ChartMogul is a subscriber management and analytics platform to help you use data to understand your customers and grow your business

A brief overview of ChartMogul

ChartMogul is one of the leading subscription analytics platforms. You can use ChartMogul to measure, understand, and grow your recurring revenue. The APIs and turnkey integrations allow you to easily import all of your subscription and revenue data into a single source of truth. Its Data Enrichment features will enable you to add additional information to your customers in ChartMogul. You can then segment your customers and perform analysis using this information.

Furthermore, display your metrics and insights where your team needs them. ChartMogul connects with other platforms and services, giving context to your team’s daily tasks. For instance, CSV export, billing details, tracking details, etc.

Reasons to consider ChartMogul in your no-code stack

  • With ChartMogul, you can merge, clean up, and manipulate your data in ways that give you new insight into your business.
  • Whether it’s investors or the tax authorities, reporting always carries an outsized level of stress. ChartMogul does the heavy lifting by automating and streamlining some of the mainstream tasks associated with reporting.
  • It provides you with the best-in-class subscription analytics platform, not providing consulting services or one-off solutions.

What can you accomplish with ChartMogul?

  • LiveChat’s Story: Zero to 15K customers with no sales team using metrics, reporting and ChartMogul.
  • Ghost’s public ChartMogul dashboard: 750k ARR through transparency and non-profit growth.
  • From B2B SaaS to consumer apps, customers rely on ChartMogul to help them analyse, understand and grow their subscription business.

Top features of ChartMogul

  • Import API and Enrichment API access
  • Manual customer and invoice entry
  • One-click integrations for Geckoboard, Zendesk & more
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Non-subscription revenue metrics

Pricing plans

Pricing is based on your monthly recurring revenue.

  • Free for less than $10K in MRR
  • $100 per month (+$25 per month per $10K MRR) for $10K+ in MRR
  • For subscription businesses with over $6M ARR

Learning resources

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