Trolley is a no-code payments platform that lets any business take credit card or bank-to-bank payments in minutes

A brief overview of Trolley

Trolley is an advanced, no-code payment system allowing you to include payment buttons along with a lightweight shopping cart on the website. With Trolley, it is also possible to send payment links directly to the customers through SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Trolley is a dedicated payment solution that is capable of working with any website. Backed by Stripe, Trolley can help business owners sell products, digital downloads, subscriptions, or anything else they want with the help of only a few lines of HTML – no in-depth coding.

Reasons to consider Trolley in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Developing a Shopping Cart: With Trolley, it is possible to design a lightweight shopping cart easily without any requirement of any coding. Moreover, shopping carts can be designed for any type of website. 
  • Useful for All Businesses: Trolley helps businesses of all types and scales ensure simpler payments –right from startups to small businesses, designers, and agencies. 
  • Supports All Websites: Trolley takes away all the hassles by allowing you to take payments from any website –just with a single link and no node. With Trolley, you get access to a secure payment processing backend for handling all integrations. 
  • Hassle-free Operations: Trolley can work with any website –right from the basic HTML themes to dedicated CMS platforms. Moreover, if you do not have a dedicated website, you can also use Trolley for sending payment links directly to the customers.

What can you accomplish with Trolley?

  • Subscriptions: With Trolley, it is possible to set up subscription products within seconds. The platform takes up payments every week or month. It is a perfect solution for websites like newsletters and master classes. 
  • Access to One-off Payments: The solution is perfect for donation websites or those featuring reservation fees. Trolley offers access to simple forms of single-use payment buttons. All you are required to do is to paste the same on any website. 
  • Ease of Digital Downloads: With Trolley, you can put a simple product widget on the website. The platform is capable of handling the file management and delivery processes seamlessly.

Top features of Trolley

  • Cloud, SaaS-based solution
  • Documentation
  • Email support
  • ACH Check transactions
  • Recurring billing

Pricing plans

  • Pay-as-you-go: 2% + card fees (no setup costs/monthly fees)
  • Scaling up: custom (tailored packages)

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