Big Commerce

With an open API, 100s of themes & 100s of apps, BigCommerce provides millions of options to customize and scale enterprise retail or wholesale business

A brief overview of Big Commerce

BigCommerce is one of the most scalable e-commerce platforms, which provides you with several tools to set up an online store. It enables you to manage and customise all aspects of their stores and provides you with superior performance, including total content management (CMS) functionality. It is integrated with PayPal, which presents you with a wide range of payment gateways. The best feature is providing a wide range of SEO tools to optimise URLs and build microdata, or “rich snippets,” into product pages. This helps you enhance search result listings with information like ratings, pricing, brand, and stock levels.

Reasons to consider Big Commerce in your no-code stack

  • It aids you to spark creativity and craft beautiful store experiences with design tools that.
  • You can deliver lightning-fast commerce experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.
  • You tame operational complexity with an easy-to-use, secure platform that's up when you need it most.

What can you accomplish with Big Commerce?

  • BigCommerce helps you to turn impossible commerce experiences into reality with the flexibility of open SaaS.
  • “There's just no learning curve with BigCommerce. It's not complicated. You can start publishing almost immediately, and it's so quick and easy to understand,” as said by a Home and Garden seller.
  • “That's what I love about BigCommerce. Doug and I can have an idea, and within months we can launch a whole new website that is SEO optimised,” says the sports and outdoor website.

Top features of Big Commerce

  • An easy-to-use and secure platform to create an online store
  • It is a SaaS product that gives the flexibility to create online.
  • Boosts SEO strategies with customisable URLs and robot.txt access
  • Provides a platform to support Improved planning with inventory management tools
  • Provides personalised site audits and tailored advice from BigCommerce experts

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Standard: $29.95 per month
  • Plus: $79.95 per month
  • Pro: $299.95 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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