October 4, 2023
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No-Code Inspiration

Adalo App Examples: Amazing No-Code Startups Built with Adalo

Discover amazing Adalo app examples. Learn what other makers are building on Adalo and find inspiration for your first (or next) no-code app.

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Adalo, in all probability, is the top choice when it comes to turning your mobile app concept
into a reality, without coding of course.

There must be 1000s of Adalo apps, live today. Obviously, not all are worth their salt. And, it will easily take you several hours to spot 'really' good Adalo app examples for ideas and inspiration.

Over the past two years, I have been going down the no-code rabbit hole. Have literally read 100s of blogs, listened to dozens of podcasts, and consumed tons of tutorials.

In this article, I've put together a curated list of the best Adalo app examples and answered some of the most common questions you might have about building with Adalo - to help you save those precious hours/days on research.

Here they are all in one place.

1. Scholarcash

Adalo App Examples - Scholarcash

The student loan debt crisis is looming over the world today. Wherever you go, we see young adults and middle-aged people, facing this turmoil. Scolarcash is trying to address this issue. Scolarcash, to put it simply, is an app that helps high schoolers and college-going students to find scholarships. When the pandemic hit, students, especially those belonging to the marginalised communities were severely affected. It is when the student loan crisis also became the talk of the town. This is precisely when Scholarcash came into action. They were founded in April 2020. It’s a non-profit NGO.

The app is (obviously) built on Adalo. Along with giving info about scholarships, it also helps students connect with each other. The maker, Alessandro De La Torre was able to build it in just one week. Today they have more than 20,000 downloads on the iOS App Store.

2. Counselora

Adalo App Examples - Counselora

Couselora, as the name suggests, is an app built specifically for school counsellors to help them save, organise, and find all their resources at one place. This app is an add on to Counselora's existing business and is totally free to use. There are over 200 resources available within the app. Counsellors can also use this mobile app to connect and interact with each other. There are features to help them organise counselling plans. Already, more than 750 school counsellors are using this app.

With Adalo, Benjamin, the creator of this app was able to fast track the app production from several months to only a few weeks. This is precisely the reason why so many makers today are choosing no-code over traditional coding route.

  • Founder/s: Benjamin Raskin
  • Official website: counselora.com
  • Category: Education

3. Lloyd

Adalo App Examples - Lloyd

Lloyd helps professionals advance towards meaningful, gainful careers. We work with members to clarify career goals and to identify paths to those goals, and we ensure they succeed. When a user joins Lloyd, she will quickly gain confidence in her career path. Here is how it works:

  1. Be paired with your own career advisor
  2. Identify your career intentions and goals
  3. Work together to stay accountable to your career intentions

Adalo democratises creativity and has enabled two non-technical founders to build this app.

4. Mnemonics

Adalo App Examples - Mnemonics

Learning and remembering difficult concepts can be daunting. Mnemonics is built to solve this issue. Through flashcards and quizzes, learning is made fun. They are designed to make sure that these concepts are etched into users’ memory. There are ready-made mnemonics, and students can make their own too.

The intuitive, visual builder interface of Adalo was super easy to use and hassle-free. Adalo’s strong database and useful components made it possible to ship this app very fast. 

5. Peculiar Yogi

Adalo App Examples - Peculiar Yogi
Peculiar Yogi

Peculiar Yogi is built to make yoga class booking—both offline and online—easier. They aim to make this process easier. Making bookings through an app is much more convenient, especially with the younger crowd. The app is created to resolve the demand that was echoed in the student crowd.

The founder wanted to meet the growing demands from the customer base as soon as possible. Developing apps the traditional way would have taken months and months to learn and build. Adalo came to their rescue! With the learning curve being almost negligent, the powerful tool was able to fully cater to their needs. In just one month, Peculiar Yogi was able to come up with an app. The helpful Adalo community, forums, and support also played a huge role in Peculiar Yogi’s decision to choose Adalo over other no-code builders.

  • Founder/s: Vance Wong
  • Official website: peculiaryogi.com
  • Category: Health and Wellness
  • Build Time: One month for the alpha and beta versions

6. Preps Recruiting

Adalo App Examples - Preps Recruiting
Preps Recruiting

Preps recruiting connects student-athletes with coaches. Built on this idea, this app also has many additional features. Information on numerous athletic programs is handy too. One of the features is that one can get access to the emails and Twitter usernames of every coach. It is so easy to connect with coaches using this app. It is interactive and has options for athletes to upload their videos.

7. Chara

Adalo App Examples - Chara

Chara is your personalized holistic health app. It connects users to practitioners. Then, there are workshops and classes to choose from. Chara was built to make holistic health accessible and simple. It aims to connect and healthify mind, body, and spirit. The app helps its users find specialists in: Sleep, Skin issues. Gut health, Mental health, Nutrition, General holistic health etc. 

Made in Adalo, the app is easy to navigate and appealing. Adalo’s simple drag-and-drop interface made the app development process easy and fast.

  • Founder/s: Dylan Terrill
  • Official website: charahealth.com
  • Category: Health and Wellness

8. Stew

Adalo App Examples - Stew

Stew is an anger management app built by Mark Howland, a sales executive by profession. This app is built to help people self-discover their anger and manage it better. Stew is built with a minimalistic design. The app asks five internal questions about an event that might induce or have induced anger. It is fully private, secure and easy to use. At its core, Stew is designed on the basis of concepts from philosophy, journaling, meditation, and CBT with an aim to reduce anxiety and bring the user’s mind to a calmer state. The app has a dashboard to track days, add notes, etc. Another major feature is immersive nature sounds.  

  • Founder/s: Mark Howland
  • Official website: angrystew.app
  • Category: Health and Wellness

9. Mindbase

Adalo App Examples - Mindbase

MindBase is a mobile app that promotes mental health and provides on-demand support for critical teams. It is a CAD/RMS Integrated Wellness Platform. It collects data and utilizes it to know the problems that the employees are dealing with. They offer personalized mental health services and support for trauma, dealing with burnout, and personal development. The app has a plethora of tools that can be utilized to better one’s mental health. It has guided pathways to promote emotional wellbeing. There is also continuous and all-round support that include online sessions, in-text sessions, and check-ins with counselors. The app uses concepts of CBT and mindfulness to provide support to personnel working in “critical professions”.  

  • Founder/s: Bruce Avila
  • Official website: getmindbase.com
  • Category: Health and Wellness
  • Build time: 1 month

Wrapping Up

I hope these Adalo app examples inspired you enough to start ideating and building your first (or next) no-code startup. Also, this roundup will have given you an idea of the possibilities with Adalo.

You may also, if you wish, consider some of the other cool no-code app builders out there, and select the one that best fits your use case. If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code.

Also, check this massive listicle on No Code Startups.

And, I'm excited to see what you build! Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to share your work, want feedback or just want a shout out. Happy to help. Always.

Now, time to answer some of your most common questions on Adalo:

What is Adalo?

Adalo is a no-code app-builder that supports building websites and applications. It offers a platform to design and host websites and applications that include databases, workflow actions, and integrations. Adalo also has the ability to publish to Android and iOS devices, thus creating native mobile apps. They famously claim "If you can make a slide deck, you can make an app!", which is largely true.

Know more about Adalo here.

What can I build with Adalo?

With Adalo, you can design, build and launch apps to Android and iOS devices. Some of the app use-cases include:

  • Browse Content: Like Projects, Events, and Courses
  • Purchase Good & Services: Like Menu Items, Workouts, & Haircuts
  • Connect & Chat: With Friends, Teammates, & Leads
  • Book & Bid: On Things like Appointments & Projects
  • Collaborate & Communicate: With Peers, Employees, & Customers
  • Assign & Complete Tasks: Like Workouts, Courses, & Missions
  • Save & Track Information: Like Your Favorite Content & People

What I can't build with Adalo?

Things get tricky when you want to build very complex apps that require functionalities like progressive customer profiling, full control or complete design customization, responsive web app design, etc. It’s good to get the MVP out and maybe scale up too, but only as long as you are not adding too many complexities in terms of features and functionalities.

Can my Adalo App scale?

Yes, Adalo allows scalability of great range. Being on AWS gives them the power to manage huge and uneven loads. No matter how large you want to scale, Adalo will be able to power you.

They are working on many projects to build apps that perform better. You can find Adalo’s updates on these projects here.

What other tools/services can Adalo connect and integrate with?

Zapier, Integromat, Mixpanel, External APIs etc... See all Adalo integrations here.

Where can I learn "how to build apps on Adalo"?

Adalo can be fully self-taught. For starters, Adalo’s own learning resources are more than enough. Their tutorials can be found here. Makerpad also has a bunch of Adalo tutorials.

How long will it take me to learn Adalo?

Again, like they claim - "If you can make a slide deck, you can make an app!"

Adalo is quite easy to learn and shouldn’t take more than a day or two to get a good hang of the platform. Building and publishing an app using Adalo usually takes 6-12 weeks.

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