Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform is a landing page builder dedicated to offering a service tailored for mobile apps, startups, and SaaS

A brief overview of Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform is a simple, no-code landing page builder for technology startups. Over 5,000 team of talented and experienced marketers and founders from SaaS, desktop apps, mobile apps, and technology products make use of its services for building an interactive landing page for the respective websites. Unicorn Platform also helps in introducing and promoting mobile apps, startups, SaaS solutions, and so more. The product was launched with an integrated HTML-centric static page generator. In the modern era, it is available with tools and improved flexibility for creating new pages, adding different components, editing some site elements, and so more.

Reasons to consider Unicorn Platform in your no-code stack

  • Ease of Use: The landing page builder is functional for users of all levels. Whether you are a tech newbie or an experienced programmer, you can use Unicorn Platform and its features easily. There is a free registration mode that is available for those having doubts about the technology for meeting their specific requirements.
  • Advanced Features and Flexibility: The main idea of the landing page is making a long story short and converting traffic. Additionally, it also helps in obtaining crucial data about the target audience, growing the mailing list, and using some of the marketing techniques for keeping customers aware. Unicorn Platform has a unique set of features for handling different types of tasks.
  • Multiple Design Templates: The platform offers access to built-in landing page components that allow you to create a layout of your own. All elements appear quite attractive for the potential users. Moreover, they are quite simple to interact with. Also, you have the freedom to change the website styling and edit different components separately.

What can you accomplish with Unicorn Platform?

  • Seamless Payment Processing: It is a great feature for startups looking for an opportunity to accept payments directly from the landing page. The platform currently offers support only for Stripe as the payment gateway. Still, it works effectively for both recurring and one-time payments.
  • SEO Capabilities: Unicorn Platform has basic SEO settings. With its functionalities, you can edit URLs, descriptions, change meta-titles, and other parameters.
  • Integrations: The platform allows you to connect website components with different third-party services. These include CRM platforms (Pipedrive and Salesforce), email marketing tools (MailChimp), messengers (Telegram and Slack), and other tools for staying in touch with your visitors and collecting feedback.

Top features of Unicorn Platform

  • Simple and interactive platform
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Templates gallery
  • Customized for startups
  • Widgets and embeds

Pricing plans

  • Lurker: Free
  • Maker: $8 per month
  • Startup: $18 per month
  • Business: $28 per month

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