October 4, 2023
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How to Build a No Code Agency from Scratch

In 2023, the demand for no-code solutions is propelling an industry set to reach $13.8 billion. Businesses are embracing simplicity, and if you're eyeing a share, this article unveils precise steps to launch your own lucrative no-code agency. Ready to dive in?

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Technology is transforming the business landscape rapidly, and that’s where the rise of the no-code agency comes into play.

This type of digital firm specializes in creating sophisticated applications and websites without heavily relying on traditional coding languages or having extensive programming skills.

With the digital world growing exponentially, no-code agencies have become increasingly relevant, which is a trend that is picking up pace in 2023.

These firms are becoming crucial due to their ability to enable quicker development cycles. They provide a more economical approach for businesses seeking digital transformation without investing heavily in traditional channels. Consequently, understanding how to establish a successful no-code agency has grown more important than ever.

To that end, let’s talk about what this involves, the steps to take, and the things to consider if you head down this path.

What is a No-Code Agency?

A no-code agency, as the name suggests, has its foundation in the world of no-code technology. It's an organization skilled in utilizing no-code platforms to create functional and aesthetically pleasing applications or websites. Want to see a few examples? Here's a list of the best no-code agencies in the market today.

Unlike traditional coding processes which require advanced coding skills and are time-consuming, these agencies leverage easy-to-use tools that remove such dependencies.

Team members typically have expertise in various areas covering app design, digital transformation strategies, project management principles and even intuitive UX/UI designing capabilities.

So essentially, the key role of a No-Code agency lies around creating customized software solutions without requiring their clients to be well versed with complex programming techniques or spending immense funding on typical development resources. In simplest terms, they democratize the creation of digital products.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are two sides to every coin, and the realm of no-code agencies is no exception.


  • Speed: With pre-built elements available for use, development time can be significantly reduced.
  • Accessibility: Even with limited coding knowledge, you or your team may develop functional digital products.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced dependence on traditional programming diminishes hiring costs and project overheads.


  • Limited Customization: While drag-and-drop tools provide comfort, they might occasionally limit customization flexibility that custom code offers.
  • Performance Concerns: Sometimes heavy applications built on no-code platforms can experience performance issues due to underlying abstraction layers.

Despite the drawbacks stated above, many firms find that benefits far outweigh potential negatives if applied strategically in right use-cases making this an appealing avenue for business digitization.

Why Start a No-Code Agency in 2023?

It's easy to see why one might consider starting a no-code agency, especially with current market trends pointing towards an increased need for such services. These include:

  • Rising Demand: The demand for digital transformation has reached all-time-high levels. Businesses are constantly on the hunt for efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet this demand.
  • Popularity of No-Code Tools: There's growing popularity around no-code tools, and they're becoming more user-friendly and offering more extensive functions every day.
  • Growing acceptance: Organizations have increasingly started appreciating benefits around swiftness and affordability that these agencies bring onto table.

Setting up a no-code agency aligns perfectly with these shifts in technology space, as it combines digital efficiency businesses seek as well as the easier scalability potential they desire.

Opportunities and Challenges in Starting a No-Code Agency in 2023

If you’re new to no-code, then running your own agency in this space presents unique opportunities, along with certain challenges.


  • Expansion: The user-friendly nature of no-code tools can allow your agency to cater to a wide variety of clients, big or small.
  • Cost Advantage: As it requires lower start-up capital and resources, it leaves room for higher profitability.


  • Scaling Difficulties: While setting up might be easier, scaling an agency can prove challenging due to potential performance issues associated with no-code platforms.
  • Less Control: Dependence on third-party platforms means there's less control over updates or changes that may impact your client’s product offerings.

However, overcoming these challenges is not impossible, and often adds more value to the journey in the long run.

Steps to Build a No-Code Agency from Scratch

Let’s get into the meat of what’s involved in getting your own no-code agency off the ground, with steps that anyone can follow:

1. Identifying Your Target Market

Before setting up your no-code agency, defining and understanding your target market is crucial. Who are the businesses you want to serve?

These could be small-to-medium enterprises lacking in-house technical expertise, or even larger corporations seeking rapid digital expansion at lower costs. Identify their needs accurately, learn what problems they encounter within their current operational framework.

Trying to present solutions that not only meet these requirements but also deliver promised efficiency serves as an essential stepping stone for launching a successful agency.

2. Assembling a Skilled Team

Equally important is putting together the right team for your no-code agency. Even though you're not looking for traditional coders, certain skills can aid in the success of your venture considerably.

You'll need project managers capable of guiding the development process smoothly, designers with an eye for user-friendly and engaging interfaces, digital strategists who understand current market trends and also, experts familiar with various no-code platforms available out there.

Remember that each member plays a vital role in delivering satisfactory outcomes to clients while contributing towards the growth ambitions of your company.

3. Choosing the Right No-Code Tools

Opting for right no-code tools makes all the difference in your agency's ability to deliver stellar results. These platforms should align with specific needs of your clients and also complement the team's skill levels. For example, if you're working with a client who wants to enhance their customer interaction, a tool like Sendbird can help build powerful chat applications with relative ease, without the need for extensive coding.

Do you need flexibility? Speed? User-friendly interface? Strong customer support? Whatever the case, research extensively and try out different software before committing so as not only to identify ones that will aid you create impressive digital solutions, but will also help maintain client-satisfaction rate at a consistent high.

4. Marketing and Scaling the Agency

An imperative but often overlooked step in establishing your no-code agency involves marketing and scaling strategies.

Start by building an engaging, informative online presence that showcases your services and previous project success stories. Use social media channels or SEO techniques to reach potential clients out there.

Once you begin landing projects with satisfying outcomes, you can create scalable growth plans, delve into new markets, and expand service offerings to support the sustainable upward trajectory of your business journey. After all, standing still is basically moving backward in the competitive epoch that is 2023.

Future Outlook and Potential of No-Code Agencies

Looking ahead, there’s a lot to be excited about if you get into the no-code agency arena. Let’s talk through some likely shifts, before moving onto strategies you can deploy to survive and thrive:

Predicted Trends in the No-Code Sector

Here are some trends that experts predict to unfold as we move forward:

  • Increased Adoption: Given the multitude of benefits no-code platforms offer, its acceptance across industries is subject to multiply.
  • Advanced Functionalities: With competitive market dynamics, these tools will keep interjecting newer functionalities catering improved user-experience.
  • Training and Consultation Services: As more businesses venture into digital transformation via no-code route, demand for professional training or consultation services is also expected to increase.

Each of these trends presents an additional opportunity for your agency, but only if you stay in the loop on the latest developments.

How Agencies Can Stay Ahead and Thrive in the Evolving No-Code Landscape

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for any agency, and this can be achieved if you consider the following tactics:

  • Continued Education: Encourage your team to continuously learn about latest no-code tools or advancements, versatility is key.
  • Adaptability: Be ready to pivot quickly on client needs based on market trends or emerging opportunities.
  • Value Addition: Focus not just on delivering solutions but also how to create additional value, like providing insightful analytics or automation capabilities alongside regular offerings.

The survival mantra revolves around one core principle, which is to embrace changes without hesitation while keeping the user experience at heart of each service you supply to clients.


So why is it worth building a no-code agency right now?

Well, digital advancements continue shaping the business ecosystem, making it imperative for companies to embrace these changes as swiftly as possible. No-code agencies are at the forefront of this shift, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions that empower businesses regardless of their size or technical prowess.

If all this has inspired you, then you should take advantage of this trend ASAP. Leverage opportunities existing within digital transformation needs, and tap into the demand that’s growing for a simpler way to develop apps of all types.

Starting here can lay down a path to joining the growing number of enterprises that are breaking down barriers and demystifying tech.

If you want to get a deeper understanding and a first-hand account of the nitty gritties of building a no-code agency, the listen to this podcast, and watch this video below:

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