December 8, 2023
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The Best No-Code Conferences to Lookout For in 2024

Check out our hand-curated list of the most value-packed no-code conferences. Meet, listen to, and network with no-code movers and shakers at these events. Ride the no-code wave!

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It’s now the dawn of the planet of no-code ap(e)ps!

No-code—what is all the hype all about? Well, simply put, it lets you build web and mobile applications, websites, and more - without writing a single line of code. It is considered a new big chapter in the digital transformation that we are witnessing. With no-code, an average business user, even one with no tech predisposition, can create and ship stuff that previously only specialists could.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, maker, indie hacker, solopreneur, or already one, no code conferences provide a great opportunity to get involved in the no code communities and learn from the best.

Why attend these no-code conferences?

Firms—big, medium and small—are jumping onto the no-code bandwagon. There is an immense resource pool available on the internet. There is an emerging trend of citizen developers. This decade is set to witness a revolution where anybody can easily build apps and prototypes without coding. Marketers, founders, startup owners can solely focus on their craft while they automate using no-code. By attending conferences—offline or online—come with additional benefits. You can enrich your network, get updated with the new happenings, get new insights, learn about new product & feature launches, connect with like-minded people, stay on top of your game, and also have fun.

Learnings from such conferences and events can shape and lead your creator journey (or business for that matter). Here are our top no-code event picks that we think you just shouldn’t miss:

1. Webflow Conf

No-Code Conferences - Webflow Conf 2023
Webflow Conf 2023

Webflow Conf, hosted by Webflow, is its flagship event. It demonstrates ways to create, design, partner up and develop through no-code. It connects people of the community—such as designers, no-coders, founders, developers, freelancers and enthusiasts— across the world.

Why you should go:

No-coders from giants such as Apple, Google, Airtable, and Adobe across 110+ countries will be present at this conference. This year, the event is going on road - San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and London. You get to experience virtual sessions with live Q&As, build your network and plunge into the community. The industry is dynamically shifting towards no-code. This conference is a perfect fit if you want to join the revolution. 

Key Info:

  • Location: Online, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and London
  • Organizers: Webflow
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA
  • Previous Edition: October 5, 10, 12 & 18, 2023
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

2. ZapConnect

No-Code Conferences - ZapConnect

ZapConnect is Zapier’s first-ever automation event. This one-day online event aims to help its participants to explore a plethora of opportunities in the field of easy automation. You get to explore the automation community, network with automation pioneers and users at all levels. 

Why you should go:

The sessions are categorized into three tracks. The participants can choose the track according to their automation skills, experience and desires. You can also pick-and-choose from different tracks to build an experience as you wish. Track 1, is the beginners level that helps you get started and develop an automation mindset. With Track 2, you can learn to move further up and know how to automate your business end-to-end with Zapier. With Track 3, you get to experience how to automate efficiently to transform your work and life. Track 4 helps you to integrate automation to sales and marketing to attract more customers. Be a part of this growing citizen creator storm!

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual
  • Organizers: Zapier
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA
  • Previous Edition: ​​September 28, 2023
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

3. NoCodeOps Conference

No Code Conferences - NoCodeOps Conference
NoCodeOps Conference

NoCodeOps Conf 2023 is the first annual conference focusing solely on the operational side of no-code. Bringing together professional operators, platforms, and agencies, it aims to highlight the tactical topics of no-code.

Why you should go:

For operators, this is one of the best opportunities to gain concrete insight and knowledge into everything around internal building. Workshops and talks will explore topics such as customer conversations, no-code budget approval, database architecture, and how to start and accelerate a career as a no-code operator.

Some of the largest no-code companies in the world will attend, giving a unique opportunity to interact and learn during these 2 days in Atlanta, one of the most vibrant hotspots for no-code.

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual & Atlanta
  • Organizers: NoCodeOps
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA
  • Previous Edition: NA (Fall 2023 - postponed)
  • Cost: TBD
  • Official Website:

4. Unqork Create

No Code Conferences - Unqork Create
Unqork Create 2022

Unqork Create 2022 is a leading no-code congress with learning sessions, interactive demos, insights and interactive demos with industry-best experts, leaders and Unqork’s partners and customers.

Why you should go:

This two day event lets you explore major breakthroughs in no-code architectures. Unqork Create Awards are presented to recognized industry disruptors. You get to network in-person with more than 500 experts and creators. 

Key info:

  • Location: NYC
  • Organizers: Unqork
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA
  • Previous Edition: ​​November 9 & 10, 2022
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

5. Daretable

No Code Conferences - Daretable‍

A meetup of people who use Airtable. Daretable includes an unofficial conference, awards and an expo! The last event, held in 2020 was virtual and had more than 1,000 signups. This year’s event is bringing together Airtable beginners and experts.

Why you should go:

This year’s event focuses on education, tools, community and solutions. Airtable users can find ideas and discussions. You can be a speaker and share your expertise. If you are a tool maker, you get to discuss your tools with the community.

Key Info:

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Organizers: Airtable
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA
  • Previous Edition: May 17 & 18, 2023
  • Cost: $200.00 Early Bird Pricing, $250.00 After March 2, 2022 and $300.00 At The Door (If Available)
  • Official Website:

6. NoCode Summit

No-Code Conferences - No-Code Summit 2023
NoCode Summit

This is the largest no-code event conducted in Europe. This two-day event will be held in Station F, Paris, France. The event will host over 3,000 no-code pioneers and international speakers. This year, the theme of the conference is A.I. - Artificial Intelligence.

Why you should go:

You get to listen to 160+ speakers. Moreover, the event hosts more than 3000 attendees from across the world. It's sponsored by 30+ names including Microsoft, Bubble, Glide, Softr and much more. You get to witness customer testimonials on leading projects, demos, workshops, and use cases, to name a few. 

Key Info:

7. The Low-Code / No-Code Summit

No Code Conferences - The Low-Code No-Code Summit
Low-Code/No-Code Summit

The Low-Code / No-Code Summit: Enabling Enterprise Agility is organized by VentureBeat, a known source for tech news. This is a new addition to their transform event series on Technology Summits. The event features industry veterans from leading tech companies such as Hubspot, Intel, Airtable, Zapier among others.

Why you should go:

The event will delve into no-code/low-code case studies across finance, technology, healthcare, security among other industries. The experts will discuss the way forward for AI & Data with these novel technologies. The leaders explore these key areas: democratization of development, increase in citizen developers, enhancing agility, creating low-code enterprises and activating transformation with low-code solutions.

Key Info:

8. Creatio's Low-Code/No-Code Events

No Code Conferences - Creatio's Low-Code No-Code Events
Creatio Events

Many mini-events come together to make this one-of-its-kind event series. Dwell upon the insights from the thought leadership event and lunch & learn. This is a must-attend for practitioners, especially Business Leaders, Digital Leaders, CIOs, IT Executives, Business Users and Citizen Developers.

Why you should go:

Leveraging no-code to maximize digital transformation!

The event explores the role of such emerging no-code tech in digital transformation in various industries. Learn to fast-track the deployment of enterprise-ready applications. You also get acquainted with industry pioneers, founders, innovators and learners.  Avail exclusive discussions with industry-leading analysts and experts. 

Businesses are rapidly shifting to no-code to create at ease, which would otherwise have taken high investments and time. To drive your business to success, you need to tap into this digital uprising at the right time.

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual & in-person
  • Organizers: Creatio
  • Current/Next Edition: Ongoing. These are a series of small events. So, keep a weather eye on their site for upcoming events & agenda.
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

9. LowCodeCon

No Code Conferences - LowCodeCon

The pandemic has accelerated the need for apps and automation processes. This is true for all the industries as well as governments. This event is set to fulfill the gap between the need and knowledge of no-code. The sessions are designed for Citizen Developers, Professional App Developers, IT Managers and Departments, Business Executives, Government Leaders and low-code enthusiasts who want to learn more. 

Why you should go:

The 2021 conference was made of three specialized tracks which was a success. This year too, the same model follows. The first track is Digital Government track for modernizing government operations using low-code. You learn, with experts, how to implement different low-code approaches to transform the public sector. Enterprise solutions track to understand all the latest technologies and trends of low-code. The conference is also complemented by workshops and tutorials to provide participants with hands-on experience.

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual
  • Organizers: LowCodeCon
  • Current/Next Edition: TBA November 1, 2 & 3, 2022
  • Previous Edition: November 1, 2 & 3, 2022
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

10. Zero Code Conference

No Code Conferences - Zero Code Conference
Zero Code Conference

Zero Code Conference has hosted many well-known names— such as Adalo, Bubble and Typeform—in the no-code arena. The participants could listen to and interact with the experts in the conference, which lasted for a total of sixteen hours.

Why you should go:

Zero Code Conference lets you interact with leading experts, from topics ranging from no-code, to automation, to business to marketing. Insights you need to scale up your business, become a no-code developer or build your company from scratch. All the talks and the Q&A sessions are recorded and available on their platform. You can also get hands-on exclusive content about the latest tools and platforms that can accelerate your  journey. 

No-code is gonna be the greatest digital asset in the next ten years. Be among the trailblazers who tapped into the wave at the right time!

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual
  • Organizers: Zeroqode
  • Current/Next Edition: Unannounced
  • Previous Edition: ​​October 7 & 8, 2020
  • Cost: Free
  • Official Website:

11. No-Code Digital Summit

No Code Conferences - No-Code Digital Summit
No-Code Digital Summit

The summit includes more than 17 hours of discussions with industry pioneers from across the world. You explore everything from API integration to working with built-in databases to creating products without coding. Learn from the experiences of others by  studying cases of success and failure of companies across the world.

Why you should go:

At this conference, you get to catch up with all the new tools through which you can transform your business. Learn how to develop prototypes and build production-level applications that are functional in shorter durations, even in days. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, experts are here to help you learn!

Key Info:

12. Low Code/No Code Developer Day

No Code Conferences - Low Code No Code Developer Day
Low Code/No Code Developer Day

Low Code/No Code Developer Day is a single day event. It aims to help companies understand the importance of  low-code and no-code technologies. You get to learn to use low-code and no-code tools. The event also aims to communicate to its audience about the insane amount of power no-code holds!

Why you should go:

Experience a variety of no-code and zero code sessions! 

Be ready with your notepad as the speaker line-up is made of world-class experts. They will help you understand no-code assets to fasten your digital transformation. Activate speedy creation of necessary applications for your business. 

Join the bandwagon to reap the benefits of this decentralised phenomenon resulting in super diverse creations. 

Key Info:

13. No Code Online Conference

No Code Conferences - No Code Online Conference
No Code Online Conference

No Code Online Conference is a virtual conference series bringing together beginners, founders and pioneers from all walks of life. The first event in the series, conducted on May 15, 2020 and had more than 800 attendees and over 15 speakers from 50+ countries. 

Why you should go:

This conference series covers everything from entrepreneurship with no-code to its future in the digital world. It is home for groundbreaking ideas with industry pioneers and innovators. The last edition hosted leading speakers from companies such as Softr, Ninox, WeAreNoCode among others.

Key Info:

  • Location: Virtual
  • Organizers: The 2nd Digital Revolution
  • Current/Next Edition: Unannounced
  • Previous edition: Nov 12, 2020
  • Cost: N/A
  • Official Website:

Wrapping Up

We hope these conferences make it into your must-attend list. They are easily accessible both in terms of cost and location. Attend one of these and maybe you will meet a co-founder for your company, your investor, your mentor or a friend for life. You get to have honest, 1:1 conversations, get constructive feedback and master all the new tools in the hood.

Happy learning and networking!

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