no-code and up-skilling himself, Sasa successfully built and launched Codemap, on Bubble.

  • Founder/s: Sasa Janicijevic
  • Official website:
  • Category: Talent marketplace
  • Build time: 10-12 weeks

2. GoodGigs

Bubble App Example - GoodGigs

Goodgigs is a career platform developed for socially conscious job-seekers. It features mission-driven companies hiring for full-time, part-time, freelance, and remote opportunities. The platform was built using Bubble. The founder, Dale Wilkinson, was able to turn his idea into MVP in a matter of weeks, thanks to the power of no-code. The platform also has a community where one can network and interact with purpose-driven professionals. All the exciting, new opportunities are delivered into the inbox of members on a weekly basis. This is a great marketplace for freelancers as well as full-time job seekers to use their skills for good with mission-driven companies. It's also a great place for organizations to find values-aligned talent.

  • Founder/s: Dale Wilkinson
  • Official website:
  • Category: Careers
  • No. of users: ~3,000 professionals

3. Incomee

Bubble App Example - Incomee

Incomee is a platform built to help freelance businesses thrive through easy accounting management. From proposal to payment, this tool can be used to effectively make the process easier and save time and effort. This simple, easy to use tool offers successful financial management. This fully self-funded and bootstrapped platform is built on Bubble. The key features built include an uncomplicated dashboard, attractive invoices, automation, fast proposals etc. The dashboard is data-driven and lets freelancers keep track of all their finances, financial performance and helps forecast revenue, cashflows, etc. Built in predictive analytics functionality helps make better decisions. Auto-invoice feature eases the process, saves time and accepts online payments automatically. Incomee subscription fee starts at $12 per month. However, customers can try the tool free for 14 days. The subscription includes unlimited invoices, unlimited proposals, dashboard, unlimited client management, online payment etc.

  • Founder/s:  Guglielmo Pardo 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Financial Management
  • No-code tools used: Bubble
  • Build Time: 12-15 weeks

4. Beelango

Bubble App Example - Beelango

Beelango is an e-learning platform that offers you courses to learn a new language faster and easier. It has more than 100,000 users worldwide as of now. Users can learn to read, write and speak in a number of languages. What differentiates Beelango from other language learning platforms is the unique activities that they provide their users. There are around 100 activities centred around learning the language of your choice. Each course is designed to be interactive. There are pre-recorded videos, activities and quizzes. Learners are even exposed to real life videos by native speakers. This is followed by a number of activities where you learn to imitate the phonics, syllables and dialects. The best part of Beelango are recording exercises and voice recognition exercises. The content is developed in an interactive, fun and engaging way to keep the users hooked on to the process of learning. Beelango, of course, is built using Bubble. 

  • Founder/s: Jonathan Menashe
  • Official website:
  • Category: E-learning
  • Revenue: $300,000+
  • User base: 100,000+ users

5. Strabo

Bubble App Example - Strabo

Strabo is on a mission to make managing cross-border money managing as easy as possible. It's a cloud-based platform that helps you link multiple accounts from around the world in one dashboard. It's a one-stop-shop solution to track all the money you owe/own, plan your investments, and get a holistic overview of your net-worth at your fingertips. Starbo’s marketing website is built on Webflow, web app on Bubble, content and user management on Hubspot, Medium and Airtable, project management using Miro, Slack and Trello.

  • Founder/s: Michael Magdongon, Ben Waterman
  • Official website:
  • Category: Personal Finance
  • No-code tools used: Bubble, Webflow, Airtable

6. Nocodify

Bubble App Example - Nocodify

Nocodify is an educational platform that provides hands on, step-by-step guidance into building your own web app startup. The platform provides various courses, one-on-one mentorship by experts, custom support, live classes and more. Not only Nocodify itself is built on Bubble but also its primary focus is to help the world build and ship web apps using Bubble too. There are 110+ guided courses, 50+ hours of video content to learn from, and over 3,000 members in the community. They even have a generous free plan to get you started. The platform access fee starts from $29 per month.

  • Founder/s: Tal Botnar
  • Official website:
  • Category: Education
  • User base: 3000+ members

7. Reachr

Bubble App Example - Reachr

Reachr is a collaboration platform connecting influencers and brands, using match-making magic and data-driven insight to create engaging and successful marketing campaigns in the UAE & MENA. They make it super easy for creators and brands alike through their vetting process, seamless handling of finances, analytics & reporting, etc. Building and executing an influencer campaign is as easy as parroting 1-2-3; create campaign, get matched, and collaborate - that's it. Essentially, Reachr saves a lot of time and hassle for both brands and influencers by either handling or automating various tasks involved from start to success.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Tailored strategy to enter a new market
  • Perfect matchmaking between influencers and brands
  • Comprehensive campaign reports
  • Analytics
  • Hands-on support

This whole platform was moved to Bubble in a matter of a few weeks. And, while at it, new features were added too. 

  • Founder/s: Ahmed Tawfik
  • Official website:
  • Category: Marketing and Advertising

8. Project ANT

Bubble App Example - Project ANT
Project ANT

Project ANT aims to provide its users an avenue to earn an income and get real-world experience whilst they're also developing they are learning skills to achieve their ideal careers. And at the same time make them increasingly attractive to employers as they'll have a visible portfolio and validated skills and recommendations from projects, completed courses, and other accomplishments conducted on or off the ANT platform. While the founders started building ANT using MERN Stack, deployed on AWS and leveraging a host of other tools, but eventually migrated to Bubble primarily due to an urgency of development needs and the lack of resources, capital, and time to do traditional development. As of Feb 2022, Project ANT has 1200+ beta signups, 100 ready to go users and about 50 customers.

  • Founder/s: Areeb Mianoor
  • Official website:
  • Category: Jobs & Education
  • Build time: 12-15 weeks

9. FiveTeams

Bubble App Example - FiveTeams

FiveTeams is an anonymous online job market specifically for people from the tech sector. It assists individuals in their passive job hunting journey. In this platform, personal details are kept anonymous for obvious reasons. Companies hire individuals only based on the merits such as experience and skills. Individuals can quote the salary that they expect and are matched up with relevant offers. Candidates get to remain anonymous until they reach the interview stage of the hiring process. More than 10,000 people have already used this platform to land jobs with desired salaries. FiveTeams is built using a whole suite of no-code tools. Webflow for CMS, Stripe for payments, Bubble for web app, and Zapier for integration and automation.

  • Founder/s: Lukas Maria Koch, Anja Marckwardt, Alessandro Kling
  • Official website:
  • Category: Jobs & Employment
  • No-code tools used: Bubble, Webflow, Stripe, Zapier, Twillo, Algolia, Sendgrid, Mailerlite

10. Switchboard

Bubble App Example - Switchboard

Switchboard, by Ads on Top, helps advertisers manage all their DOOH operations from a single, centralized cloud platform. This app can be used across all platforms. Integration tools are set up to work on both offline forums as well as CMS platforms. All the tools can be accessed via API. Switchboard is user-friendly and lets one monitor, handle, build and analyze your network much more effectively. The app is integration-ready and programmatic ready, along with continuous tech support. The pricing plans start at $3 per month per screen. Larger organizations can choose from a range of packages. The user interface of this app is built fully on Bubble.

  • Founder/s:  David Pal
  • Official website:
  • Category: Marketing and Advertising

11. BetterLegal

Bubble App Examples - BetterLegal

BetterLegal is a one-stop-shop for setting up a new business. They handle all the necessary filings and generate custom legal documents, making the process quick and easy. Your company can be official in just 2 business days. They offer services such as state formation filing, EIN (Tax ID) processing, operating agreement or bylaws preparation, and more. BetterLegal has received positive reviews from satisfied business owners who have used their services. They offer straightforward pricing and additional services like registered agent service, compliance service, and permit and license searches. The process involves completing a simple business questionnaire, after which BetterLegal prepares and files the necessary documents. The state and IRS process the filings, and BetterLegal generates your legal documents, delivering them to you by email. BetterLegal aims to provide a comprehensive and efficient way to set up your business online.

12. byword_

Bubble App Examples -

Byword is an AI-powered article generation tool, focused on delivering large volumes of high quality, SEO-ready content. It differs from traditional AI tools in that it's designed to be a complete & integrated solution for long-form content.

  • Founder/s: Mack Grenfell
  • Official website:
  • Category: AI
  • No-code tools used: Bubble

13. NuCode

Bubble App Example - NuCode

Nucode is a community of over 6,000 makers learning, building and shipping products. Built entirely on Bubble, Nucode is aiming to be an online community in a truest sense. Besides courses, members can access each others' profiles, host meetups, showcase their products, and even collaborate to build products together. And the best part is - it's entirely free!

  • Founder/s: Joe Brown.
  • Official website:
  • Category: Online Communities
  • User base: 6000+

14. Treepoints

Bubble App Example - Treepoints

Treepoint is a platform built to help people live a carbon-neutral life. The platform helps you support projects that are trying to fight climate change. It helps you calculate your own carbon emission contributions too. The calculator is designed using the research data from the World Bank, UC Berkeley and WWF. Users can also find and support various climate initiatives including plastic recycling, tree-planting drives, various funds, projects to minimize carbon footprints etc. The platform also has features to track the impact of your actions, and distribute rewards for good initiatives undertaken. This fully functioning platform was built end-to-end using Bubble. Treepoint a certified social enterprise that invests at least 50 percent of its profits back into various environmental causes.

  • Founder/s: Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Anthony Collias 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Social Impact Projects
  • Build Time: 12-15 weeks

15. Cuure

Bubble App Examples - Cuure

Cuure is a company that offers personalized vitamin supplements based on an online health assessment. The supplements are designed by a scientific committee and are made with patented ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. The company emphasizes transparency and traceability in their production process, and their products are made with organic and eco-friendly ingredients. Cuure also offers an app to help customers track their progress and manage their supplements. The company has received positive reviews from customers.

16. Martechbase

Bubble App Example - Martechbase

Martechbase is built to provide organizations with the best marketing tech stack. It helps you decide on and handle the marketing tech stack your company requires. Their features help you keep track of various quantifiable metrics such as your SaaS usage, contracts, renewals, expenditures etc. All the requirements are managed from a single source. The platform helps the sales and marketing team to choose the most apt tools. They are provided with customized suggestions on what tools to use and new tools that can be added based on the team and their skills. For management teams, the platform helps to get an overall view of the tech stack of their company. There are also features to help them keep eye on the expenditure, different clients, categories etc. For the finance team, the platform provides options to track billing cycles across departments for the various technological tools used. And, for finance teams, to know the overall tech budget and how it's being spent. In totality, Martechbase brings all the marketing technology tools used by an organization at a single place and acts as a one-stop dashboard. This whole suite of features was developed without writing even a single line of code.

  • Founder/s: Agustin Rejon 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Marketing Technology
  • User base: 2500+

17. Announcefly

Bubble App Example - Announcefly

Annooncefly helps SaaS companies increase their product adoption by notifying users of changes. It's essentially a software for notifying change-logs. It helps businesses to collect feedback from customers and integrate it to build better products. The notification also applies to software wide features. For example, notifications about beta product releases, general announcements, about newer features etc. Additionally, the app also collects suggestions and feedback from the users. Through Announcefly, one can even insert video instructions along with notifications, to provide a run through to the users.

18. Messly

Bubble App Example - Messly

Messly is an online platform built specifically for people in the medical profession to find job roles. It helps you find different locum agencies and lets you find the best locum jobs that fit your needs such as lesser travel, better pay and improved rotas. The users can find various shifts according to the mentioned requirements. The platform is based in the UK. It's one of the most popular apps used by UK locum doctors to search for locum work. The locum agencies on the platform are the ones with top reviews. You are also assigned real shifts even before you share your contact details. 6,000+ locum doctors are registered on this platform. It is rated no. 1 by the locum doctors and also has a rating of perfect five stars on Trustpilot.

  • Founder/s: Abrar Gundroo
  • Official website:
  • Category: Jobs & Employment
  • User base: 6000+

19. Pflegetiger

Bubble App Example - Pflegetiger

Pflegetiger is a health and wellness platform based in Berlin providing in-home care and helping services to elderly people. Major services provided by them include basic care, treatment care, domestic help and home care. They provide efficient and careful nurses. They only select the top 3 percent of the applicants for their nurses, to provide successful service to the elderly. The platform is known to provide fully optimized care, without any roadblocks. Along with this, they also provide immediate help. A visit by the caretaker would be arranged within 48 hours. The platform also provides basic treatment and free recommendations by the best and fully efficient caregivers. This platform, again, is powered using the no-code web app builder Bubble. 

  • Founder/s: Philipp Puenjer
  • Official website:
  • Category: Healthcare

20. TravelTrunk

Bubble App Example - TravelTrunk

TravelTrunk is built to make financial management easy when traveling in a group. It helps you plan and record your traveling group’s payments. Users can create a trip and a suitable, tailormade payment plan. All the members of the group can make automatic savings to provide their portion on time. Through this automated pooling, it's easier to plan and save. Once the pool has a suitable amount, the app will start sending recommendations for flights and hotels. The group can choose from these options and confirm their booking. The app is simple and easy to use. It helps groups to budget and reaches their goal on time. This mobile application is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. TravelTrunk was founded in 2013.

  • Founder/s:  Maryssa Salomon.
  • Official website:
  • Category: Travel & Hospitality

21. CircleHome

Bubble App Examples - CircleHome

CircleHome is a platform that allows users to swap homes with other travelers around the world for free. Users can sign up for free, upload their home, and find a place for their next adventure. The platform offers an annual subscription called CirclePass for €99/year, which unlocks unlimited accommodation anywhere for free. All users are verified and checked with AI to ensure security, and CircleSafe, an insurance policy that covers damages up to $5 million and protects against theft, is included for free. CircleHome is looking for well-cared homes owned or rented by people who love to travel.

If you have read or skimmed through this list until here, you would definitely want to scroll down a bit further.

The next 4 Bubble app examples are massive ones!

Can a Bubble app scale? Yes, below are the living proofs; having raised millions in funding, employed in 100s, and servicing 1000s of users.

Read on.

22. Dividend Finance

Bubble App Example - Dividend Finance
Dividend Finance

Dividend Finance provides renewable energy and energy-efficient financing solutions to property owners. Its users get the opportunity to obtain clean energy financing through a comprehensive suite of financing options. DF's flagship product, the EmpowerLoan™, continues to expand its product offerings into the storage and home-energy space. The platform also offers commercial PACE, which is a public-private financing mechanism for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and seismic upgrades on privately-owned property. The benefits include credit decisions taken in no time followed by a loan that does not have an impact on your credit score, $0-down payment and short and long term payment plans. The company, fully powered by the no-code tool Bubble,  was able to process over $1B of loans.

  • Founder/s: Eric White, Steve Michella
  • Official website:
  • Category: Financial Services

23. Plato

Bubble App Example - Plato

Plato is a mentorship platform for engineers and product leaders. They offer leadership mentorship programmes designed to meet the requirements of clients. The user gets to leverage AMA sessions, one-on-one mentorship and on-demand training from experienced mentors. Each user is assigned a talent coach who will help them find the mentor, personalised one. One can also lay down goals, challenges and paths for one's team to get detailed analysis of progress made. Plato’s entire back office was built using the no-code platform Bubble. They used Bubble to also build track systems and landing pages for their events. Plato, a well-known platform, secured $13.3 million in funding so far.

  • Founder/s: Jean-Baptiste Coger, Quang Hoang, William Pollet 
  • Official website:
  • Category: Education, Mentorship

24. Comet

Bubble App Example - Comet

Comet, in their own words, is the agile talent ecosystem. The platform boasts of 10,000+ motivated and available, qualified and active tech freelancers. Comet has functionality to accept applications, screen and evaluate the best tech and data talents. For hiring IT talent, all a company needs to do is submit their requirements. Then, automatically - powered by AI - intelligently detect, qualify and match a contingent workforce with requirements. It takes less than 48 hours for a company to fill an open position. Within 5 years, Comet has worked with over 1,000 clients worldwide. Some of their well-known clients include LVMH, Renault, Zenly and Deezer. Founded in 2016, Comet was built using the no-code tool bubble and today is a popular platform connecting IT freelancers and companies.

  • Founder/s: Charles Thomas, Valentin Cordier, Eric Didier
  • Official website:
  • Category: Freelance Talent Marketplace

Winding Up

Looking at all of these impressive Bubble app examples, by now, it's more than evident that possibilities with no-code tools are endless [Explore our no-code tools directory here].

In this article, we have just scratched the surface! These use cases, however, demonstrate how powerful Bubble is and the quantum of flexibility it offers for makers, entrepreneurs and companies alike.

Add a bunch of integrations and automations on top of your Bubble web app, and you have a powerful, fully functional, scalable no-code tech stack.

We hope this round up of Bubble app examples piqued your interest just enough to start working on your startup idea right now, without worrying about tech/coding part and its costs.

#Just-in case if you are interested: Check this massive listicle on No Code Startups.

Now, let's answer some of your most common questions on Bubble:

What is Bubble?

Bubble is the best way to build web apps without code, and the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products. It is a web app development platform that allows anyone to create interactive, multi-user apps for desktop and mobile browsers. It's a cloud service that will enable you to develop and deploy multi-user applications (like Facebook, Airbnb or Uber), real-time data apps (like Google Analytics or Salesforce), virtual reality apps and more. Use Bubble to create potent web and mobile sites without worrying about creating infrastructure or scaling your app.

Know more about Bubble here.

What can I build with Bubble? 

Bubble is quite open ended and we cannot fixate on any fixed set of possibilities. You must have already realised this from the variety of use-cases covered in this article. Well, some of the things you can build on Bubble include responsive web apps, internal business tools, eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, dashboards, job boards, etc... Discover more Bubble app examples here.

What I can't build with Bubble?

You cannot build fully native apps, advanced video games, progressive web apps, etc. However there are a few third party tools available that you can use to wrap or convert Bubble web apps into native mobile apps. One good news is that Bubble has officially confirmed their plan to fully support native apps in the future. Read this for a more comprehensive take on what you can and can't build on Bubble.

Can my Bubble App scale?

Yes, Bubble apps are known for their high level of scalability. Bubble is also constantly optimising its scalability to help customers build better apps that can handle significant user-bases and complex use-cases.

What other tools/services can Bubble connect and integrate with?

Bubble provides plenty of integrations including Zapier, Slack, Stripe, Zoom, Basecamp, Mailchimp, Airtable etc... See the full list of Bubble integrations here.

Where can I learn "how to build apps on Bubble"?

Bubble Academy, Airdev's No-Code Bootcamp, Makerpad's Bubble Tutorials, Some good Bubble courses on Udemy, and numerous other YouTube videos/channels, no-code communities and learning platform offer to teach Bubble. All you need to do is just 'search'.

How long will it take me to learn Bubble? 

Well, Bubble does have a steep learning curve. It's not like the run-of-the-mill drag and drop tools; Like programming, it's open-ended, powerful. If you are just starting out then you will easily need up-to 10 weeks to learn the ropes, practice building on Bubble enough to feel confident, and (eventually) get proficient with visual programming.

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