Buy me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is the best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans.

A brief overview of Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a Coffee is an interactive no-code platform that allows creators to accept both monthly and one-time support from the followers. Without using multiple platforms or applications like MailChimp, Patreon, and others, and using a donate button, it is possible for creators to accept relevant memberships and support. Creators can, therefore, build a direct relationship with the fans or followers.

Buy me a Coffee is a great platform for creators, artists, podcasters, musicians, non-profits, and developers who wish to extend their fan base. They are able to make money on the platform in turn for managing the appreciation of the target audience for respective work.

Reasons to consider Buy me a Coffee in your no-code stack

  • Multiple user payment methods: At Buy me a Coffee, the users can ensure payments using multiple modes and platforms -including PayPal, Credicard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe. The payments are done instantly and there is no more concept of 30-days delays in the payments.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is incredibly easy to use for creators and artists from all parts of the world. All that you are expected to do is to create a dedicated Buy me a Coffee account and launch a Donate button on the webpage. The end users can click on the Donate button and appreciate your work financially.
  • Access to Dedicated Profiles: In addition to basic information like name and pictures, Buy me a Coffee also offers access to dedicated spaces on your profile page. Here, as an artist or creator, you can specify proper goals that you wish to achieve through donations of the contributors. Moreover, you can also mention future works that you will achieve in the given field.

What can you accomplish with Buy me a Coffee?

  • Detailed Analytics: Buy me a Coffee offers access to complete analytics -even with the free version. Using advanced analytics, you can improve your profile or webpage to get more views or audience traffic.
  • Monetary Benefits: As a creator or artist, Buy me a Coffee offers a lucrative way to earn monetary benefits in the form of donations by the target audience. As you work on a project, people can donate funds to buy a beer, a coffee, or even a sandwich on your work.

Top features of Buy me a Coffee

  • Access to multiple payment modes
  • Monthly memberships for subscribers
  • Extra profiles for creators
  • 100% ownership of the supporters

Pricing plans

  • Free: No monthly fee, 5% of every transaction

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