March 28, 2024
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WebViewGold: The Fastest No-Code Solution to Convert Your Website into an App

WebViewGold revolutionizes app development, offering a no-code solution to effortlessly convert websites into apps. With seamless integration and 24/7 support, app creation has never been easier.

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Everyone is tired. 

Yes, everyone who has ever had to build a web and mobile app from scratch is tired. They’re passionate about apps but tired of the hassle. Think of the stress, time and money invested in a dual process that should be one. 

That’s why having a platform that takes the hassle away by helping you turn your website into an app is an answered prayer. 

WebViewGold is that platform. It is a no-code solution that allows developers and solopreneurs to seamlessly convert their websites into iOS and Android apps. 

Wait for it… 

You can actually use WebViewGold to build your native mobile apps in under five minutes! 

And guess what?

The most amazing part is that you do not need to be a developer or have read any documentation to be able to make use of WebViewGold’s numerous services. You also have access to high-quality native mobile apps and 24/7 dedicated customer support.

With WebViewGold, you can easily and quickly deploy your apps into the Apple Store and Play Store with an affordable one-time fee per app. Whatever app you are creating, your app approval is 100% guaranteed. And it doesn't matter your expertise or industry, you can make use of WebViewGold. 

Want to know more about WebViewGold? Care to know the backstory? Interested in converting your web app into a native mobile app? The answer to these and other questions on your mind is right here. Let's jump right into it!

The Background: How did it begin?

Big things start small. A genius invention that started as a hobby in Germany has now become a commercial business serving thousands of customers worldwide. 

So, John started WebViewGold to develop quick and easy web and mobile apps for himself. John's main concern stemmed from building an advanced WebView App to make the transition from a web app to a native mobile app easier and faster. 

The first version he created was named Advanced WebView, which was released in October 2013. His curiosity and needs led him to discover that the other tools had so many overheads and plugins that one had to install with a comment line. It also turned out these tools were quite complicated, thus he sought a simpler way to convert web apps into native mobile apps.

John could make apps such as wine and restaurant guides with responsive pages and cool transitions to the pages. He created quick guides and templates on how to set up a general view controller in Xcode and then make a full-screen web-screen view. 

John went ahead to build an excellent wrapper solution for people. He later evolved to add push notifications for himself. However, John soon realized that the app template he created could be used to build new apps.

It is great to find an excellent solution for a problem you encounter, but it is even better when you can use that solution to help others. John decided to help others with his templates. So, he uploaded Advanced Web View on CodeCanyon so others could use it at a subsidized fee.

One year later, John rebranded his company and named it WebViewGold. For John, his idea never started as a business one, nor was it pre-planned. This idea now serves various startups and agencies that serve millions of people.

A hobby project and side hustle from university has turned out to be a full-fledged business serving people and agencies worldwide. What an inspiring story!

John Caffier - Founder, WebViewGold

How did WebViewGold secure its first paying customers?

On CodeCanyon, WebViewGold posed as a new featured template, which made it have a few interested customers. The platform's first paying customers were German-based. 

WebViewGold offers 24/7 customer support, full-service setup, and hourly consultations. The specific services it offered made it stand out from competitors. 

What were the pain points John sought to address and the solution he came up with?

Anyone can have an idea but it takes a kind of motivation and push to implement the idea, no matter how little. John was motivated enough to solve a problem he encountered with converting web apps to native mobile apps.

With enough research and data, John was able to note the pain points of customers and how his solution could be of help to them.

The first pain point WebViewGold sought to meet was to help its users with the app development and setup process. This led to the creation and development of templates to aid users. So a customer does not need any coding experience or skill to convert their web apps into IOS and Android apps.

The second pain point addressed was a lack of constant customer care service. Clients were usually confused and frustrated when using a new product. WebViewGold is very keen on supporting its customers and providing them with prompt, round-the-clock assistance whenever needed. In cases where the customer is finding it challenging to handle the development process, the customer care team will jump on a live Zoom video chat with them. 

Moreover, WebViewGold's streamlined conversion process indirectly addresses a significant aspect of software reengineering. By simplifying the transition from web-based to mobile-based environments without the need for extensive coding or redevelopment efforts, WebViewGold aids in the modernization and adaptation of software systems. This aligns with the principles of software reengineering, and, to a certain extent, obviates it as well!

The third pain point addressed is the IOS and Android app store issues. If, by chance, your licensing gets rejected for any reason, you will get a refund. It shows WebViewGold services are trustworthy and reliable.

WebViewGold also offers niche features not necessarily available in other wrapper solutions. These features include NFC card reading. It is not the cheapest but, by far, not the most expensive option in the marketplace. And you’ll be getting plenty of value for your money. 

Finally, WebViewGold allows the use of one-line codes of APIs. You do not necessarily need a lengthy code to get API access on your mobile app.

To make use of WebViewGold, all you need is a web app that works! The templates on the platform are readily available for your use.

Who are the target user personas of WebViewGold?

80% of WebViewGold's users are web and mobile app development agencies. Their most extensive user base includes web development agencies and web developers who just want to upgrade their portfolio to some apps. Others simply want quick and easy wrapper solutions for their businesses.

WebViewGold's other clients include solopreneurs who want to build native mobile apps with no-code tools. It also serves Bubble customers who need app templates. There is also a WebViewGold's Bubble push plugin on the Bubble store.

WebViewGold serves both the coding and no-code needs of its target users.

Tailoring WebViewGold to users’ needs

From its early days, WebViewGold has taken its customers' needs seriously and helped them transition seamlessly from web apps to native mobile apps. With exemplary customer research and findings, WebViewGold is on top of its game as one of the foremost leaders in its market space.

Let's quickly look at the users' needs WebViewGold features are meeting.

1. Easy mobile app setup

WebViewGold's templates have been developed so that it takes you a few seconds to five minutes to convert your web app into an Android or IOS app. You only need to put the website's URL or local HTML folder into WebViewGold's app template. It is safe, secure, fast and reliable. The sweetest part is that there is absolutely no coding required!

Sample - Config file for Android
Sample - Config file for iOS

2. Need for personalized app

With WebViewGold, you won't be boxed into a corner. You’re free to create what you want. Let your creativity juices flow. Bring to life all your ideas. All the control and designs belong to you. Your content and WebView are all in your hands, with the power to create as you wish. Of course, the templates are designed to suit your specific needs.

3. User's connectivity interruptions

With WebViewGold, you do not have to fret if your users lose their internet connection while using your app. Your WebViewGold app will still look as cool as ever. It would display an excellent offline screen with a button that says 'try again.' 

WebViewGold uses a remote URL if your users are online and a fallback mode using an HTML folder when they are offline. Cool, not so? 

4. Poor app performance

When most apps are uploaded on IOS or Android, they have poor performance and usually lag. This is not the case for those who use WebViewGold's services. WebViewGold's rendering power is as excellent and top-speed as it can get. You will surely get the best performance from your app, making it reliable and secure. 

It combines its Smart Performance Cache Mechanism and the latest WKWebView technology. WebViewGold performs at top speed, which is twice as fast as any of the conventional UIWebView apps.

5. Trouble with external links

External links on the WebApp or Mobile App can come off as a bit of a worry, but WebViewGold has it all covered. You can define the website domains and necessary links that would open in your system browser instead of your mobile app.

You can also easily redirect links to external apps or in-app tabs. The processes are easy and simplified just for your comfort.

6. Poor customer service

Some companies fail when it comes to customer service. It is because they consider the customer as one who would always complain and not consider them as one who needs help. 

As the famous mantra goes, 'The customer is always right.' For WebViewGold, the customer is always right and deserves all the support they need. It has a dedicated support team and a senior support team. The dedicated support team goes the extra mile to schedule a one-on-one call with the customer with no added cost whatsoever. 

WebViewGold's customer service is readily available 24/7 to advise you and help you get the best results on your app.

7. Need For Better Pricing

WebViewGold gives you all you need to convert your web app into a mobile app at a subsidized fee. Other apps like charge as much as $790 per app and $2590 per assisted app development service, whereas WebViewGold charges $69 per app and $349 for a full-time service. Very competitive pricing, you'd say!

Keeping its users in mind, WebViewGold's team came up with a pricing that would benefit the customers.

8. Failed Approvals on IOS and Android

With a 100% success rate in the Apple and Play Stores, WebViewGold provides customers a full refund if they do not get licensed. This is to show that the guarantee and reliability are top-notch. Your app is made native and packaged with strategies to help you get licensed.

In addition, WebViewGold provides extended licenses if your app requires in-app purchases. With an In-App Purchases & Subscriptions API, you can charge your users directly on the Apple or Play Store for services or add-ons rendered.

Before and after scenarios

Mark and Luke co-founded a web development agency that built unique websites and web apps. Their services were so excellent that they stood out amongst their competitors. However, one thing was missing. Many clients had begun to ask if Mark and Luke could convert web apps to IOS and Android apps and they could not figure it out. 

They tried all the tricks they knew but didn't make any headway. And with time, they began to lose clients and struggled to sustain their company. That was when they realized they needed help. 

Enter WebViewGold

Soon enough, Mark and Luke got wind of WebViewGold from an old friend and business partner. They decided to give it a try and were astonished by their findings. Not only could they convert the web apps into IOS and Android apps, but they did it in under three minutes. Moreover, they needed no code for the conversions, and WebViewGold's customer live chat was super responsive.

Right now, they're delivering amazing web and native mobile apps for their clients! Their customers are well satisfied and happy with the results. With code backgrounds, they found it surprising that WebViewGold worked as a no-code tool, superseding their expectations. They are glad to have many clients requesting their services—all thanks to WebViewGold.

User Testimonial

Julian Koch co-founded DuelDonkey, a web and mobile app where you can compete for real money by playing your favorite video games. With no prior knowledge of converting a web app into a mobile app, Julian was stunned upon coming in contact with WebViewGold.

WebViewGold helped them convert their web app into a stunning mobile app in a few minutes. Also, he praises the customer care service as top-notch and very helpful. 

Julian is super excited about WebViewGold and thankful for the ease and simplicity of the services offered.

WebViewGold: A no-code solution platform

John and his team have created something truly unique and needed by many people worldwide. WebViewGold is an excellent tool for web and app developers, web and app agencies, and solopreneurs worldwide. The app development and setup process is super fast and reliable.

With no code needed, they have made it easy for solopreneurs to use WebViewGold's templates and derive instant and remarkable results. Moreover, they have chosen to walk in their customer's shoes to address pain points, especially a 24/7 customer service need. 

Check out WebViewGold to see the magic for yourself! This is the best time to take advantage of a reliable, fast, and easy native mobile app builder! Again, the best part? You need no coding skills! 

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