February 27, 2024
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17 Best Webflow Courses in 2024

Here are the best Webflow courses available online (free & paid). From the expert practitioners who walk the talk, up-to-date learning resources that renew their course content regularly.

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The no-code movement is enabling creatives from various fields to free themselves from the dependency on tech folks. [If you new to no-code, we recommend you read this in-depth guide to What Is No-Code]

Webflow is a new generation no-code web design tool that empowers non-tech creators to build stunning websites, all by themselves. It's a dynamic tool that lets you design, build, and launch high-quality websites.  With Webflow you can totally customize your websites much faster and within the limits of your budget. There are plenty of tools on the website but nothing offers the flexibility that Webflow provides.

But how does one get started with Webflow?

Worry not.

If you’d like to learn Webflow, there are many online resources out there - Dozens of courses, blogs, and YouTube channels, etc.

For the ones just starting out, if you make the wrong choice then you’ll end up wasting your valuable time and money.

I have been part of several no-code communities since 2019 and have self-taught Webflow. From having very little knowledge of web development to building this website (and a bunch of others), I have scoured the web for the very best Webflow resources all these years. Typically, learning how to blog on Webflow is a sensible progression for newcomers to the platform. Engaging in blogging on Webflow aids in grasping the platform's functionality and leveraging it to craft visually striking websites effortlessly.

I’ve got you covered if you are looking for the best Webflow learning resources in 2024. Here's a roundup of the best Webflow courses available right now.

Best Webflow Courses - Try Webflow Free

1. The Webflow Masterclass

Flux Academy

This is by far the best Webflow course available today. This 12-hour long course has 12 detailed modules covering introduction to Webflow, basics, dynamic website building, project implementations, and case studies among many other topics. Ran Segall, a web designer featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, Lifehacker etc. is the course instructor. 

The course is designed to teach you to build flawless, custom-made and interactive websites. If you are looking to design a website for your business (or clients), then this is the course for you!

  • Official site: https://www.flux-academy.com/courses/the-webflow-masterclass
  • Who is the instructor: Ran Segall
  • What you’ll learn: Build custom, interactive websites
  • Who’s it for: Anyone can take advantage of this course but designers and marketers will benefit from this the most.
  • Price: At $278/month, a three month payment mode for lifetime access or $695 single payment for lifetime access.
  • Testimonial:
I signed up for the Webflow Masterclass after committing to build a client project in Webflow and quickly realizing I was in over my head with a deadline looming, and thanks to Ran's course I hit my deadline – and I haven't stopped Webflowing since. I am a "real web developer" now — I've built over 15 websites, including a website for one of the largest companies in the world. Six months ago, there was no chance I could have done this work — thank you Ran!
Dylan Spencer

2. Webflow University

Webflow University

Webflow University offers different curated courses to help you get started with and know your way around Webflow designer, editor, CMS, animations, etc. The courses range from understanding SEO, layout and design, HTML, basics of CSS and CMS essentials. The courses are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

The best part about Webflow University is that you have a plethora of bite-sized videos to choose from if you get stuck anytime.

  • Official site: https://university.webflow.com/
  • Who is the instructor: Webflow staff
  • What you’ll learn: Webflow basics, HTML & CSS basics, layout and designs, SEO, CMS, animations and interactions. 
  • Who’s it for: Though this is the most comprehensive Webflow course but absolute beginners might struggle to learn efficiently from this resource.
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
DO IT! You will NOT regret it. It will change your life and career if you take it seriously. Even just go through 1-3 modules of this per day:
Josh Gonsalves, Producer @https://www.superside.com/

3. Pixelgeek

Pixel Geek

Pixelgeek is a YouTube channel by Nelson Abalos Jr., a web designer who loves building using different no-code tools. His YouTube channel has a number of playlists that teach you Webflow. There are videos for both people who are just discovering no-code and Webflow and also for the advanced level learners. He also hosts an online community of no-coders. 

  • YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/pixelgeek/playlists
  • Who is the instructor: Nelson Abalos Jr.
  • What you’ll learn: Webflow use-cases, recreating cool stuff in Webflow. Step-by-step screencasts.
  • Who’s it for: Anyone - beginner to advanced.
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
Nelson is a Webflow master! He brought our design concept to life with beautiful animations and interactions. He was ultra professional and a pleasure to work with and made detailed training videos to teach us how to maintain the site. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for Webflow sites.
Jed Lehmann, Product Designer, Octopus Deploy

4. Flowmingo 


In this course, you are taught how to build the marketing site of v.one. Each stage of building the website is shown with utmost precision. This is the first course offered by Flowmingo. The course includes:

  1. Project Setup
  2. The Header
  3. The Hero Section 
  4. The Logo Grid section
  5. The Features Section
  6. The Examples Section
  7. CTA Card
  8. The Footer
  9. The Pricing Page

This course by Flowmingo is for intermediate level Webflow enthusiasts. However, this could be a good starting point for some of the beginners too.

  • Official site: https://www.flowmingo.co/courses/rebuilding-v-one
  • Who is the instructor:  Mackenzie Child
  • What you’ll learn: How to plan a website project and execute it step-by-step
  • Who’s it for: Webflow intermediates
  • Price: $ 450 for lifetime access to courses, community and projects by Flowmingo. $ 650 for one-on-one zoom calls for feedback along with lifetime access.
  • Testimonial:
Mackenzie taught so many things I didn't know in Webflow development and really helped bridge the learning gap I had. Flowmingo is an excellent platform for those who are looking to take their Webflow skills to the next level!
Lacey Kesler, founder of Women in No-Code & co-host of Visual Dev FM

5. Learn Webflow in 45 mins

Payton Clark Smith

This course is offered by Payton Clark Smith. He has experience with using Webflow for over two years and has created more than 75 websites for clients from many industries. 

This short course covers all the important aspects that you need to know to begin building with Webflow. He explains all the tools of Webflow Designer, how to plan and host, domains, and launching.

This is a perfect course for someone who is interested in just getting-the-feel of Webflow and its possibilities, before committing to dive deep into it. Do not worry as it will give you a holistic idea to start your journey. It is also completely free.

  • YouTube video link: View here
  • Who is the instructor: Payton Clark Smith
  • What you’ll learn: Basics you need to know to build awesome websites in Webflow.
  • Who’s it for: Absolute beginners
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
Payton is a master at his craft! We utilized his website design and SEO services for our local business and had tons of success from his efforts. He is great at explaining the process and being transparent with his work.
Colter Yde, Registered Representative

6. Creating a Clean & Simple Website with Webflow

Jan Losert

This one is a series of 24 free YouTube videos by Jan Losert. In this, you will learn stage-by-stage how to recreate the website beforeyoushine.com. You will get to know how to build responsive homepage design, pages with subscription form, blog, SEO, and how to make the site live with Webflow hosting.

If you are some who wants to know around your way with and start playing with the Webflow designer, then this video series is for you. 

  • YouTube Playlist Link: View here
  • Who is the instructor: Jan Losert
  • What you’ll learn: Recreating a website in Webflow with step-by-step instructions
  • Who’s it for: Beginners to intermediates
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
As a new Webflow developer this course was a welcome surprise to find! Love your stuff Jan!
Gabriel Santiago Silva

7. Build a full site in Webflow


This course is a complete guide to build a fully-functional, production-ready website from step one. The following modules are covered in this course: 

  1. Symbols and Design system
  2. CMS and collaboration 
  3. Visual CSS Editor
  4. Projects
  5. Interactions
  6. High converting landing page design
  7. Lottie Animations

The course is taught to you by the founder of Design+Code

  • Official site: https://designcode.io/webflow
  • Who is the instructors: Meng To
  • What you’ll learn: How to build a high converting landing page with advanced interactions, payment integration and CMS.
  • Who’s it for: Anyone
  • Price: Free for basic subscription which gives access to free courses and five premium video, $19/ month for Pro which with access to all courses, source files etc. and $25/ member/month for a team
  • Testimonial:
Easy to follow but incredibly insightful tutorials. Makes learning new software and techniques and real pleasure everyday! Keep up the good work. 👏
Andy Barnes, Product designer working in London 

8. Design. Build. Launch.

Design Build Launch

This is a great series of videos on YouTube. In eight videos, Caler Edwards, a Frontend Developer, UX Designer, and YouTuber talks about tools such as Adobe XD to design websites and build them with Webflow. You get to learn everything from designing to building to launching a website in this hands-on tutorial. Here, he uses a portfolio website as an example. He also has over 184K subscribers on his YouTube account where he uploads tutorials related to various design tools. 

  • YouTube playlist link: View here
  • Who is the instructor: Caler Edwards
  • What you’ll learn: Building a portfolio website
  • Who’s it for: Web designers tend to benefit from this course the most
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
This series was amazing. Now I can finally create end to end pixel-perfect web pages on my own without the help of any developers. Would definitely love more of these tutorials.
Yash Tamrakar

9. Webflow Masterclass

by Neftali Loria

In this course, you learn to build a virtual reality streaming platform with Webflow. There are 56 videos in total in the entire series. You will also learn to make the site fully responsive and add 3D animations.

The major topics covered are:

  1. Building website with no-code
  2. SEO
  3. Launching the website
  4. Responsive website
  5. Advanced animations
  6. Advanced interactions

  • YouTube playlist link: View here
  • Who is the instructor: Neftali Loria
  • What you’ll learn: Building a virtual reality streaming platform in Webflow
  • Who’s it for: Entrepreneurs, Designers, Marketers, Developers, anyone
  • Price: Free
  • Testimonial:
The first time I worked with "Nefty", around '06, I was amazed by how quickly he delivered and the quality of his work. He is really dedicated to whatever he is in. With just speaking to him you'll notice his creativeness and the amazing person he is. Definitely a great professional and friend. Daniel Obando Fuentes, Software Developer at Growth Acceleration Partners

10. AweStation


AweStation is a new YouTube channel by Agustin M. Carozo, a UI / UX / Webflow Designer. His videos are easy to understand and will help you master Webflow. 

Do check out these simple, hands on tutorials freely available on YouTube!

Best Webflow Courses - Try Webflow Free

11. Create a No-Code Responsive Website with Webflow

by Coursera

This one is a 2-hour project based course offered by Coursera. It will teach all you need to know to build a responsive website. You learn how to build layouts, designs, add forms, CTA, content etc. All the aspects are covered in a stage-by-stage manner. The course instructor is Angelo Paolillo, an educator, and digital consultant. The course is provided in a split-screen manner with workspace on one side and instructor on the other. 

These courses, from leading institutions from all over the world, are only accessible to me through Coursera. I learn something new and fascinating every day. 
Dariya K

12. Webflow Basics & Advanced


This course is offered by LearnUX with Greg Rog being the instructor. He comes with designing experience of more than 10 years and has worked with FAANG companies.

Elements covered in this course:

  1. Launching the website
  2. Webflow layout tools
  3. Building a static one-page site
  4. Helps you learn structure and layout
  5. Advanced Webflow
  6. CMS
  7. SEO
  8. Hosting on Webflow
  9. Working with style guides
  • Official site: https://learnux.io/course/webflow
  • Founder: Greg Rog
  • What you’ll learn: Build static and dynamic web sites, as well as complete e-commerce systems in Webflow - best-in-class visual web site editor.
  • Who’s it for: Beginners to intermediates
  • Price: $15/mo or $144/year

13. Webflow Expert


As the name suggests, with this course you can become a master of Webflow. The course is extensive and presented in 11 modules where each module covers a particular element. You learn to build pro, mock-up websites from scratch without using a single line of code. You can interact with your peers who are pursuing similar interests through the online community. You also get guidance from experts. 

  • Official site: https://en.happywebacademy.com/academy/demarrer
  • Offered by: Happy web academy
  • What you’ll learn: Extensive modules on Webflow
  • Who’s it for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Price: €695 in one instalment or €295 in three instalments for lifetime access
  • Testimonial:
The training is very interesting and allows me to save a lot of time, so I can concentrate on the backend. I can follow it from home. An advice to future students? Go for it!
Frederic Nicolay, Web Developer, Belgium

14. Launch a No-code Web App in Webflow

Nikolai Bain

Offered by Nikolai Bain, a web designer and developer, this course covers building a fully-functional interactive app and learning to use Webflow to its maximum potential. The major areas covered include:

  1. App design
  2. Building a responsive app
  3. Building prototype

Along with these, the course will also help you better your app idea, attract customers, and launch it within your desired budget. If you are an entrepreneur looking to utilize no-code for your product, then this is the perfect course for you.

  • Official site: https://www.nikolaibain.com/webflow-web-app-course
  • Who is the instructor:  Nikolai Bain
  • What you’ll learn: Building with Webflow and insights to launch your product
  • Who’s it for: Creators, indie-hackers, side-hustlers, entrepreneurs
  • Price: N/A
  • Testimonial:
Nikolai executed everything beautifully and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to manage my website going forward.
Hollie Arnett, Founder @ Black & White Studios 

15. Webflow: The Future of the Web


This 2-hour course is provided by Neftali Loria, a creative director with 15+ years of UI/UX experience. It is specially designed for Marketers, Art Directors, Engineers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Content creators. This is a masterclass for creating the ultimate visual experience with Webflow. You will build a virtual reality streaming platform full of visual components, interactions, and dynamic animations from scratch.

  • Official site: https://www.kreativepro.io/masterclass/learn-to-build-websites-without-code-in-webflow
  • Who is the instructor:  Neftali Loria
  • What you’ll learn: In this course you'll learn to build websites without a single line of code in Webflow. And, make it fully responsive with advanced 3D transform animations and even connect it with real data using the power of Webflow Cms collections.
  • Who’s it for: Marketers, Art Directors, Engineers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Content creators
  • Price: $149 for lifetime access
  • Testimonial:
It has been the best investment I made in my design journey so far. I would consider myself a novice, but I honestly feel like I've gained a genuine professional insight into the process of creating a high-level website.
Noel Hale, Founder of Slush Monkeys

16. Courses by Awwwards Academy

Awwwards Academy

Awwwards Academy offers many Webflow courses. Whether you are a beginner or someone who already knows Webflow, you can choose among these courses. It is taught by a set of industry-leading experts from varying fields.

Some of the courses offered:

  • How To Webflow Like A Boss
  • Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing
  • Webflow: Basics
  • No-Code Automations: The Future of the Web
  • Webflow: CMS and Advanced Techniques

Deep-dive into Webflow and learn everything. Explore the catalogue of courses provided by Awwwards Academy!

With a flair for design and the development know-how, Joe is a perfect example of fusing art with engineering. After a decade plus of experience, Joe has sharpened his design zeitgeist and is now ready to share this to the world.
Gideon Cheok, Experience Design Director @ Digitas

17. 1-on-1 Webflow Training & Mentorship


In this course you can avail one-on-one Webflow guidance and tutorials through screen sharing with an expert. If you are working on a project and are stuck, you can get live help through this platform. 

The elements covered include:

  1. Interactive design
  2. CMS
  3. Responsive website
  4. Webflow symbols
  • Official site: https://myflowmate.com/
  • Offered by:  MyFlowMate 
  • What you’ll learn: Use-case based. 1 on 1 training & mentorship with an expert.
  • Who’s it for: All levels
  • Price: $60 for a 30 min session, $120 for 1 hour and $240 for 2 hours

Wrapping up

This has been a filtered list of the very best Webflow courses and training programs online today (as well as some amazing, free YouTube video series, channels).

If your goal is to become proficient at Webflow, any course on this list will help you achieve that aim. However, practice is the key as there is some learning curve involved.

All these courses are self-paced and you can take them per your own schedule.

Enjoy learning Webflow with some of the best practitioners!

Best Webflow Courses - Try Webflow Free

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