Build, Run and Analyze cloud workflows securely for any cloud with little to no code
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“BigPanda's customers are doubling down on automation. Fylamynt's solution offers a compelling innovative approach to Workflow Automation,” says Elik Eizenberg, the Founder / CTO, BigPanda.

Flyamynt is a no-code automation platform intended to offer cloud operations as a service. The company's software automates the cloud infrastructure. Thus enabling you to build, run, manage, and service workflows faster and more securely. It also has an intuitive visual interface that is easy and flexible to use. Furthermore, It also allows you to connect your cloud stack using powerful connectors to solve various business problems.

Why this tool

  • Flyamynt is a no-code cloud computation tool that is simple as a scratch. It starts from the basic fundamental of cloud computing to the advanced automation platforms.
  • It allows you to be a part of the comprehensive Action library to connect any part of your cloud. For example Slack, Datadog, Jira, Ansible and many more.
  • Also, it focuses on an easy user interface and problem fixing platforms. It consists of a series of operations interspersed with logic that can be run in an automated fashion.

What you can accomplish with this tool

  • Are you a coder who relishes fine-tuning your workflows? Its user interface gets out of your way and lets you write your workflows in Python and JSON.
  • Cost management: Use Fylamynt to build your own or pick one from our library of workflows to automate cost management.
  • Challenge in automating these troubleshooting workflows is due to the interaction with many different services (e.g. DataDog, AppDynamic, Splunk etc.) and codifying logic needed to connect these services in a unified fashion. Fylamynt is built exactly to solve this problem.

Tool Features

  • Configure an alert response
  • Apply multiple changes in your infrastructure
  • Add diagnostics
  • Send messages over Slack
  • Close JIRA tickets


  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Premium: $1000 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

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