TinyLetter is a personal newsletter service brought to you by the people behind Mailchimp

A brief overview of TinyLetter

TinyLetter is a minimalistic, no-code email marketing tool offered by MailChimp. It has been specifically designed for sending personalized newsletters to the contacts in a simpler manner. TinyLetter offers one of the simplest and the quickest ways to ensure connection with friends as well as other contacts through newsletters and emails. TinyLetter helps in keeping everything simple while allowing you to have the maximum of 5,000 contacts without having the need for paying for its features. TinyLetter was introduced in 2010 by Philip Kaplan before the acquisition by MailChimp in 2011. TinyLetter features a neat and minimalistic design along with a set of easy tools for creation of email content.

Reasons to consider TinyLetter in your no-code stack

  • Finding People Easily: With TinyLetter, it is possible to personalize the sign-up form and share the same with your community. You can also send a link to the landing page while embedding the form on the site, or inviting readers for subscribing right on Twitter. TinyLetter also allows you to send over great emails as you watch the readership grow with time. 
  • Ease of Sharing Work: Your readers are concerned with what you have to share. You can email them relevant updates from the world. Offer them peeks of behind-the-scenes at your process and projects or reveal your published work. 
  • Keeping Things Simple: TinyLetter is available with a straightforward and clean writing experience for individuals who are not looking for advanced features or reporting for businesses. You can use the editor or send over directly from the email client. You can do all of these for free.

What can you accomplish with TinyLetter?

  • Personalized Emails: Sending emails and newsletters with TinyLetter serve to be an easier process. You can register the account for free. It involves the process of signing up with the name and email address, creating a dedicated username, entering the name for the newsletter, and setting a password. 
  • Customized Newsletters: For the landing page of the newsletter, you can customize its description for explaining what the newsletter is all about. You can also look forward to further customizing the landing page with colors, fonts, and background images for matching your brand.

Top features of TinyLetter

  • Free of charge for around 5000 subscribers
  • Intuitive and minimal user interface
  • Newsletter monetization
  • Ease of managing email replies
  • Mailing list management

Pricing plans

  • Free

Learning resources

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