May 1, 2023
10min read
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24 Inspiring Examples Of Notion Websites

Discover some of the very impressive Notion websites. Learn what type of websites other makers are building using Notion as CMS.

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Notion, simply put, is an all-in-one workspace. Want a task list? A product roadmap? A design repository? They all can be in one place - your Notion workspace. You can even customize your own workspace from dozens of LEGO-style building blocks.

With Notion, you can build a website with just a few clicks; and without writing a single line of code. All you have to do is just click "Share" on any Notion page you want to be published, and switch on "Share to the Web". Anyone with the link will be able to see it.

Also, there are now several Notion website builders available which will give superpowers to your Notion pages. These website builders use your Notion databases as a CMS and render the data to a beautiful frontend - custom-styled web pages. Hence, you can use these Notion website builders to make a simple blog or a full-fledged website - landing page, resource website, personal blog, resume, design portfolio, knowledge base, and much more.

We have scoured the internet to bring this collection of some really amazing Notion websites.

Let’s go.

1. Luis Rincon

Notion Websites - Luis Rincon

This is the personal website of Brand and Logo Designer Louis Rincon. It encapsulates his profile, portfolio, his work and his blogs. All built with Notion’s website builder!

2. Sahil Vhora

Notion Websites - Sahil Vhora

Personal site of front end developer and product designer Sahil Vohra built using Notion’s template. It acts as a portfolio that gives insight into the maker’s work and his story.

3. Easlo

Notion Websites - Easlo

Easlo presents an array of templates to choose from, in order to improve one’s productivity. You can find the perfect Notion template suited for your needs.

4. Michael Dean

Notion Websites - Michael Dean

Website of writer Micheal Dean with web pages of his posts, profile, doodles, and logs. Simple and effective built using Notion.

5. The Notion Bar

Notion Websites - Notion Bar

The website of Frances Odera Matthews, a certified Notion Consultant, coach and template builder. It offers templates and other resources, services, workshops, blogs etc. for the daily user.

6. Optemization

Notion Websites - Optemization

Optemization is an Operations Design agency. It facilitates companies to enhance employee engagement through acclimation of modern workspaces into one’s business. 

7. Human Crafted

Notion Websites - Human Crafted

A boutique product design studio founded by Jon, a creative engineer. Acting as his solo design brand, the website gives access to his various projects and products. 

8. aNotioneer

Notion Websites - aNotioneer

aNotioneer gives users access to more than 50 Notion templates and many Notion guides. Built by Alex Sherwood, this website helps customers to learn the tool, customize their workspace, get guides etc.

9. Basedash docs

Notion Websites - Basedash Docs

Basedash Docs is a collection of internal tools including apps, workspaces, actions, attributes, queries, collection pages etc.

10. Side Hustle Stack

Notion Websites - Side Hustle Stack

Side Hustle Stack is a resource for finding platform-based jobs. In this free website you can find gigs, side hustles, platforms etc. to build your business. 

11. MindVault

Notion Websites - MindVault

MindVault provides users with distinct ideas linked to primary foundations of personal development. The goal is to provide resources to ideas with potential and help them thrive.

12. Ryan Yao's Home

Notion Websites - Ryan Yao's Home

Personal website showcasing creations, liked projects and all the other info of the creator Ryan Yao.

13. Circle Careers

Notion Websites - Circle Careers

Circle is an all-in-one community platform bringing together brands and creators. It helps creators and companies to centralize their discussions, members, and content.

14. Help Kit

Notion Websites - Help Kit

HelpKit is the ideal tool for quickly producing a help center, knowledge base, and documentation for your business using Notion.

15. Genesis Library

Notion Websites - Genesis Library

This website is the perfect place for people interested in learning about the Treasure ecosystem and its native cryptocurrency $MAGIC. 

16. Mateo Melgar

Notion Websites - Mateo Melgar

Personal Site of freelancer Mateo Melgar providing information about his different projects and services.

17. George Bugianishvili

Notion Websites - George Bugianishvili

Website of George Bugianishvili, a UX/UI designer based in Prague. It showcases all his work, information about the maker, his services, contact, resume etc.

18. Eric Seclet

Notion Websites - Eric Seclet

Copywriter Freelance SaaS Eric Seclet’s personal website where he displays his projects, various services such as landing page, email marketing, website copywriting etc.

19. SirBean

Notion Websites - SirBean

Website of digital artist SirBean. It exclusively has wallpapers for mobile and desktop, that can be purchased at various levels of pricing. 

20. Phillip Derenzo

Notion Websites - Phillip Derenzo

Phillip Derenzo is an Entrepreneur and Youtuber who helps people grow on social media, assists them in building an audience and producing content. His personal website summarizes his journey and his services.

21. Potion

Notion Websites - Potion

With Potion users can build websites that are fast, customized, aesthetic along with great SEO.  All this can be done in minutes using Notion.

22. Reza Arkan

Notion Websites - Reza Arkan

Reza Akran is a Digital Product Designer, AI Design Researcher and a Photographer. This website includes his portfolio, blog, photos, testimonials, contact etc.

23. Quarate

Notion Websites - Quarate

Curated tools through which you can connect with your fellow entrepreneurs. The website has more than 200 such tools. There are over 100 founders that you can build connections with, thanks to Quarate.

24. Hula

Notion Websites - Hula

Curated tools through which you can connect with your fellow entrepreneurs. The website has more than 200 such tools. There are over 100 founders that you can build connections with, thanks to Quarate.

Closing Thoughts

If you have paid attention to the ‘build times’ of all the Pory app examples in this article, then it must be evident that it’s super fast to build web apps with Pory. Other makers have mostly built info products and directories on this platform. Many are monetising their Pory apps too!

Looking at all these (variety of) websites, you might be wondering how long does it take to build such websites using Notion?

The answer is "Just a few minutes".

Yes, you read it correctly! It just takes a few minutes to connect your Notion with any of these builders and go live on a custom domain.

So, if you are sitting on any useful database or lists or information that is of value if neatly organized and displayed, then you must consider building your website on Notion - cheap and quick - for your use case.

We hope this list of Notion website examples inspired you to build your own site.

Now, time to answer some of your most common questions on Notion websites:

Can I use Notion to build a website?

Yes, you can use Notion to build a website - that too only in a few minutes and in just a few clicks! No coding required whatsoever to build your Notion website from scratch.

What kind of websites can I build using Notion?

Websites, team blogs, personal websites, portfolios, directories, landing pages, documentations, directories, careers, memberships, freelance websites, databases, daily planners etc. Notion can be used to build these and much more.

How do I build a website with Notion?

With Notion you can build a website in a few clicks. All you need to do is create a page using given templates or manually. Once the page or website is created, Notion allows you to share the same by clicking on Share or Share on the web. It is that simple. Alternatively, you can also use one of the Notion website builders to hot your site on a custom domain and give it some personalized styling.

Checkout the following demos on how to build websites on Notion:

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope, you don't need to know how to code to use Notion or Notion website builder. 

Do I need a paid Notion plan to create websites on Notion website builders?

Yes. However, if you want to use Notion builders like the you may have to shell out a very nominal monthly fee.

What apps can Notion integrate with?

Notion allows integration between various apps to make the process of building easy and user-friendly. Integrations include Jira, GitHub, Figma, Slack, Google Drive, Asana, OneDrive etc. Checkout all the integrations here.

Are Notion websites SEO friendly?

Web Pages and websites developed using Noiton are not only speedy but also are SEO friendly

Is Notion good for blogging?

Yes. Notion provides an easy reading experience. You can also make the blogpost media rich with audio files, table of contents, videos, and photos, by directly embedding them in your article.

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