Tangram is the easiest way to build, launch, and scale your online marketplace with Webflow

A brief overview of Tangram

Tangram is a no-code platform used for the creation of customizable marketplace rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. With Tangram, it is possible to design a dedicated marketplace without hiring a professional developer. Tangram also offers support for multiple integrations -including Zoom, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Airtable, Webflow, and Google Calendar.

It is possible to integrate high-end functionalities with Tangram without giving up on features like scheduling, in-app chat, and complicated payment automation.

Reasons to consider Tangram in your no-code stack

  • Webflow Marketplace: With Tangram, it is possible to design a beautiful no-code app in Webflow without giving up on powerful and scalability features. In addition to Webflow marketplace, Tangram also helps in the creation of service marketplace, class marketplace, event marketplace, job marketplace, and rental marketplace.
  • An All-in-one platform: With Tangram, you can get access to everything -all on a single platform. Tangram is available as a pre-built platform boasting the presence of commonly-used marketplace features so process your business fast.
  • Customized Marketplace: Tangram serves to be the fastest and the most customizable way to launch different marketplaces. There is no hassle as there is no coding involved in the process.

What can you accomplish with Tangram?

  • Ease of Launching a Marketplace: If you wish to create a marketplace, Tangram is the one-stop destination. With Tangram, it is possible to create marketplaces of different variations -right from rental marketplace to job marketplace, product marketplace, and so more.
  • Access to Multiple Integrations: With Tangram, it is possible to access multiple integrations -including Webflow and Airtable. With high-end integrations, the marketplace builder allows you to access built-in features like scheduling, in-app chat, and so more.
  • No-code marketplace: If you wish to design an interactive marketplace with Tangram, there is no requirement of any coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Top features of Tangram

  • Access to comprehensive templates
  • Multiple integrations
  • Search or filtering ease
  • Monetization

Pricing plans

  • Full service: $449 per month

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