PayHere is a simple subscription payments platform for startups and indie hackers, saving you lots of development time

A brief overview of PayHere

PayHere is a no-code, simplified subscription payment platform for startups. The platform helps in saving ample development time that can be otherwise spent on boosting product features. PayHere is a leading payment tool for organizations to easily set up and accept payments in a matter of some minutes. Users are only expected to share a link to the payment forms without any website or need for coding. If there is a website, payment forms can be embedded directly with the help of around two lines of code.

Reasons to consider PayHere in your no-code stack

  • Multiple Device Options: PayHere offers access to two device options –a chip card reader and a mobile card reader. The solution of Mobile Card Reader is designed for supporting debit as well as credit card payments. The solution is available with a card reader device for connecting the audio jacks of the smartphone.
  • Link Creation: You can offer your service or product a dedicated name and a specific price. You can also select whether your pricing is recurring or donation or one-off payment. This will help you to sell online seamlessly. With PayHere, it is possible to send a link to just one individual. Moreover, you can also think about selling the same service several times. You can ensure receiving payments on social platforms –through video calls or emails.
  • Instant Payments: PayHere offers access to simple payment links. This makes it easier for customers to ensure automatic recurring or one-off payments. Payments can be made weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

What can you accomplish with PayHere?

  • Online Storefront: With PayHere, it is possible to create a simple and interactive one-page website with all the payment links on the dedicated website. You can use the same as your website to start over with online products or services. Moreover, you can also consider linking it to your social profile or existing website.
  • Reporting Module: With the help of the interactive dashboards and dedicated reporting modules, you can come up with customized sales reports. At the same time, field workers and retailers can obtain a view of the sales transactions for making well-informed decisions towards handling sales processes seamlessly.

Top features of PayHere

  • Contactless NFC
  • Inventory management
  • E-commerce management
  • PCI compliance
  • Cash transactions
  • Mobile card reader

Pricing plans

  • No monthly commitments: 3% per transaction + Stripe fees

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