No-code event hosting platform built especially for independent creators and small businesses

A brief overview of Mixily

Mixily is a no-code event hosting platform that bundles all the essential (and fancy) features you need to host an online event. You can manage the RSVPs, look into guest lists, sell event tickets, message guests, and do a lot more – all without writing a single line of code. With Mixily, you can create and manage high-end events within a single screen dashboard. Besides robust privacy policy, you can take advantage of host of additional tools for better management and outcome of the event; Embed GIFs, schedule messages, and include offline RSVPs – all with a single platform.

Reasons to consider Mixily in your no-code stack

  • Mixily is already being widely used for inviting people to casual get-togethers ,dinners, events, or even lavish parties. Hence, it's already a proven, robust, comprehensive tool for the intended use-case.
  • It comes with unique features like virtual venue plan to help you get more creative with your digital gathering events. 
  • Mixily makes it simpler to keep the conversation going on with the guests who have been sent RSVPs while sending a reminder to those have not.

What can you accomplish with Mixily?

  • Manage the entire set of events with the help of a single screen.
  • Create custom-brand video calls.
  • Manage corporate trade shows seamlessly with multiple inputs.
  • Organize top-class conferences with multiple guest listings.
  • Create beautiful event-specific landing pages.

Top features of Mixily

  • Social promotions: Design social events for promoting products or services
  • Surveys: Create innovative surveys using the all-in-one dashboard
  • Attendee management: Manage attendees of the event with a comprehensive screen
  • Guest list management: Manage and rectify guest list for the main event
  • Client management: Handle clients or customers on the go with the event management system

Pricing plans

  • On request only

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