Tendata turns your Airtable base into a fully functional ecommerce + CRM in two minutes

A brief overview of Tendeta

Tendeta is a no-code, fully-customizable platform for creating a fully functional e-commerce and CRM platform in no time. With Tendeta, it is possible to convert your Airtable into feature-rich e-commerce. In addition to designing interactive e-commerce and CRM platforms, it is also possible to extend these platforms with Tendeta. The best part is that there is no requirement of technical knowledge or expertise with Tendeta. The platform has everything you need for boosting your e-commerce platform. Tendeta also offers reliable pricing packages along with the 100% money-back guarantee to its customers.

Reasons to consider Tendeta in your no-code stack

  • Built-in CRM: With Tendeta, you get access to built-in CRM for accessing everything on the go. It is also possible to manage everything from Airtable. When data is organized and presented by the innovative CRM capabilities of Tendeta, you achieve a better understanding of the end customers.
  • Absence of Transaction Fees: With Tendeta, you are given the freedom of selling as much as you can. There are no transaction fees involved. You can make use of the innovative features of the platform to sell to your customers seamlessly.
  • Embedding Any Script: Wish to upgrade your platform? Tendeta allows you to embed any script, add a chatbox, and even include experiments. The concept of embedded scripting with Tendeta is more useful for those having minimal or no knowledge of programming.

What can you accomplish with Tendeta?

  • SEO-ready and rich snippets: Tendeta offers access to snippets that are SEO-rich and SEO-friendly at the same time. Therefore, you have everything prepared well to rank in Google successfully. With SEO-rich snippets, you can have major benefits including higher conversion rates, click through rates, and increased ROI.
  • Stripe Connection: Tendeta delivers seamless checkout processes that convert for your business. You can use the platform for leveraging all of Stripe’s core features –directly accepting payments online to dedicated POS (Point of Sale) payments, ease of sending invoices, accessing business financing, and so more.
  • Free SSL: With Tendeta, you can be assured that your e-commerce shop is always secure. You can get access to free SSL certificates within minutes for both single as well as multiple domains. Benefits you can expect with SSL integration are authentication, encryption, and safe shopping experiences for end customers.

Top features of Tendeta

  • Built in CRM
  • SEO ready & Rich Snippets
  • Free SSL
  • Categories and product page

Pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro: €9 per month
  • Agency: €29 per month

Learning resources

  • N/A

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