A full-fledged platform with all the features and functionalities you need to manage and grow a community, sell memberships, and digital products without worrying about the tech.

A brief overview of Podia

Podia is your all-in-one digital storefront. The easiest way to sell online courses, downloads, webinars, and memberships, no technical skills required. It provides you with the easiest way to create a beautiful storefront in minutes and start selling your digital products. It offers an online platform followed by a few simple steps. The steps start from setting up your own customised URL/ Website for the business and then customise it accordingly based on the type of product to be sold. A fascinating part about it is that you don’t have to choose just one type of digital product with everything on a single platform. Furthermore, Podia removes any restrictions you can think of on members, plans, emails sent, or content hosting, ensuring you have complete control and flexibility to grow your business.

Reasons to consider Podia in your no-code stack

  • You get a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly website for your brand. Use a Podia subdomain, or bring your custom URL.
  • You can charge for one-on-one coaching sessions or one-to-many webinars with its Zoom and YouTube Live integrations.
  • An on-page chat widget lets you close deals with site visitors and engages with logged-in customers.
  • Podia never takes a cut of your sales. All you’ll pay is the standard processing fee charged by Stripe or PayPal.

What can you accomplish with Podia?

  • From your sales page to your member dashboard, Podia is designed to shine a spotlight on your brand, not get in its way.
  • John sold his first course on Udemy, where he earned $1,100 selling to 1,900 customers. When he switched to Podia and stopped giving away a considerable cut of his sales, he earned nearly 100x more.
  • Becky was paying multiple platforms to host her courses and downloads, and when she planned to launch a membership, she knew it was time to simplify. Now, Podia has saved her thousands.

Top features of Podia

  • Host a Membership
  • Combine two or more products and sell them as a package
  • Email marketing system built in it which is beneficial for online selling
  • Personalized onboarding call
  • Course certificates

Pricing plans

  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Mover: $39 per month
  • Shaker: $79 per month
  • Earthquaker: $179 per month

Learning resources

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