PayPal is the faster, safer way to send and receive money or make an online payment.

A brief overview of PayPal

PayPal commerce platform is a comprehensive solution that is designed to serve multiple business needs and the respective customers. PayPal is a leading digital payment platform that allows individuals and businesses pay as well as accept payments with the help of an online portal without the revelation of any financial details. The solution turns out to be feasible for businesses of all sizes and scales.

The platform offers access to a single-touch login process. Therefore, there is no requirement of re-entering information every time during login. For individuals, users can make use of the platform for shopping as well as processing transactions overseas. It can be achieved by linking the respective credit cards through the portal of PayPal.

Reasons to consider PayPal in your no-code stack

  • Credit Card Security: As you would sign up for the PayPal account, you can type in the bank accounts and credit cards you will be using for a single purchase on the PayPal secure system. Once it is achieved, there is no requirement of disclosing credit card information again.
  • Flexibility: You can now be relieved of the overall hassle and embarrassment of purchasing goods & services online upon the decline of the credit card. It is because PayPal offers the flexibility to set up multiple accounts using different credit cards and debit cards for funding the PayPal account.
  • Lucrative Discounts: PayPal keeps sponsoring specific discounts for customers shopping with the portal at selected retailers. Users visiting the portal can make use of special offers from leading companies or brands of the world. PayPal can, therefore, help in saving money on specific things from different places you shop.

What can you accomplish with PayPal?

  • Improved Data Security: PayPal requires its users to include credit cards and bank accounts to use for online purchases. Through its centralized system, it frees the users of cybersecurity concerns. It also keeps all valuable bank and credit card information secure as it features an additional layer of security.
  • Cost-effectiveness: There are almost no charges when you set up an account with PayPal. There is only a smaller fee that is charged when you will be making a sale through any e-commerce website or a dedicated check-in store.
  • Access to iPhone App: The iPhone app of PayPal makes it a seamless process to shop online as well as transfer money on the go.

Top features of PayPal

  • Access controls and permissions
  • Billing portal
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Data tokenization
  • Two-factor authentication

Pricing plans

  • Commission based

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