October 4, 2023
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No-Code Inspiration

Carrd Websites: 30 Really Good One-Page Sites Built With Carrd

Discover beautifully-designed Carrd websites. Learn what kind of websites other entrepreneurs, hustlers, and makers are building on Carrd. Find your inspiration.

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Carrd is one of the most powerful no-code landing page builders. And, definitely the most popular one. Today, it has over a million users and over 3 million one-page websites.

Curious to find out what kind of websites are being built on Carrd, what the platform is capable of, and if it's the right no-code tool for your use case?  

Read on if your answer is yes and if want to learn about:

  • Should you consider Carrd for building your website?
  • What other no-coders are building on Carrd?
  • How much design flexibility do you get with Carrd websites?
  • How easy or difficult is it to build a one page website on Carrd?

We have scoured the internet to come up with this nice collection of 30 beautifully designed Carrd website examples.

1. NewsletterOS

Carrd Websites - NewsletterOS

For small businesses and solopreneurs, newsletters are of utmost importance. A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute says that 78 percent of the respondent company owners and managers utilized newsletters to engage with their potential clients. Moreover, another survey asserts that 90 percent prefer to receive company updates through newsletters as opposed to social media. Therefore, no small business is in a position to miss out on this magnanimous marketing channel. However, creating and sending out regular newsletters to potential customers can be overwhelming. To tackle the problem, you can use Newsletter OS. It is a multi-dimensional dashboard where you get an instant and customizable template to plan, write, and schedule your newsletter issues. The platform helps you remain organized in your curation and writing process, improves the quality of your newsletter's content, fosters subscriber growth, and enables monetization of your newsletter. It comes with more than 130 resources that will assist a writer's growth, including a designing tool, multiple analytical tools, deliverability tools, and so forth.

2. Better Sheets

Carrd Websites - Better Sheets

It is a comprehensive platform where you can learn the A to Z of Google sheets. It includes step-by-step tutorials, practical tips, and other trajectories to help bootstrappers and small businesses get through anything they need to do at work. Using Better Sheets means you do not have to constantly Google' how to…. In Google Sheets.' Better productivity at work is the direct implication of using Better Sheets. Currently, Better Sheets has 3000 members, 213 videos, and 18 courses, and the best part is that new tutorials are added everyday. Better Sheets comes with two membership plans. The first is the free and basic plan that includes access to more than 60 free tutorials, multiple tools and accessories, and stunning templates. The second is the paid and exclusive monthly plan that costs USD 19. It encompasses access to all the 200-plus tutorials of Better Sheets, courses, templates, and likewise. So, you can become the unrivaled master of Google Sheets with Better Sheets.

3. Plaand

Carrd Websites - Plaand

It is a platform where job seekers can find remote jobs in USD, and recruiters can hunt for talent in diverse niches. Plaand is easy-to-use, confidential, fast, and ideal for people looking for full-time jobs. However, entrepreneurs and bootstrappers can reap the most significant benefits from Plaand. In today's and age, when the world is fast transforming into a global village, no small business or entrepreneur can miss out on the veritable merits of remote hiring. Multiple studies have suggested that remote work increases employee efficiency, accelerates employee satisfaction and retention, and it is more cost-effective to maintain a remote team. Therefore, if you are just starting a new business idea, putting together a remote team of employees might be feasible. Plaand is a platform that will assist all entrepreneurs in finding the right talent pool for their startup.

4. Abstract

Carrd Websites - Abstractlab

It is a design lab studio that allows small entrepreneurs and bootstrappers to get personalized and customized illustrations for commercial purposes. Abstractlabs releases a new collection of illustrations and characters every month. Illustration packages start at USD 1 and extend up to USD 10. The characters and illustrations of Abstractlabs are the perfect addition to your carrd websites as they incorporate the much-needed zing, appeal, and tailored touch to any page of your small site. As the human brain processes visuals 60000 times faster than texts, incorporating relatable and catching illustrations and graphics in your website is a great way to heighten its appeal and thereby attract more potential clients to your store. So, give new life to your website with Abstractlabs. Currently, the platform has 715 customers from over 56 countries.

5. Really Good Questions

Carrd Websites - Really Good Questions

It is a hand-curated library powered by twitter's most influential personas where you can quench your curiousity by asking some questions to some of the most revered persons of a specific domain. Really Good Questions is an example of a carrd website that is simple, attractive, captivating, and user-friendly. The page begins with a simple introduction to the platform and then captures the viewer's attention with a collage of fascinating questions posed on Twitter. At the bottom of the page, there is an interlink link to other pages where the viewer can see the list of people who contribute to Really Good Questions and, ultimately, a 'Suggestion' Section. Moreover, small businesses can fully use Really Good Questions by asking relevant questions about businesses, enterprises, markets, and stocks and getting personalized answers from the brightest minds in the domain. Moreover, you can also take inspiration from the carrd website of Really Good Questions as it exemplifies how to do things right with simple tools.

6. Affolk

Carrd Websites - Affolk

It is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides information, pricing, and product tips about work-from-home setups and gears. As an entrepreneur, Affolk is an excellent platform where you can take recourse to put together the perfect remote setup for your business. With the plethora of options available in the market, and the abundance of choices making it difficult to decide, Affolk emerges as a knight in shining armor as it helps you choose the right gears so that you can focus on the more important entrepreneurial tasks. In addition, the Affolk page is an excellent example of a carrd website landing page that is concise yet expressive enough and looks minimal yet luxurious. The page will redirect you to the Amazon shopping website, where you can see the pricing and availability of the products.

7. WildHorizon

Carrd Websites - WildHorizon

It is a design studio that specializes in creating the perfect digital experience for a business. Some of its services include web designing, product designing, prototyping, user research, confetti animations, and much more. The forte of WildHorizon is its customer-oriented approach, which promises a clear project plan and deliverable coupled with design exploration and research to back up the designs. The importance of web designing is indispensable for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bootstrappers. Even if the website you are planning to create is a carrd website, taking the assistance of a professional UX design studio like WildHorizon goes a long way. Experts opine that UX design is of utmost importance for startups and freshly brewed websites because it increases the conversion rates by allowing a business to meet the needs of its target audience. Taking the assistance of Wild Horizon is a sure-shot way for small businesses to increase customer retention and brand loyalty, improve SEO, and accelerate their tangible conversions.

8. Zlides

Carrd Websites - Zlides

As the name slyly indicates, Zlides is a platform that offers presentation kits for startups and busy designers. The platform enables you to create a business within minutes. It offers presentation kits and templates to users so that the hassle and cumber of crafting the perfect presentation does not exist. As a small business owner or solopreneur, Zlides can be an absolute life-saver for you. To begin with, business presentations are a great way to attract investors and customers and make people know about your venture. However, creating the correct business presentation is no cakewalk, and carrd websites like Zlides can greatly help entrepreneurs starting out.

9. Doing Content Right

Carrd Websites - Doing Content Right

It is a platform that helps bloggers and internet writers stand out from the crowd by providing a comprehensive 270-page guide on navigating the waters of online blogging. Doing Content Write is a carrd website that is sleek, informative, and highly engaging. The site's landing page has all the relevant information so that the visitor does not feel the need to go down the rabbit hole to know more about the site. As a small business owner, you can definitely take inspiration from Doing Content Right's small website. Moreover, its services are also relevant for businesses of all kinds and scales that want to up their marketing game through standout newsletters, blogs, and likewise.

10. Ben Colar

a personal website for Ben Colar, who is the principal of Baby Grand, a branding firm in Memphis. He is also the maker of Monsieur Goods and the owner of Inkwell, a cocktail bar in Memphis. He is a sneaker enthusiast and splits his time between Chicago, Philly, and Memphis.

11. 100 Users 100 Days

Carrd Websites - 100in100

It is a platform where you can pitch your ideas and business models, and you are guaranteed 100 paying customers in 100 days. It is an online billboard of sorts that helps solopreneurs, businesses, and bootstrappers advertise their ideas and reach out to a broader clientele. However, the unique aspect of the platform is that it pledges to provide paying customers to anyone using its services. So, as a small business owner, you can use 100in100 to advertise your products and widen your clientele base. When you visit the landing page of 100in100, you will see that it is perfectly optimized for an intuitive user experience and is an example of a carrd website at its finest.

12. Juliet Hiri

Carrd Websites - Juliet Hiri

It is a NoCode strategy website for building products with no code tools. The website is the perfect example of a small site where one solopreneur is the focal point. As a small business owner or bootstrapper, you can take inspiration from Juliet Hiri to build a crisp, simple, and informative one-page website that speaks volumes about your niche and work. Some of the services offered by Juliet Hiri that are of relevance to small businesses include UI/UX design, user research, no-code development, product strategy, and likewise.

13. Krosp

Carrd Websites - Krosp

It is a mobile-based and web-based application that allows users to blur the background noise during calls. It is an easy-to-use tool that provides more privacy, heightens productivity, and reduces stress for people who work from home. As a small business owner, Zoom calls and Google Meets will be the be-all and end-all of your professional. Therefore it is imperative that you can engage in calls with peace and without distractions. Krosp enables you to remove all background noise from your side of the call so that all others can hear your crystal clear voice. Krosp is compatible with 600 plus conferencing apps and is indeed a boon for all newly established businesspersons.

14. SaaSHook

Carrd Websites - SaasHook

It is a Notion Dashboard that provides a step-by-step guide to users on how to grow their Saas traffic, conversion, and revenue. SaasHook is a highly optimized carrd website that reeks of seamlessness, intuitiveness, and conciseness. It is a small site that offers 150 plus excellent marketing tactics that can help businesses of all kinds and scales. SaaS Solutions enables small businesses to pay for the software features and user base they need, allocating resources towards more pressing areas such as maintenance, operations, marketing, and likewise. In addition, as a solopreneur, you can also take inspiration from SaaSHook's excellently-made carrd website design. The site's landing page is all-encompassing and serves as a 'poster-child' for businesses run by a single person.

15. PerfectCook

Carrd Websites - PerfectCook

It is a website from where you can find the perfect internal temperature for your meat. The site offers temperature-checking services for beef, ground beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fish, and shellfish. PerfectCook is a one-page website with a table highlighting the optimal temperature for different kinds of meat. As a solopreneur or a small business, you can take inspiration from the simplicity and sleekness of the site. It would not be erroneous to say that PerfectCook is one of those carrd websites that aptly stirs curiosity among the viewers. You can extract this intriguing quality of the site to make your brand all the more appealing and thought-provoking for your audience so that they are compelled to learn more about you.

16. Dvassallo.com

Carrd Websites - Dvassallo.com

It is another small Carrd one-page personal site run by a single person. The site simply includes external links to the owner's blogs and guides. As a small business owner or solopreneur, you can opt for a carrd website similar to that of Dvasallo.com. Particularly, if you are a blogger or a writer, then a simple site with external links to your blogs can be ideal.

17. History Unlimited

Carrd Websites - History Unlimited

It is an educational podcast that attempts to make history an exciting subject. The podcast aims to educate people on various historical events without making the narration boring. It serves as a much-needed fresh alternative to history textbooks in schools as the podcast comes with specific sound effects, recordings, and narration in a lucid language. History Unlimited is another example of a carrd website that can inspire solopreneurs and bootstrappers. Single-page websites like History Unlimited have veritable advantages such as better conversions and lower loading time, two aspects indispensable for a small business's online presence. Therefore, you can take notes from the History Unlimited website's landing page and start contemplating building a sleek, chic, and successful carrd website for your own business.

18. Crypto Marc Fletcher

Carrd Websites - Crypto Marc Fletcher

It is another solopreneur personal-page that offers a cryptocurrency portfolio for clients. In other words, Crypto Mark Fletcher is an air table base that summarizes a person's cryptocurrency transactions and compares the investment with a live market value. In addition, the site can render results in any currency, providing it a globalized appeal. The Crypto Marc Fletcher website is another small site with everything a viewer wants to see on its personal page. It has a small intro section, followed by a demo, services offered, and pricing policy. In simple words, the website is a stellar example of how to put things together in a crisp yet expressive fashion.

19. Rising Crypto Stars (by Mudrex)

Carrd Websites - Cryptostars Mudrex

It is a platform that provides people access to long-term wealth creation opportunities in the crypto market. You can invest in top trading algorithms a custom coin baskets designed by professional traders to create long-term wealth. In addition, Mudrex offers users exposure to over 100 crypto brand partners that render creator partnerships, affiliates, bounty, etc., to all participating influencers. In case you are interested crypto, then mudrex might be something you would like to check out.

20. Marvell Ayunis J

Carrd Websites - Marvell Ayunis J

It is a personal page made via Carrd.co, dedicated to Marvel films, shows, and comics. The one-page personal site contains reviews, breakdowns, analyses, and fan theories of everything related to the Marvel universe. The site's highlight is that it presents a comprehensive disclaimer to the viewers and adds a personal touch to the crux of the site. If you are a Marvel fan, then you might want to check out Marvel Ayunis. Moreover, as a solopreneur, the carrd website of Marvel Ayunis J has a lot to offer in terms of quality, content, and design for a personal page.

21. Day Dreaming Lamb

Carrd Websites - Day Dreaming Lamb

It is a one-page Carrd website that is cute, artsy, and captivating. In addition, the site contains links to the owner's commissions and profiles, such as Patreon, terms and conditions, etc. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of Day Dreaming Lab can serve as an inspiration to various solopreneurs and businesses trying their hands at Carrd-based personal pages.

22. Daily UI

Carrd Websites - Daily UI

It is a platform that challenges and inspires UI designers to improve their design skills, build a portfolio, and keep learning. Since its inception in 2016, Daily UI has had more than 250000 people from over 150 countries taking up its challenges and creating and sharing their designs. The crux of the site is based on daily challenges, inspiration, and surprise rewards. The landing page of UI Daily has a lot to offer to bootstrappers and solopreneurs trying their luck with carrd websites. The simple layout of the site, coupled with all essential sections like 'what we do,' testimonials, and 'join us,' make it holistic, crisp, and user-friendly.

23. Impact Origins

Carrd Websites - Impact Origins

It is a cross-cultural influencer marketing agency specializing in market penetration globally. Impact Origins operates in over 10 countries and has a network of 36000 influencers and creators. The platform takes advantage of the viral content unfurling all over the internet to allow companies and brands to have the unique opportunity to expand into the global market. It is noteworthy to remember that influencer marketing has veritable advantages for small businesses, bootstrappers, and solopreneurs. Increased brand awareness and exposure, better credibility and trustworthiness, higher returns on investment, and enhanced brand authenticity are the direct culmination of strategic influencer marketing. As a startup, you can utilize the positive manifestations of influencer marketing through Impact Origins and watch your business reach novel zeniths. A recent survey suggests that 89 percent of the respondent companies felt that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or even better than other marketing channels. Therefore, you should also join the bandwagon and reap the benefits of influencer marketing.

24. Iceland by Annie

Carrd Websites - Iceland by Annie

It is a one-page Carrd personal site that offers guided tours of Iceland. The landing page consists of a short and straightforward overview of Westfjords tours in Iceland, followed by a contact us page. The carrd website – Iceland by Annie – is a perfect example of utilizing already-made templates to create a small, attractive, and simple landing page.

25. Eighty-Six Websites

Carrd Websites - 86websites

It is a website management service that caters to the restaurant business. 86websites is one of the simplest yet effective one page Carrd site. All small businesses can take notes from 86websites on how to use templates to make a robust and fully-functional site.

26. Erik Brits

Best Carrd Websites - Erik Brits

Another Carrd based personal website - Erik Brits. Erik is a company builder and investor who tests minimum viable products (MVPs), builds ideas, consults, advises, and aims to make the world a more business-oriented place.

27. No Code MVP

Carrd Websites - No Code MVP

It is a website that offers actionable tutorials to users on how to transform their idea into a finished product and test the same with real customers without using code. The website can be of great help to anyone interested in launching an entrepreneurial endeavor as it offers an excellent framework for thinking about designing experiences, testing assumptions, and reworking various products. As a solopreneur or bootstrapper, you can take full advantage of No Code MVP to build a foolproof business premised on objectivity and not mere chance.

28. Herd Moments

Carrd Websites - Herd Moments

It is a videography and photography site for nuptial shoots. The carrd website of Herd Moments is a stellar example of how to use one-page website builders like carrd to incorporate diverse multimedia like high-resolution videos and photos. Despite the plethora of multimedia used in this small site, it runs smoothly and is user-intuitive. Therefore, as a small business owner, Herd Moments should tell you how to build one-page sites that are full of media yet effective and robust.

29. Scrapbook

Carrd Websites - Scrapbook

It is a platform that offers over 250 SaaS tactics and 180 eCommerce tactics for businesses to accelerate their customer acquisition services. The site mainly caters to startups and small businesses. SaaS marketing techniques have countless benefits for small businesses. However, it is evident that a person or a group of persons will run out of ideas. And it is in such a context that Scrapbook comes into the picture. As a startup founder, you can use the services of Scrapbook to elevate your business idea.

30. Handz Design

Carrd Websites - Handz Design

It is a 3D illustration library where you can find an assortment of free-to-use and paid animated characters, graphics, and illustrations. Handz Design also offers customizations so businesses can stand out from the crowd. Handz Design has one of the sleekest and most well-crafted carrd websites of all time. As a solopreneur, apart from using the services of Handz Design, you can also take inspiration from its landing page that speaks volumes without being chaotic.

Wrapping Up

So, there we have it, the top 30 Carrd websites you must know about. In today's day and age, you can definitely transform a business idea into a reality as the tools available are plenty. Carrd is one tool that can help you build an elementary yet high-functioning site as a starter. These Carrd websites are an inspiration in themselves as they exemplify simplicity, seamlessness, and user-intuitiveness with limited resources.

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Now, let's answer some of your most common questions on Carrd websites:

What is a Carrd website?

A simple and small website built using Carrd is a Carrd website; that may be a personal page, a landing page, a portfolio, or any other one-page site.

How much is a Carrd website?

A Carrd website can be made free of cost. However, there are premium paid versions that are more expansive. The entry-level package of Carrd starts at USD 9 per year and extends up to USD 49 a year.

Can Carrd be used as a blog?

No, Carrd does not allow you to blog or have online stores. It only allows you to build on-page websites with a simple editor.

Is Carrd good for SEO?

As Carrd is a simple website builder, you cannot expect many options related to SEO. However, it allows you to include the site title ad description, which is both important for SEO.

Is Carrd secure?

Yes, Carrd is pretty secure. All projects made with Carrd.co, including the free ones, are protected with an SSL certificate.

Is Wix or Carrd better?

Depends on the use case. If speed of deployment is a priority then Carrd is a clear winner. You can ship really stunning one-page carrd websites super fast. But if you need more customizations, options, templates, etc... then Wix might be the right choice for you.

Why is Carrd so popular?

Carrd is a simple, easy-to-use, affordable single-page website builder. The popularity of Carrd is because of its simplicity - it's very easy to learn, use and the results are amazing for a very little investment of time (and money too).

What are the other sites like Carrd?

Some of the alternatives to Carrd include Wix, Weebly, Readymag, Wordpress, Wordflow, Squarespace, etc.

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