A self hosted newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) at 100x cheaper than other hosted solutions.

A brief overview of Sendy

Sendy serves to be a self-hosted email newsletter application that allows you to transmit trackable emails through Amazon SES or Simple Email Service. It makes it possible for you to transmit authenticated bulk emails at a highly low price without compromising on the overall deliverability. Sendy is available as a PHP script offering access to a platform to send over email newsletters to users by using your own server as well as the Amazon SES platform.

Reasons to consider Sendy in your no-code stack

  • Simple Design: The first thing you will notice about Sendy is its overall simple design. The Sendy script is available with an amazing user interface. There is an absence of any complicated option. While using this platform, you will fall in love with the minimal design of the platform.
  • Automatic Handling of Complaints and Scam: As far as email marketing is concerned, the platform will handle all complaints effectively. The platform also handles spam and bounce complaints automatically. In this way, you can be assured that your emails are reaching the inbox of subscribers successfully.
  • Email Lists in a Single Domain: With Sendy, it is possible to collect leads easily from multiple domains through the installation of Sendy on a single domain. Therefore, it becomes easier to manage all the lists under a single roof rather than the installation of domain-specific plugins. It serves to be a perfect solution for users having multiple sites while collecting and managing the email leads within a single destination.

What can you accomplish with Sendy?

  • Saving time & energy: For instance, you have as many as 10 domains. You can consider installing any newsletter plugin for all the domains for collecting email IDS. When you opt for a premium plugin, then you are required to purchase a separate license for every domain. Once you move to Sendy, all your newsletter task gets managed under one roof.
  • Effective Support: Sendy is a friendly development tool offering access to excellent support with the help of Sendy Forum. You can expect ample support through mail as well. Most of the queries on the platform are answered by the platform within 24 hours.
  • Access to Multiple Brands: In Sendy, brands are regarded as domains. This implies that you are able to collect email subscribers from multiple domains or brands through the creation of separate brands on the platform.

Top features of Sendy

  • Automated email responses
  • High-volume sending
  • Management of email lists
  • Management of email deliverability
  • Sending outbound emails

Pricing plans

  • One time fee: $69

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