September 1, 2022

Best No-Code Agencies for Businesses that Want to Move Fast (& Reduce Costs)

Are you contemplating offloading all of your software/web/app development work? Check out these amazing no-code agencies handpicked by us.

It's not wrong to say that no-code is attracting attention from people across all the sectors, more so among creators and indie businesses. SMEs and enterprises are catching up too. Gradually, everyone is getting on to the no-code bandwagon, and rightly so.

No-code owes its popularity to the benefits that it provides to all the businesses. It greatly reduces the operating costs, development cycles, and effort required to build a platform, a website, or an application. It obviates the dependency on developers.

Many agencies provide a plethora of no-code solutions. The services provided by these agencies will help you to build your dream project at lower costs and in record delivery timelines.

What are no-code agencies?

Low-code and no-code tools are transforming the way application development happens. From cheaper deployment costs to faster development cycles, no-code tools and platforms are ushering an entirely new era of productivity and cost efficiencies. [If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code]

Though no-code tools are relatively easy to learn but sometimes it’s better to seek expert guidance. No-code agencies are filling in this knowledge gap.

A no-code agency helps build websites, apps, internal tools, and workflow automations primarily using no-code tools, while significantly cutting down the time and resources required for the development.

How to choose a no-code agency?

There are many agencies and it's understandably hard to choose from. You need to look for one that is best suited to fulfil your needs. Some of the factors you need to consider are:

  • Speciality: Website, Mobile/Web Application, Productivity Tool, Sales Tool, Marketplace, Integrations & Automations; what is it that you are trying to accomplish? Depending on your combination of requirements, look for the no-code agency specialities fitment.
  • Super Speciality: This might sound redundant but if you need to hire an agency for a very specific use case then you might want to choose one that specialises only in or caters to only the kind of project you want executed. For example MVP, Campaign Microsite, Internal Sales Tools, etc.
  • Delivery Timelines: While no-code agencies' TATs are impressive, you might want to reassure yourself based on your specific needs.
  • Budget: This is no brainer. Need to find the right balance between delivery timelines, SOP and costs involved.
  • Track Record: Ask for case studies, testimonials, references

We have picked a bunch of top no-code agencies that specialize in some of the most in-demand use cases. Check out our list of agencies, the services they provide, and the kind of companies they cater to. Discover the right agency that meets all your business needs within your budget!

1. Vianocode

No-Code Agencies - Vianocode

A design studio that offers high quality design and super-fast no-code development for a fixed monthly fee, increase or decrease as needed, and cancel anytime. They provide free design and no code development consultation; You can book a 1:1 consultation here.

Toolstack: Figma, Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, and more

  • Website:
  • Specialty: Graphic design and no-code development for startups.
  • Pricing: $4950/month for design only, $5495/month for design and front-end development, $7495/month for design, front-end and backend development

2. 8020

8020 Inc

If you are familiar with no-code space then probably 8020 Inc needs no introduction for you. 8020 is an agency of designers and builders. They help startups and businesses to launch in a matter of days using tools of visual development and no-code. The primary focus of 8020 is on the design. 

If you are looking for well-designed and tailored no-code solutions for your business, then this is the right agency for you!

  • Website:
  • Speciality: Webflow development, Branding, Design
  • Pricing: Custom
  • Customer Testimonial:
“Not only was Enovix [...] about to announce that we would become a public company [$RSVA] through a merger. Matt, Sebastian, Mauro, and the team at 8020 designed and produced a website to present the Enovix brand in a clear, credible, and compelling manner. And they did it in five weeks! The team was creative, organized, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I can't imagine a better experience or outcome.”
Bruce Pharr, Sr. Marketing Director, Enovix Corporation

3. Airdev


Airdev builds websites and web applications five times faster when compared to traditional coding methods. They cater to companies of all sizes. The focus is on reducing the time and cost required to launch software  products. 

They use no-code web app builder Bubble and their own framework built on Bubble - Canvas - to build the websites, internal tools, and applications.

  • Website:
  • Speciality:  Bubble, Web Apps, Internal Tools, Marketplaces
  • Pricing: N/A
  • Customer Testimonial:
Airdev has built a system that's allowed us to scale to hundreds of millions of dollars of loans per year, with tens of thousands of reps. Without them we wouldn't have been able to develop that core product nearly as quickly as we have.
Phil Meachin, VP of Program Management, Dividend Finance

4. HuggyStudio

No-Code gencies - HuggyStudio

At HuggyStudio they believe entrepreneurship is about positive change, not code.

The agency specializes in launching new products with no-code, at a fraction of traditional development's time and costs. Their team of UX Designers and Product Managers will accompany you in the entire process. They also assist you with our know-how and services throughout all stages of a product launch!

  • Website:
  • Specialty: Bubble, Webflow, Figma, Integromat, Zapier, Stripe
  • Pricing: Average hourly rate 200$. Depending on the project size, the price varies.
  • Customer testimonial:
The team’s interdisciplinary mindset and the fact that they knew what they were doing helped us implement very quickly what needed to be developed. From speeding time to market, to having a team actively thinking about the product itself. HuggyStudio did not simply stay in the role of receiving and adapting the features, they also helped further improve our platform.
Pascal Kappeler, Chief Product Officer of

5. Low/Code

No-Code Agencies - LowCode

LowCode is a leading app development company that uses no/low-code technologies to create apps faster and for a fraction of the cost of "conventional" apps.

Their flagship offering starts at $5,000 USD for a custom software/app/solution built with no/low code tools in just 3-4 weeks.

At this price, their clients get fantastic software that is simple to use, manage, and make adjustments to in the future. It's designed just for them and their requirements. These no/low code apps are usually 80 percent cheaper and 70 percent faster than those built with traditional development methods.

Since inception, LowCode agency has built over 250 apps and they are Glide, Caspio, Formstack and Integromat certified partners.

  • Website:
  • Speciality: Mobile-first apps with Glide, desktop-first apps with Glide Pages and Bubble, and websites with Webflow.
  • Pricing: Custom development plans starts at $5,000
  • Customer Testimonial:
Thanks to the team I have 3 different amazing apps that serve the same purpose but have their unique features. Really love their work.
Juliana Franco, Owner - Push Gym

6. The Flow

The Flow Agency

The Flow is an agency focusing on building solutions that are fast, cost-effective, time-saving, and flexible. They use many tools such as Webflow, Shopify, Airtable, Jetboost etc. for achieving this. 

The main projects that The Flow takes on are website building, project design, integrations, and automation. You should definitely consider working with them if your startup requires any of these solutions!

  • Website:
  • Speciality:  building solutions using Webflow, Shopify, Airtablee, Jetboost etc.  
  • Pricing: N/A

7. Minimum Studio

Minimum Studio

Minimum Studio, as its name suggests, helps you to find business solutions with the smallest possible step. The aim is to overcome the challenge with the least number of steps, to build in weeks and not months. The approach is designed to meet the needs of small firms.

The focus is on the smaller parts over a huge and complicated project. The apps and websites are built using visual development tools.

If you are a small firm looking for a competitive agency to build your platform,  then this agency is the one for you!

  • Website:
  • Speciality: Build visually, taking the smallest step to solve 
  • Pricing: $4k/week
  • Customer Testimonial:
My favourite part was seeing how quickly they could bring our ideas to life. I would throw out some random ideas on a Friday and a few days later we’d have something out in the world and used by our users, which was really awesome and gratifying.
Jordan, Entrepreneur in Residence at Magoosh

8. Smaal


Smaal is an agency helping to launch businesses in the shortest time frames. The time taken to build a website, an application, or a product by this agency is one-tenth of the time taken in a conventional approach. 

At first, they strategize the features of the MVP using Notion, design it using Figma, and build using visual development tools. If your demand is along these lines, then you have the perfect agency to help you out!

This was a team effort and a great collab with the @cuhpajo and @alanpodemski from @startsmaal - one of the top @bubbleb agencies out there. These guys are incredible and can't recommend them enough.
Veronica Picciafuoco, Helping companies to build without code @



This agency delivers a fully functional, cutting edge web and mobile application for your business in a span of weeks and even 2 weeks!. The time frame taken by to build the app is 1/4th of the time taken by other approaches. 

Even after the application is launched, offers continued support for their clients. This agency will help you build the required platform for your enterprise’s MVP!

  • Website:
  • Speciality: Building MVPs using Bubble
  • Pricing: $5,995/month for startup founders, $5,995/month for established businesses, $24,995 for a fast application, and $75/hour for developing an existing app
  • Customer Testimonial:
“Robert And His Team Will You Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality. Their Team Is Extremely Professional And Timely. THANK YOU MVP FOR TURNING MY DREAMS INTO A REALITY!!
Juan Carlos "JC" Santana, CEO, IHP Fit

10. Digital Fight

Digital Fight

This agency helps you to start building app MVP at the lowest cost possible. Once every three months, they choose two startups for the purpose. This is a perfect agency for a solopreneur or an entrepreneur looking to launch a startup beginning from the idea stage. 

You need to first apply with your startup idea. If chosen, Digital Fight will build you a PWA (Progressivve Web Application) within two weeks. They will also help you launch your app in the third month.

11. Evodev


Ecodev is a well-known no-codea agency from France. They can turn any idea to a ready end-product within a span of four to six weeks. You get custom-ready applications made by Bubble that are two times cheaper and three times faster than the traditional coding.

We had specific ideas, a budget, Evodev's expertise provided us with everything else. Real alternative allowing our tech project to move serenely towards the concrete. An undeniable asset for today's entrepreneurs.
Tristan Mahe, Co-founder Kalice

12. Processica


Processica is an agency offering no-code application development. They provide many free templates for their subscribers. Using these templates you can begin developing that app you need. The other benefits include pre-implemented workflows, Processica apps and platforms that will spend the launch of your application.

The tools used include Webflow, Bubble, Adalo, Airtable etc. 

  • Website:
  • Speciality: No-code application development. Webflow, Bubble, Parabola, Adalo
  • Pricing: $500/week- for a minimum of two weeks for a tier A subscription, $1000/week for two weeks minimum for tier B, $1500/week for minimum two weeks for tier C and $2000/week min- two weeks minimum for tier D

13. Ammo Studio

Ammo Studio

Ammo Studio is a web development studio. They help both medium and large size companies to build full-fledged websites. Their experienced team can deliver any website in a matter of weeks. The websites are tailored according to the client's needs. 

If you are looking to build websites that are custom-made, efficient and flexible, then Ammo Studio can help you achieve this!

  • Website:
  • Speciality: No-Code Web Development. SEO Optimized Marketing Sites
  • Pricing: Custom
  • Customer Testimonial:
ColorStack has been working with ammo for months and it’s been nothing but a pleasant experience. Quality work in a timely manner.
Jehron Petty, Founder & CEO ColorStack

Wrapping up

This no-code agency roundup will be updated regularly and, therefore, should be your go to resource that should be bookmarked. Hope you find an agency from this list that will meet your exact business needs. 

Happy building with no-code!

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