What is Revenue per Email (RPE)? – Formula and Ways to Increase RPE [With Examples]

What is revenue per email (RPE)?

Revenue per email is the total revenue generated in the email marketing campaign divided by the number of emails successfully delivered. It conveys the revenue generated per email or message by your email marketing efforts.

Although RPE isn’t an absolute measure of profitability and is not as good as ROI, it is a relative measure of the revenue generated. 

How to calculate revenue per email?

To calculate revenue per email, divide the ‘total revenue’ generated in your email marketing campaign by the ‘number of emails successfully delivered’ (sent - bounces). 

RPE is measured as a currency value, which means you’ll get your answer in dollars, or your preferred currency.

Formula for calculating revenue per email

RPE formula
RPE Formula

Real-life example of revenue per email

Let’s understand revenue per email (RPE) with an example:

Say, you’re running an email marketing campaign for your no-code development masterclass. You sent emails to 510 email addresses on your mailing list. Out of which, 10 emails bounced and 500 were successfully delivered to recipients' inboxes. In the end, you generated $1000 in revenue from this campaign.

Using this information, your RPE will be: 1000/500 = $2

What’s considered a good revenue per email (benchmark)

Revenue per email doesn’t have a specific benchmark. However, the amount of revenue obtained from your email marketing campaign should be equal to or close to the amount invested. 

Email marketing expert, Chase Diamond shares his secret to generating 30% more revenue with email marketing.

Ways to increase your revenue per email

  • Be more targeted using customer segmentation: Break your subscriber list into groups based on purchase history, stage of the funnel, interest, etc. And send hyper-personalized emails to drastically increase your RPE. Read about the 12 ways you can engage your segmented subscribers.
  • Achieve high email deliverability: The first step to winning the battle is ensuring that your email lands in your subscriber’s inbox. Focus on achieving high email deliverability, preferably 95% or more. Know about ways to shoot up your email deliverability rate.

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