Substack is a self-publishing platform that also provides payment, analytics, and design tools to effortlessly build and manage subscription newsletters.

A brief overview of Substack

Substack is an all-in-one platform that makes all your publishing work a piece of cake. It offers you a website customised according to your needs with a podcasting option and gives an email newsletter tool to reach your targeted audience. Substack gives you a complete package that includes a welcome page, the home page, archive, about page, leaderboards, customer support, mailing list, payments, monthly and annual subscriptions. You can further enhance it using group subscriptions, gift subscriptions, complimentary subscriptions, rich media, and analytics.

Substack is free for all the publishers but charges as and when you earn from your publishing.

Reasons to consider Substack in your no-code stack

  • Substack allows you to perform all your publications on a single platform and makes the publications easy by providing all the options in a single place.
  • It offers you easy to use editing software that handles the simultaneous publications of both stories and newsletters.
  • It provides a payment solution that is manageable separately for reader and publisher and will charge only when you start making money.
  • The editor on the Substack tool allows the publisher to mark, highlight, link, quote essential text.

What can you accomplish with Substack?

  • With Substack, you can create your publishing platform. If you are interested in multiple areas, you can create numerous publishing platforms on a single dashboard.
  • It offers you to define the price points of your publication. You will have to connect with Stripe to set up your payment gateway.
  • Substack helps in getting revenue for your works and also with our tools and resources help you communicate with your subscribers, grow your audiences, and helps to get to the next level.

Top features of Substack

  • Rich media
  • Leaderboards
  • Post scheduling
  • Podcasting your content
  • Archive to provide you with a compiled version of all your work

Pricing plans

  • Flat 10% fee on your subscription revenue

Learning resources

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